Reviews the 2009 Volkswagen Routan

Routan Right now, the Volkswagen Routan is largely known for its Brooke Shields ad campaign, but can the Routan become a competitor in the minivan segment? reviewer Joe Wiesenfelder explains why he has doubts. It may not be that the Routan is severely lacking in any specific area, but perhaps that the stars are particularly unaligned at the moment for this new Volkswagen model. Oh, and did we mention Routan production has been completely suspended because of slow sales? Perhaps its future has already been written.

2009 Volkswagen Routan Review



Stephen P.

This was a sad attempt by VW but I must admit although Shields is an older broad she is still hot.


Older broad... for you - older, for some of us - just right.


She is hot in the ads I saw. Funny too!


I couldn't figure out from the review...does this vehicle use VW or Chrysler engines? Ps ..does it really matter if people call it a "roo-tan" or "roo-tahn"? LOL Kinda like we call Hyundai "hun-day" but the brits call it "hi-uhn-die"


it is totally Chrysler and built by Chrysler.
VW claims reworked suspension but most reviews are pointing that it is hard to find where exactly it differs from other Chrysler vans.

Joe's skepticism is well-placed. Sadly for VW, the Routan is turning out to be one of the worst-reviewed minivans in recent memory:

The suspension is definitely different. I took it for about 30 miles or so and the ride and handling are both improved. Otherwise I was shocked at how little they changed the interior. I can't believe VW agreed to this.


Dave T ,
I can't argue. I just said what I've read.


Would have smart of them to go after Mazda's new MPV that got side lined in the US due to the CX-9. Hitching up with Chrysler is like going swimming with a boat anchor. They'll never sell another mini-van no matter who sources it now.


Brooke is hot. She's an older model on a reliable frame. Her exterior is perhaps a bit "cushier " than the younger model but most drivers will find this appealing.


"Brooke is hot. She's an older model on a reliable frame. Her exterior is perhaps a bit "cushier " than the younger model but most drivers will find this appealing."


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