Reviews the 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander

09Outlander’s Kelsey Mays was so conflicted about the 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander that he had to stop writing his review midway through and, as he puts it, “reverse course.” The problem? According to Mays, it’s not what’s wrong with the Outlander, which is a strong utilitarian vehicle with plenty to recommend it. The problem is all the little things that other affordable crossovers do better. Read Mays’ full review for a thoughtful explanation.

2009 Mitsubishi Outlander Review

By Stephen Markley | March 3, 2009 | Comments (5)



I tell you one thing guys. The Outlander is actually a nice car. Very useful. I tested lowest trim with convinience package. It had all you need - nothing you don't. Also, you could get it with any piece of electronics imaginable - this what separates Mitsu from other small SUVs. Then, you can get it very cheap, where Honda and Toyota don't even travel. It drives just OK. The cargo configuration is excellent.

The penalty is EPA and interior quality. The dash and the HVAC controls feel so cheap. I was scared they are going to break while on the test drive.

But for the money you will actually pay for it it worth it! Those 2mpg will pull you back $1500 in 10 years but you'll save more not buying CR-V and RAV4.


I test drove one (2008) recently, it was quirky.

The auto a/c wouldn't come on, the test drive was miserably hot.

The flip/fold center seats were a tricky, complicated maneuver, and they were heavy. The folding rearest seats wasn't easy either.

The exterior panels (front and rear bumpers) were different shades of the same color.

The final breaking point was that it had all those fancy gadgets (auto a/c, bluetooth celly, auto door unlock and no key start, etc) but the headlights were manually operated.

The vehicle just didn't click for me. I ended up getting a smaller SUV (Hyundai Tucson) with fewer fancy gadgets. And the headlights go off when I exit the car...


We were measuring for awile: to take the Outlander or wait for Highlander with 4 cyl. Highlander gives more room, more comfort, better feel interior and $6-7 Big ones more too. But in the end, Highlander won with no regrets. The room is incredible, better EPA mileage for a bigger 4 cyl. But we had $25K to pull out. The Outlander with similar config would cost well under $20K


I just needed to know if the doors for outlander could lock by itself while driving


I have been an owner of a 2009 AWD Outlander for 16 months now. Purchased used with only 42,000km on it and now has 86,000. Unfortunately I had an accident with it recently, a car hit me from behind traveling about 70-75 km an hour and I was going about 25-30 km. I am happy to say and want to pass along that the Mitsubishi held up excellent considering the speed of impact, the person that hit me from behind had extensive damage to his car. I have never had any problems with this vehicle, owned a Ford Escape prior to this vehicle and was getting tired of replacing wheel bearings at $400-$500. While the Mitsubishi is a much lighter vehicle I find it great on gas and love, love, love the switch you can turn from 2WD to 4WD. Summer I keep in 2WD and when we get the snow then 4WD, I think this is why the gas consumption is better. Also the Rockford Fosgate stereo is awesome! I must say my husband was worried about purchasing a Mitsubishi since we've only ever owned Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet but now I don't know if I would ever go back as I kind of enjoy not having to sit in a mechanic's garage for 3 hours at a time!

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