Audi Becomes Official Sponsor of New York Yankees

NewYankeeStadium Audi announced it will become the official luxury vehicle of the New York Yankees and unveiled a new slogan, “Audi: The official sponsor of Alex Rodriguez’s biceps.”

OK, so I made the slogan up, but Audi really has become an official sponsor of New York’s legendary, divisive baseball powerhouse. This includes the new Audi Yankees Club, an exclusive box seat location in left field with a members-only restaurant where guests can watch the game in “true Audi style.” (Presumably that means Jason Statham sits by you and scowls for nine innings.)

The partnership begins in the Yankees’ new stadium this season and extends through the 2011 season.

All we can say is good luck selling another Audi in Boston.

By Stephen Markley | March 23, 2009 | Comments (6)
Tags: Audi, Pop Culture



I like this a lot:-). Can't wait to go to the new stadium! Nice job Audi.


Audi and the Yankees are perfect for one another - both are second rate at best.

BMW driver from Philly


Uh, please explain that. You are comparing the Phillies to the Yankees. The Phillies won the world series, what, once in _________________________________________________________________ years? Maybe they won last year but compare them to the Yankees.Guess i explaned that one for you. As for the Audi-BMW one, they're fairly neck and neck. As far as popularity goes, BMW is ahead. But their an older company.

Audi and Yankees do make a good pair- they both look better than BMW & the Phillies.


Having only one ring short of Olympic games emblem this car make prepared itself well for the marginally Olympic sport, next Games baseball,softball is out.


A bunch of overpaid prima donnas - wait, that's not the yankees, it's the Audi executives and their AIG customers.

Haha, yea, but lets be honest here, who in Boston would ever have the money to buy an audi, anyway. ;)

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