400 hp for $35,000: Pontiac G8 GXP, Dodge Charger SRT8 Incentives


If you’re a muscle-car fan or just want a large sedan with a ridiculous amount of horsepower, this may be the perfect month to buy a new car. Two of the most powerful sedans on the market — the Pontiac G8 GXP and the Dodge Charger SRT8, with 415 hp and 425 hp, respectively — have impressive discounts that make them more attractive in tough times.

Granted, the folks buying these cars probably have a solid financial footing, but everyone likes to save money. The 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP was just released, at probably the worst time in history for a car of its type, but its starting price of $37,610 gets $3,000 in cash-back offers or various 0% financing options, depending on where you live, through March 31. However, the company doesn’t include the car’s $1,700 gas-guzzler tax in its pricing. With that, you’re looking at $36,310.

The 2009 Dodge Charger SRT8 may be a few years old in development time, but it still packs a big punch for $38,970. Dodge does include the gas-guzzler tax, along with a $750 destination charge, in its Employee Pricing sale price, bringing the original MSRP of $41,120 down to $37,516 before cash-back offers. In most areas, there’s a $2,000 cash-back bonus, plus another $1,000 cash back if you finance through Chrysler Financial. Yes, that’s $34,516 for 425 hp. Chrysler’s Employee Pricing sale has been extended through March 31.

Make sure to check the manufacturers’ websites to find deals for your region, as offers do vary, sometimes by county. Also check Cars.com’s own incentives page here.


Had a chance to drive the GXP and the standard G8 at Firdbird Raceway with some pro-drivers handling the instruction and even though I do like the Charger, the G8 is a much better car with monster power and a true "good 'ol American" feel: big car, big power and big presence. I have recently changed my mind and think that GM should be left to go BK, but if they kill Pontiac in the process it will be a tragedy.

I know a few guys here at Cars.com HQ who are jealous of you!


I like both cars, but can't see myself investing in either one, considering the circumstances in the market. I just read about GM's worsening situation, and I am not confident that GM will make it past the spring. Sad. Very sad.


do have a comparison on these two cars

The statement story about a "going concern" seems silly to me. What would anyone expect an auditor to say about a company that had to be bailed out by the govt?

Not saying its all roses for GM but the way it's being portrayed seems odd.

Original sheth


GM parts will be around and so will the company. even if they go through Chap. 11 some sort of company will survive and parts will be around. Oldsmobiles are still on the road and the last car was sold back in 2004 or so. Parts just dont disappear. The current market and GMs troubles make this a great time to buy from them from a financial perspective. Its a great time to buy any car, really.

Ray Nieves

I was looking at the good deals offered by American car dealers and narrowed my choices down to the G8 and the Charger. Both are true American muscle cars and both provide space and room for 4-5 adults (something the Mustang can't say). Both are really fine cars and both hold their own well against foreign competition. I opted for the Charger as I am a true fan of Mopars, having owned many and loved each and every one, but would have been happy with the G8. I hope GM and Chrysler survive this trying time, but more importantly I hope most Americans realize...before it is too late...that American cars ARE well made and have the style and personality lacking in most imports. Meanwhile, I love taking long, comfortible tips and also burning rubber and snapping my neck with a big ole V8.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


I'm curious of how people would compare one of the current Detroit muscle cars (Charger, Mustang, Challenger, G8) versus the new Nissan 370Z?

Seems to me that beyond the 2 passenger/4 passenger difference, the biggest spread between the domestics and the Z is handling (and I'm talking here about performance handling).

I currently own a 2006 Mustang GT, and it's a good car with lots of power, but would I trust pushing that thing on a twisty, mountain road? No way, Jose.

So, beyond the usual patriotic reasons, why should I buy one of the domestic muscle cars over the new Z?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


apparently the Australians know how 2 make an American muscle car??

Original sheth


The GXP is just as fast as the Z and far more practical. If both were close to the same price I would buy the GXP in a hearbeat. The G8 has over 17 cu ft of trunk space and a huge backseat. Any car that is that spacious and offers great handling is a winner in my book. The GXP will fall short of the Z in fuel economy though. 2 seat coupes are nice, but I dont like the idea of a $35k car that is too small to even be used for a trip for two. I believe the Z has 7 cu ft of trunk space.

Ray Nieves


Apples and oranges: The Z is a true 2-seat GT better compared to Porshes, Austin-Martins, etc. and really not a 4 door sports sedan. It does sacrifice utilitarian space and comfort for 4 in favor of performance for 2. Chargers, G8s amd Mustangs should be compared to BMWs, Infinitys Mercedes, etc. BUT a better comparison of the Z to American power would be a Corvette or a Viper


Thanks for the comments. I can't see myself buying a G8. It actually seems like a pretty good car (my friend bought one), but the fuel mileage is pretty atrocious. And I can't say the style of the car impresses me very much.

Ray, the reason I was comparing a Z to a Challenger or a Mustang is because they exist at similar price points. As well, they're all sports cars. It may be true that a Z is better compared to a Corvette, but since I have no chance of buying a Corvette, it's somewhat of a useless exercise for me.

I think I'm going to get a Z. The prospect of precision handling just sounds too enticing. Power is great, but if your car can't handle well, then most of that power will go to waste.

I love the Challenger look the most, but it's a beast and there's no way it will handle as well as a Z.



Why don't you drive them all and then decide. You may be surprised about the G8's handling prowess.

The Z's fuel economy is 18/26 which to me is not all that better than the G8 at 15/24.

But really, drive them and figure out whether you want a sports car or a sporty car.

Ray Nieves


The Z is a great sports car, but having owned sports cars, it was OK when I was single and only worried about a pretty date. For guys with families and kids and lots of frineds who need rides, a small car like a Z (really, the back seats are little more than a padded bench; good for short rides or the ocassional oompaloompas)makes a better second car. For old farts like me with a wife and kids, cars like the G8 and Charger provide a perfect compromise between a muscle and family car. That's how BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc. position their high-powered sedans.
Enjoy the Z, it's a great GT.

know a few guys here at Cars.com HQ who are jealous of you!

Felix Chesterfield

Has anyone seen this site for GM car and truck parts ? Will they still be open?

Quentin Thomas

Well I recently purchased a G8 GXP and I have to say that with the LS3 pushing 415hp it blows any Charger out of the water. Along with the creature comforts that go along with the hp, there is really nothing that could be anymore practical, minus the current 17.4mpg city I get. Previously owned 2002 Trans Am, and 2001 Mustang, this G8 makes those look like compacts. Might be a high sticker, but well worth it!!

wow i love those sorts of cars, just wish i had the money for them. here in the uk those big muscle cars are very rare indeed unfortunatly

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These 2 cars are pretty even I'd say...

The G8 could easily pull 0-60 in under 5 sec.

Same with the SRT-8.

RIP Pontiac.

One of the last cars to come out as a last resort "G8"

Still a bargain for the money for under 20k for a V8 version.

I like the Dodge! Its just WOW

I like the Pontiac more! Its just more powerfull and looks also very stylish. My favorite!

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