2010 Lincoln MKZ Priced Just Under $35,000

Last year, Lincoln debuted an all-new sedan called the MKS. It was a leap forward for the company in terms of interior and exterior styling. That left the smaller MKZ sedan waiting for a redesign, and now that it has its new look, price will be the deciding factor in whether it’s a success. Today, Ford announced the 2010 Lincoln MKZ will start at $34,115 with front-wheel drive and $36,005 with all-wheel drive, not including an $850 destination charge.

The MKZ includes a 263-hp V-6 and comes standard with leather, Ford’s Sync entertainment system, heated and cooled front seats, and parking sensors.

We’re a bit surprised Ford would raise the price of the MKZ almost $1,500 without adding much extra content. The 2009 model started at $32,695, and at that price it couldn’t compete with the likes of the Infiniti G37 ($33,250), Audi A4 ($31,000), Acura TL ($34,955) and Cadillac CTS ($36,560). We haven’t driven the 2010 MKZ, but with such a high sticker it will be tough to get shoppers to put it on their test-drive list when there are so many other options out there. Some of the competition also come with things like a power moonroof standard, while that remains a $1,200 option on the MKZ.

The MKZ is also priced near the MKS, which starts at $38,490.

Check below for a list of options and pricing.

The MKZ has three “Quick Order Packages” that bundle a number of options, including:

  • Technology Package: $995
  • Navigation Package: $2,495
  • Ultimate Package: $5,995

Stand-alone options include:

  • Power moonroof: $,1,200
  • Sport Appearance Package with sport-tuned suspension: $795
  • Remote start: $345
By David Thomas | March 18, 2009 | Comments (16)



If the quality is there(it has to be), then the price is okay, however, I do agree that it is priced too close to the MKS. That makes me wonder if there will be a price hike on the MKS soon.



Sorry, but that's way too rich for a "Lincolnized" Fusion IMO. Ford should have kept it around Acura TSX prices and let the MKS go after the TL and Lexus ES.

As far as the rest of those cars that were mentioned, being RWD alone will probably eliminate either Lincoln from a lot of peoples shopping lists.


I doubt that half the people that buy these luxury cars know, or even care which wheels power the cars. The ES300, TL & TSX, base MKS, and base A4 prove that- they are all good sellers, despite the fwd "handicap".


I'd guess many BMW, Mercedes and Infiniti buyers don't even know they are RWD. But Yoing is probably right that those who DO know would go for RWD or AWD maybe.

I am still shaking my head over this price.


Price is spot on with the ES350 which has plenty of buyers even though it is FWD. If this MKZ is comparable to the ES then the price is fine.

Don't forget that this is a 2010 and you are comparing it to 2009 prices. I don't envision prices remaining stable.

Automakers rarely raise prices that much without adding a lot of features. We compare outgoing model year prices all the time and it is certainly a good idea to do so.


Automakers also rarely deal with unprecedented collapsing vehicle sales and currency fluctuations that erode their profit margins on top of all other pricing pressures such as the need for additional revenue to pay for additional research and development to meet future fuel economy and emissions standards.

On a microscopic level, $1420 seems excessive and has no justification unless the 2010 is really that much better than the 2009 (the interior is definitely much nicer). But on a macroscopic level, vehicle prices will rise irrespective of additional features or content. We experienced it last year when many major automakers raised prices incrementally midyear by various percentages.

Just gotta hope the quality's there. However, I've yet to see an MKS that's anywhere close to the $38K base price. A search at our local LM dealer shows the cheapest one comes in at $45,995, with 12 available.


Hard sale in a croweded segment considering the ES350 and the Caddy CTS and by a strech the Benz C Class.

Yeah, Lincoln said the Nav package was the most popular to an extreme amount hence the higher prices. i did find 6 MKS in chicago under $40 though. Cheapest at $36.


How can you comment on the price without mentioning standard equipment? Many of the cars you mentioned dont even have leather standard, much less heated or cooled seats. You can't call a car overpriced without talking about content. Is the 2009 equipped the same as the 2010 model? If not, the cost difference is probably explained. I know the interior of the 2010 is far better. That is worth money by itself. When a C350 starts at close to $40k I don't see this car being overpriced. The TL costs about the same and has similar levels of equipment.


Yeah, I see our dealership likes to keep the well-equipped ones...all of the MKSs available have the Ultimate Package, which instantly shoots the price to just above $45k.

All the competitors I mentioned in the story have leather seats standard.

You're actually not correct on the price increase. The 2010 Ford Fusion for example added much more standard equipment and the price went up just $200, about the avg increase year over year. The mid year adjustments you talk about are standard and are part of the industry. Some brands use them for various reasons and are usually a few hundred dollars, not $1,500.

Other all new models recently released which were actually less than the models they replaced were the Nissan Murano and Jeep Wrangler.


Gotta agree with Dave that you have to question the price increase. H, you're the type of gullible "pigeon" that all types of marketers look for - the guy who expects prices to rise no matter what and doesn't balance price and value.


Dave T.,

I know what you are saying nor am I disputing it but I don't think you see what I'm saying. I suppose I should have been more explicit in my comments. But no reason to continue the discussion so I won't.


Really? I guess I'm gullible in believing that economic theory called inflation too. I said the price increase is justifiable based on the competition's price if the car is truly comparable. I did not state that the car is worth the asking price. To me, no car is worth spending that much money on.


Unless something has changed recently the CTS does not have standard leather seats. I do believe the other cars do but many BMW, MB and some Lexus models do not have leather standard in their "affordable" base prices. Few, if any, of the cars you mentioned have standard heated and cooled seats and parking sensors.

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