2010 Honda Insight to Start at $19,800

2010insight The suspense surrounding the price of Honda’s low-cost Insight hybrid is over. The 2010 Honda Insight will start at $19,800 when it goes on sale March 24. Its mileage is rated at 40/43 mpg city/highway. That price is for the LX trim level and does not include destination charges of $670.

The LX is a base trim level, with standard features including tilt and telescoping steering wheel, CD player, and power windows. The up-level EX will start at $21,300 and adds stability control, steering wheel shift paddles, a six-speaker stereo system with USB input and heated side mirrors.

Navigation is available in the aptly named EX with Navi trim level, starting at $23,100.

Read Cars.com’s full review of the Honda Insight here.

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... and dreams of 18K hybrid came down crashing. Now Prius wouldn't look so expensive after all.

David in Houston

Am I the only one who thinks this was way overhyped? I kept hearing murmurings of "insane" mileage and super low cost. I was expecting at least 50mpg for a base of around $17,500. There were lots saying there were reports of 70mpg, but 40mpg isn't really "insane". Just my two cents.


70mpg, I think that's the original Spartan-like Insight's number. :)


Yea, but perhaps the Insight will gain an edge if its not subject to crazy dealer mark ups like the Prius (although this should not be a problem anymore due to the low price of gas and the terrible economy)... maybe during our next gas crunch when the economy picks up again.

Original sheth

This is only slightly cheaper than the current Prius which gets 48mpg in the city. While everyone was hyping up the sub $20k price for the Insight they lost sight of the fact that the Prius starts at $22k and some change. Its not like Honda is undercutting the Prius by 5 grand. The new Prius is probably going to be more expensive, but its also going to be a better car. I dont know why Honda thinks people who want a hybrid arent interested in any nice features save nav. The Insight is not well equipped at all.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the Insight for sure, and I agree, if it had been $1,000 less it would've gone over better on the blogs.

The new Prius is pretty nice, I could see the price being increased quite a bit from $22K for the 2010. Comes standard with a ton of crazy tech too. we'll know in a month or so.


So much for the rumored and much-hyped $18,500 starting price.

And Dave T., me thinks you know the price but are obliged to follow the information embargo!

Original sheth

The other issue for Honda is going to be in house competition from Civic hybrid and Fit. One of the C&D editors said he would take the Fit even though it got 10mpg less than the Insight becausse its handling and acceleration are superior. I'm not a Fit fan, but I surely like it better than this car.

Nope, Toyota did not reveal pricing at all even under embargo. I think they just said it will be an "excellent value" which doesn't say much. Sometimes they say "very close to the current model's price" but they did not this time. I won't add more weight to that than usual, but with how nice the prius is and the high level of standard equipment and gadgets it could be a bit higher.


Haha rumor. If I'm not wrong, I've read somebody saying that the Prius might get about 100 mpg in some of the posts as well, may be. :)

Anyway, I agree that the new Prius looks really nice and cool. I'm in the market by the time it comes out, it'll be in my short list (besides used luxury car). I'm not going to compare it to a Civic or 3, either. It would depend on which mode I'm in (spending 18K or 25K for a car; or green/not green).


Honda has yet another winner in it's stable. My wife and I can't wait to buy one.

Original sheth

I suspect the Prius will have a high starting price and a significantly higher loaded price. With all that tech I bet a loaded Prius will be about $32k-$33k. The camry XLE already hits those figures and it lacks many of the Prius' features.


I agree with your assumption that the new Prius will cost on average over $30K, which would help ease the Insight's entry into the the market, as long as Honda offloads enough LX models to attract people with lower prices for a hybrid.


Not a bad price for under 20k you would be paying that for coventional Civic LX which lacks ESC i would rather get the EX for 21,300 which has all the goodies like esc and cruise control and usb for my ipod.

Orig Sheth,
If you could combine the solar roof with the top trim level AND self parking/tech package maybe it would get up there, but they're separating all of them in odd ways. Where you can not get the solar roof with the top trim and self park.

Original sheth


That is interesting and I wonder why. Either way I cant see a loaded Prius coming in under $30k. Both cars will probably do OK but gas prices and the overall economy are definitely going to lead to sales that are likely less than what the manufacturers had hoped. Toyota is hoping to sell 100k in 2009 alone and that seems incredibly optomistic to me, especially if the price increases. It appears Toyota doesn't feel the Insight poses much of a threat.


Amazing to me from this side view how much it looks like the current Prius in shape.

Till we know the price of the new Prius hard to compare. Compared to the current Prius for the little increase in cost I would take the Prius with known reliability and results.


the reason they look alike is with aerodynamic principles, there is only one shape to go with low front end and high rear end!!!! btw....the prius will be over $30K!!!


I got a 2010 Honda Insight two weeks ago. I was considering an equivalently optioned Honda Civic gas (non-Hybrid) but my Insight was only $1,500 more at $20,500. In addition, it gave me more space, split seats, and better interior along with the higher MPG. Much sleeker modern look. Drives tighter than the Prius I test drove and more peppy. Prius rolled more in turns than did Insight. More HP than the Civic gas I test drove since electric motor augments gas motor when needed. I have been averaging 47 to 49 MPG so I am puzzled by the EPA rating and some reviews I have read. Edmunds reported that Prius was actually getting less than the EPA MPG but Insight was getting more. My experience confirmed Edmunds was right at least for the Insight. Therefore, actual difference between the two was only a few MPGs. Not enough to justify the thousands more for the Prius, especially given the sleeker, tighter nature of the Insight. After two weeks, I'm happier than I expected with the Insight. I am wondering where some of the reviews on the Insight have come from and whether the writers really gave the car test drive. I have owned many cars since 1980 and my experience has never been so different from the reviews nor so much more positive.

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