Chevrolet Stingray Concept: Through Ian's Lens


As the lone concept vehicle to be revealed at the 2009 Chicago auto show, the Chevrolet Stingray was a shoo-in for the prettiest new car on the show floor. The Stingray instantly grabbed my attention with its mash-up of modern ZR-1 angles and its vintage Corvette styling. Not only did Chevrolet bring the split rear window back from the original Stingray, but this design was an opportunity to restyle the current Corvette and breathe some life back into what has become 20 years of stagnant and typical designs.

Some of the highlights of this concept car were the stark lines along the front fenders, the rear cutouts above the bumper that lead to hidden circular taillights, four exhaust ports built directly into the rear bumper, and a wide, low grille in front that gives the car an angry smirk. A lone Corvette “Flag” badge adorns the hood, while a creatively designed “Stingray” badge sits atop the rear gate. The rest of the car is covered in a brushed steel finish that brings a sense of blue-collar toughness to the design. Keep an eye out for the Stingray as it makes its blockbuster debut in this summer’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” as the character Sideswipe. The Stingray should make for an interesting robot.

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Cathy Cypher

While I thing the car looks sharp, it just does not say "Corvette" to me. I think it will be great in the Transformer movie, but vette lovers don't seem to be falling for it.

ralp nader

I thought the original split window design was ceased due to safety concerns.

The split window on this vehicle reduces visibility even more.


in a corvette much less a sting ray, dont even need a rear view mirror! it aint what ya left behind its whats ahead ya have to watch out for!


What a beautiful car!

I have to agree with the first comment though, it would look great in a Transformers movie. Maybe even as a safety car at Nascar!

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