2010 Ford Taurus SHO Up Close


Ford’s new Taurus SHO is a sleeper. Given its 365-hp, twin-turbo V-6, though, it’s probably not a snoozer. The Taurus SHO makes do with just a few added interior and exterior badges, larger wheels and a rear spoiler. That’s what Ford wants it to be; all its allure originates under the hood.

Ford spokesman Alan Hall said final zero-to-60 mph acceleration figures have yet to be confirmed, but SHOs of the ‘90s hit the mark in the high 6- to mid-7-second range, according to the guys at Motor Trend. This SHO will have to do much better than that. If not, the Dodge Charger SRT8 and Pontiac G8 GXP, which both have rear-wheel drive, will blow its doors off.

Inside, the suede seat inserts and liberally strewn metallic textures spiff things up a bit, but the changes aren’t radical. The seats have similar bolstering as those in the regular model, meaning they won’t hold you in during hard corners like Dodge’s SRT seats do. Badges signaling what you've bought are at a minimum here. Fortunately, a lot of window dressing wasn't needed; the redesigned Taurus feels high-rent and abundantly comfortable to begin with — much more so than the 415-hp G8 or 425-hp Charger. Performance will probably fall short, but for Ford to claim success it needs to land at least somewhere in that ballpark.

By Kelsey Mays | February 11, 2009 | Comments (17)


Original sheth

0-60 should easily be under 6 secs. The MKS FWD model is around 7 secs to 60. Not as fast as the G8, but not bad by any means.


Will there be an option to have the SHO badges removed? All I can remember of the old Taurus SHO and its bland styling and terrible driving mechanics, and of the redneck soccer moms who drove it.

If this car is to be something I, a 30 something single man, would want to park in my garage, it needs to be as far away from the above description as possible. The AWD is nice, but I also expect fuel economy to be a league above the G8 and handling to be as good as the European Mondeo (or nearly as good, given the Mondeo is more a mid-size like the Fusion, and the Taurus is working against extra weight and mass).

Original sheth

so allen you wouldnt consider this car because you dont like the type of people who drove the original 20 years ago? If there is such a thing as a "redneck" type of car I dont think this one fits into that category. If this was an Acura I'm sure you would like it though.

My dad had one of the old school SHOs it was a blast. he also owned 911s, BMWs, mustangs, and a regular taurus wagon. Not sure what allen is smoking ;)


I wouldn't call 365hp Super High Output, maybe High Output but that would make it a HO. Also no manual trans makes this car lame.


hahaha. Yeah, thats probably why they add the super, so its not called the Taurus HO.

Original sheth


Very few cars this large have manual transmission. The GXP is the exception, not the rule. I'm not sure when people are going to accept that Americans generally dont want manuals on midsize and large cars.

SHO is fun

I'm a 43 year old Doc. I drive a 93 SHO to work everyday. Give this project time. I think you'll understand grasshopper.


The SHO indication is based on it's displacement and output. A 6 pak w/ 365 makes it a SHO. An 8 w/ 365 output would make it a HO. I too had a 93 SHO and it was my favorite ride and thats' going back to the hay day of Detroit muscle. I hope this car is priced out of the range of the little boys so we big boys can have all the fun.


you guys at cars.com have a little trouble matching up engines among competitors.

the Taurus SHO isnt going to compete with the G8 GXP or the Charger SRT8. its going to compete with the G8 GT and the Charger R/T.

The new Taurus is a winner ! And the SHO ? Nothing short of a true icon in the making. If Ford doesn't screw the pooch on this one, they have the chance to make something really special with this new Taurus. Let's hope they get it right. I know i sure do. But i've been driving Fords for 30 years, and i've got no complaints. Everything from a 1965 Mustang to a 1974 LTD to a 1979 Cobra Mustang to my current 2004 Mustang GT. Keep pushing forward Ford !

Original sheth

I agree that this car is a sleeper and Ford did a great job. Not sure why car.com feels its a loser.

Get rid of the stupid space-hogging center console and maybe I'd be interested.


I think that what is going to separate this from the high-end G8's and chargers is that it's a little more subtle and should be MUCH better on gas. With prices going up again, it won't be long before gas is $4+/gallon again. What does a HEMI get for MPG? I'm guessing anything with those huge V8s are somewhere around 20 or less MPG, especially when driven by enthusiasts.

My 95 SHO is parked outside right now, and although 24-28 MPG is nothing to brag about, I do like the fact that I can merge onto the highway and cruise at 75 MPG with almost no effort. My old Saturn, explorer, and Ranger felt like it was topping out when I needed to pass at 75 mph. As long as ford can stay away from recalls, and can put a nice fit and finish on this one, I think it will sell (in the limited numbers that SHO's have always been intended to sell in... not every taurus is going to be a SHO).

I've also heard that this engine will be offered in the explorer, which is a shame, since they are going to a unibody. That will keep all the true off-roaders from building on it (except maybe grabbing engines from totaled ones for their toyotas)


The MKS Ecoboost does the 1/4 mile in 13.9 so this thing is prob 0-60 in around 5-5.3 and 1/4 in around 13.7. This thing must be a rocket.


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