Saab Files for Bankruptcy: What it Means to You

Saab filed for bankruptcy protection in Swedish court today. An official statement from GM says operations in the U.S. will continue normally as the brand begins a move toward becoming an independent entity, meaning it will no longer be a subsidiary of General Motors.

Swedish law doesn’t allow for bankruptcy protection unless “there is reasonable cause to assume that the purpose of the reorganization will be achieved.” That means the company should survive the reorganization process and is looking for both private investment and funds from the Swedish government in the new independent company. Saab spokesman Jan-Willem Vester said the move is a positive one.

“We’re excited because there is no longer uncertainty,” Vester said. “This brings clarity [to the company’s future].”

GM stated in documents filed with the U.S. Treasury Department that it expects the spinoff of Saab to be completed by Jan. 1, 2010.

There are 228 Saab dealers in the U.S.; 71 are stand-alone shops while the others share space with other brands, from both GM and other nameplates. Vester stood by the company’s statement that it plans to continue U.S. operations as always, including warranty work. The U.S. is the company’s single-largest car market.

Last month, Saab sold 955 cars and SUVs in the U.S., compared to 1,772 in January 2008. Saab sold 21,386 vehicles in 2008. In comparison, BMW’s Mini brand, which features just three models — as does Saab, though Mini’s cars are generally less expensive — sold 2,082 units in January 2009 and 54,077 cars in 2008.

As of Feb. 1, Saab had 205 days of inventory on dealer lots. That means that at the current selling rate it would take almost seven months to sell off its existing inventory without anything new being produced at plants.

Current incentives range from 0% financing on 2009 models, including the 9-3 lineup, and up to $5,500 cash back on 2008 9-5 sedans and $5,000 cash back on 2008 9-3 sedans. There are no significant differences between the 2008 and 2009 model years of these two lineups.

There are nearly 100 2008 Saab 9-3s in’s inventory in the Chicago area alone, and there should be plenty of stock to choose from in most areas if you’re interested in picking up a new Saab with lots of cash back. We’d guess dealers would be offering even better deals than those advertised because of the economic climate, not because of the bankruptcy news. 

However, there are many downsides to the news for owners says senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder. "There’s no question that bankruptcy will affect value, at least in the short term. Dealers might not lower prices proactively, but they’ll have to react to the market, and the market never takes kindly to this kind of news. Used Saabs are also likely to see a drop in resale value. This might not affect Saab owners who want to keep their car indefinitely, but if they want to sell it, they may find it has depreciated more than expected. Likewise, if the car’s in a wreck, a lower resale value means an insurance company is more likely to total it — and when they hand you that check, it won’t be as large."

Current Saab products include the 9-3 sedan, convertible and wagon, and the 9-5 sedan and wagon. The 9-7X SUV has been discontinued, and we only found 582 new 9-7Xs in’s nationwide inventory search. There is a 6.9% financing offer available on new 9-7Xs, but again we’d expect dealers will be willing to make a deal if you find one near you.

New products, like a redesigned 9-5 and the 9-4X crossover, are still slated to go on sale this year, Vester said.

By David Thomas | February 20, 2009 | Comments (71)
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The Swedish Chevy


I used to be a huge Saab fan having owned four of them in the past. Last year my wife and I compared the 93 Aero to an Accord V6. We were astonished to find that even after heavy discounts the 93 was still $4,000 more. On the flip-side the Accord ran circles around the car in every dept. Leather quality was better, interior quality was better, drivetrain and handling were superior. Guess what, we bought the Accord. GM took a former iconic brand and destroyed it.


I test drove a Saab a while back and liked it, but the price was just way too high for what you get. That brand name just isn't worth the premium they're asking.


If you want to stick up from the crowd you would still buy a Saab. I drove many of them. If you want not to be seen on the road you would buy a Camry or Accord. If you look at performance, quality, options, those cars are similar, but Saab 9-3 is the safest car in its class ( NHTSA ).


"If you want to stick up from the crowd you would still buy a Saab."

for this case you can buy something that worth the money. Saabs don't worth premiums asked for it.


I'm glad they're going. They haven't innovated anything in 30 years. You can't get by on having the ignition switch on the floor forever.

Roger Egle

My wife has a Saab 9-3 and it pales in comparison to the quality of my company car, a Toyota Camry. Her lease ends in one week and we look forward to turning it in. I for one won't miss the cheap plastic interior that has no place in a car costing more than $20,000.


Finally ends their misery under GM's control.


I think many people commenting here have imbibed the Toyota/Honda Kool-aid. The current Saab line-up is as dependable as any other marque, and not only is the styling better than the Japanese brands, but the quality of materials and safety engineering is better as well. It's also nice, in the case of the 2.3L 9-5, to have as much midrange acceleration as a Porsche 911 with a 4-cylinder family car.

Does Saab compete with Audi/Mercedes/BMW? Probably not at the higher end, but the Swedish car-makers have always been a fun upper-middle class alternative.

I think Saab makes a decent product that probably needs to be sold at a slightly lower price point, but for goodness sake, some of the Saab leases of the past three years had people in $40,000 cars for $350 a month.

I can't for the life of me understand the adulation for Toyota and Honda - dull cars (designed by Consumer Reports) for today's lower-middle manager who is willing to fork over crazy money for "maintenance".


Thank you for coming out of the closet. I've often wondered who are the 3,000 suckers GM gets to buy their parts-bin car known as Saab. If one looks past the cheap plastic interior, antiquated drivetrain, and dated design, the problem rests with GM trying to sell a $15,000 car for $25,000. The people have spoken, Saab is junk.


Definetly glad that they're splitting up from GM. Which is most likely what is keeping them from selling, a result of the lack of money that they have spent on the company. Meaning bad quality, and less features and less of an advantage over other cars. Now that they can be owned by someone else, hopefully someone who will care for the brand, the very stylish and good looking cars will come up from the bottom to compete with the cars that they are made to compete with.

Besides the 9-7x I"m pretty sure the Saab lineup was unique in most parts to other GMs. Especially the engines etc. Then of course there was the Saaburu ;)


I do a lot of traveling and recently noticed 93's on the Avis lots in several major cities. Does this mean Saab is going to start dumping their cars on rental fleets?


Wow. Lots of SAAB haters here. People might not accept the fact that a 9-5 is MSRP'd at a $40-45K price point, but keep in mind SAABs have been heavily discounted for the past few years. They have been the best used-car deal out there in the past few years. You can pick up a three year old wagon that has 250hp, gobs of torque, most cargo in its class, and still gets 30mpg fully loaded on a trip for around $18-20K.

For me, the deal-killer with Camry and Accord is not its styling, but its seating position. My dad's accord is the most uncomfortable car I've ever been in. He actually fabricated a steel plate that bolts in under the seat so he could sit farther back and higher. Every time he drives my 9-5 he just smiles and remarks what a fantastic car it is, but he got his accord new for $22K and just plans to maintain it.

The reason SAAB has had such problems recently is due to GM's total inattention. They had a plug-in hybrid concept a couple years ago at an auto show, and GM made them COVER UP the plug-in socket. We later found out they wanted Chevy to be the first GM plug-in. They continue to innovate, it's just that GM won't let them actually come out with the product they innovate. The 9-5 is based on a design from 1996. What other manufacturer do you know that can get away with a 13-year model? Porsche 911? That's just about it, right?

It's a shame the company might disappear just as the new 9-5 is coming. SAABs are a total joy to drive. Accord and Camry? Those are "point A to point B" cars with zero character. You don't drive them if you're a car enthusiast.


In the seventies and the eighties the competition was BMW and Alfa
if you were looking for a sporty 4 seater. Then Audi really got into it,
Mercedes went a little downscale, Lexus, Infiniti came along and all of a sudden it was a lot more crowded. GM took over and Malibuized them and they lost all direction. Now some of the Saab dealers are Caddy/Hummer stores. Thats a great idea GM. I guess they learned that from Ford when they sold the Panteras out of the Lincoln dealers.


Saabs are irrelevant. They're not especially well styled, reliable or modern. I chose a Prius over the 9-3 hatchback. It was really no contest - the Prius is more reliable, quieter, better riding larger inside and goes more than twice as far on a gallon of gas. I would not fault anyone for buying a Saab because it's a free country, just like I wouldn't try to stop someone from investing in derivatives or sub prime mortgages.


I work for Toyota and recently bought a SAAB 9-3. I love Toyota's I used to love honda's. but god are they boring. I love my SAAB.


Driving a 15 year old outdated design that delivers less performance, comfort, and quality than a Hyundai Sonata does not make you an enthusiast. It screams your dumb.


As long as Adminstrative Assistants continue to lease Saab's they'll survive. I had a 900T back in the day...what they make now is a disgrace. Whenever I see someone driving a newer Saab I can't help but think "Fool".


I have a Saab, before that I had a Merkur, and a Pontiac. Somewhere along the way I had a Mazda, too. Apparently, if I choose to buy one of your cars, you're sure to go out of business. Watch out Mazda.

9-3 pros
quick for a small family sedan
solid, even at HIGH speeds

9-3 cons
computer system glitches
poor finish on plastic dash pieces
too soft, poor leather "appointed" seats


Jack, "It screams your dumb" screams that "you're" dumb.


I don't understand why people keep saying that the actual design of Saabs are antiquated.

Sure, the 9-5 may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but the 9-3 is definitely not ugly. It's actually a car that has very nice, clean understated looks - unlike Toyotas and Hondas, which have nothing special or unique even if you look at them for a while.


I'm not here to stick up for GM at all, but everyone that seems to want to blame GM for every little thing should maybe do a little research. SAAB was bought by GM because it couldn't cut it alone. It's not GM's fault that the public doesn't want the product. Even when the 9-3 was new it didn't sell that great and it is probably the best SAAB to date. They are just too quirky for a world that would rather drive beige camrys. I think the biggest mistake that GM made with them was keeping them this long (then we wouldn't been treated to the 9-7X or 9-2(which I thought was cool)).


Their exterior designs - fine.
Their interior designs - easily some of the oldest thereby worst in the business.


Broq, I think the reason that they aren't selling, as I stated earlier, is because they just don't stand up to the competition. Not everything has to look like a Camry to sell. It's the price to what you are paying for that price ratio that's the problem. Saab is probably the company that GM spends the least amount of money on. Advirtising and products. Once Saab redesigns the 9-5, it will take care of the exterior of them looking old, which I think is the easiest car to see through to its original debut. Then it's just the interiors. But i'm hoping that Saab will last long enough for GM to find a buyer, so we can finally enjoy the benefits of Saab (good sporty looks- quirky but good, excellent performance for its class with good efficiancy) that acutally stacks up to its fellow luxury competition.


Wow, it's quite shocking how some people are even comparing Saabs to Camry's and Honda's...Are you guys serious?

Two points also - a Honda accords handling "was superior" ??? Not really!

And to the person to who claimed Saab have not innovated anything for the past 30 years...Where do you get your crap info from? If there is any car that innovated it would be Saab. Please check your facts before posting stupid, useless posts....


Gleen, there is a reason why that Accord is cheaper. I own one myself, a 2003 with a V6 engine. Unfortunately, Honda did not test the automatic transmission with that design very carefully. As a result, the transmission failed once at 20,000 miles and failed again this month at 75,000 miles. Japanese quality? Not at Honda.

Meanwhile my 2004 Saab 9-3 has 67,000 miles. No problems - none what so ever. So enjoy that Honda while you can, while my experience is appaarently atypical, it happens enough that some model year Honda Accords and Acura TLs get black circles in Consumer Reports for transmissions. Just hope your year is not one, or you will be wishing you got another car besides a V6 Honda for less money.


I hope Saab survives as an independent manufacturer and they build more Saabs of old with FWD, upright windshields and an hatch. They had built some very nice cars like the 9000. It was not too big on the outside but huge inside with a great upright seating position and usable cargo space. They should go back to their roots and... maybe they could merge with Saturn each selling one line. Saab=midsize and Saturn small. Sorry, I am feeling awfully sentimental, missing the old gal.


I am a Master Tech for both Saab and Honda in Nashville at a multi-brand dealership. I grew up on Saab's and still have a soft spot for them however to be dead honest they've suffered from poor quality since 2002-2003. Even today a 2009 9-5 cannot compare to a 2009 Accord V6 EXL. The Accord is a far superior product in every way and costs $8,000 - 12,000 less. The Accord may be viewed as bland but that's in the eye of the beholder. I agree with the other poster who said the 9-3 is not worthy of comparison to a Hyundai Sonata. The 9-3 is so poorly built that every one we take delivery of needs warranty work before it hits the lot. How's that for a new car.


When we were shopping for a new car last year we thought the 93 drove fine but the price was way too high even after all of the incentives. We couldn't justify paying $25k for a 4 cyl turbo that puts out 210hp and gets 28mpg. The V6 Aero was $31k and the engine felt anemic. We bought a Camry SE with a 6 cylinder for $3,500 less than the 93 and our engine has 268hp and gets the same mpg. The 93 felt incredibly slow when compared to the Camry, Mazda6, Sonata and Accord. I think people who buy Saabs don't know much about cars and need to have a fancy name on the trunk lid. Why buy a slow over priced foreign brand that requires premium gas?


here in Europe the prices of Saab's are not higher than the Japanese car's. The quality is as good as the Japanese cars if you look at the annual German technical control reports (TUEV)


B4588, I can assure you that the Saab's engine, even though has less horsepower, feels a lot more fiesty and fun to drive than the Camry. Either way, i don't get why you guys are comparing the Camry to the 9-3 and then complain about prices. I'll admit that Saabs are overpriced for what you get, but it still doesnt compare with a Camry. Saab's are luxury vehicles, all have standard leather, heated seats, many power options ect. As you would expect from a luxury brand. In the Camry, you would have to get the top trim level, and an option package to get leather. Hmm...


The topic is helping people buy cars, guys.
SAAB - and I've had three of em - has been dealt a near-lethal blow as far as many potential buyers will be concerned. If they had more than 20,000 sales a year, they might survive purely in the enthusiast market, but the 'assistant managers' and people looking for an unusual badge market should mostly fade away, as they will be fearful. My GM SAAB is an unholy mixture of chevy, opel, and Dr. Frankenstein. It has a 'sludge' engine, a problem that never was fully corrected, absurd electronics, and means that several years of used models are very questionable bets. Although the old SAAB was always an assembled car, with parts from all over, I doubt that any possible rescuer will be able to, or want to, replicate the GM version. If you really like these cars, vote for: non-luxury, flat-floor hatchback with the most common decent small engine on the market. The ill-advised SAAB-Subaru graft probably wasn't far wrong, as, originally, us northerners really appreciated the winter utility of the old 9-series, and AWD is so much better, and clearly, easier to do than ever.


Being quirky doesn't qualify as being innovative. Saabs had their heyday in the 1970s when they innovated turbo four cylinders before others and helped to bring convertibles back. Since then the brand has been brain dead, copying other cars and bragging about being "born from jets." No surprise that nobody seems to buy their marketing crap anymore. Before attacking other posts maybe you should offer facts to back up your useless statements. Better yet, put your money where your mouth is and buy a new Saab and do something positive.


My first car was a used 9000 Turbo, and all I can say is, if SAAB would make a car like that today, there would be no competition: small outside, huge inside + huge and flexible hatchback trunk, understated luxurious interior, great sound system, hot turbo engine, great 4-season handling. Instead, we came to a point where you can't buy a SAAB hatchback (only sedans and wagons)...My Mazda3 is more SAAB-like than any current SAAB.

They were certainly not going to survive under GMs ham-fisted managment approach...I don't know waht their chances are as an independent at this point, but I do wish they get back to their roots...I'm still a fan of SAABs with souls.


One must be uneducated about cars to believe that Saab is a luxury brand. A top of the line Accord has better quality dash and leather than a 93 or 95. I know because I used to sell Saabs. Saab was never anything but a wannabe since the early 2000's. Stick a fork in Saab as they are done.


you're cool.


The comments about being too slow are such a gas!!! Any car with nearly 300 HP has PLENTY of power. You folks are simply addicted to acceleration and are probably pretty happy with throttle tip-in that jerks your head into the head rest. I'm very tired of sharing the roads with you guys. Every stop light is a race to 60 mph and anything without 260HP+ is out of the modern traffic speeds.

Why don't you guys re-evaluate your NEEDS and slow down a little? Once upon a time I regularly hauled six big guys in Fiats vans with 900cc's. It was capable of running at American highway speeds but it was slow to accelerate. Big deal. I regularly took sub-100 HP vehicles to speeds over 115 mph on the Autostrada.

I'm tired of this race to 60 mph and the obsession with the American who thinks anything that gets to 60 in 10 seconds or more is "too slow". FWIW I still cruise at speeds of 80+ mph in my 115 HP VW just fine. It's caable of 100+ mph speeds.

There just isn't any need for 250+ HP. All that acceleration just wastes gas, brakes and tires.

I can keep up with any of you on the highways and in the mountains wth much less power.

If the turbo SAAB feels slow it's because you are driving a low compression four cylinder that relies on the turbo to increase compression and thus power. It would be capable of powering through the mountains or down the interstates at speeds well into the "go to jail, do not pass go" zone.

Take a stand and drive like your hair isn't on fire...

How is Saab a bankruptcy and Saturn is a phase out? Both are fully owned by GM.
GM purchased 50% in 1990 and the remaining shares of Saab in 2000.


So many haters on here. Many whom have probably never had the pleasure of actually driving let alone riding in a Saab.
Take it from somebody who has owned one for several years, these are simply great cars and well worth the money. Their 2008-2009 design is very sharp. There is nothing like it. The camry and accord are clown cars in comparison - yup I owned a camry in the 90s and hated the entire experience. We are Americans - many of us are above the height of 5'2"...Saabs accomodate that, ricegrinders do not.

I am currently driving a 1995 900 SE convertible and a 1989 900 turbo convertible. I have owned, driven and worked on Saabs since 1990. My 1995 cost $16,500.00 in January of 2000 with 79,000 miles on it. I have the original transmission in it and original T25 turbo until last year when I upgraded to a T28 (original T25 still perfect) and the mileage stands at 190,000, as of today.

I spent a few thousand over the years to upgrade the exhaust, intercooler, injectors, turbo and ECU. It now makes 340 hp at the crank (23 hp short of 3 hp per cubic inch of displacement) and gets 30 mpg around town.

It has never stranded me, and because of how it is constructed and engineered, I am able to perform nearly all major maintenance and repairs by myself.

To me it is unique, stylish, comfortable, reliable, powerful, and irreplaceable. Anyone who has not spent appreciable time in one is more than likely unqualified to comment authoritatively about them and is more than likely basing his or her opinion on legend and apocrypha.

I feel it is a shame that the marque that provided the 24 hours at Talladega Challenge endurance demonstration should be driven to the desperation of the Swedish equivalent of a Chapter 11 filing. At Talladega in 1996, Saab set 40 FIA speed records, including a 25,000-mile fleet average speed of 140.709 mph.

This is but one more nail in the coffin containing the body of individuality and independence. Soon enough now, everyone will have no choice but to drive Hondotas and Kiundaiwoos - those soulless appliances so revered by Consumer Reports (a magazine staffed by people who know nothing about cars).

So long old friend. - Saaboheme (like the opera).


Hmm let’s see. It takes a child to actually realize that Saab have been deprived of basically everything since their GM Buyout. And don’t go telling me they would have died if they weren’t bought out – it’s irrelevant.
It’s what is happening today, and they are being put on a collar by GM. I’m sure Saab designed the 9-7? right? Or the 9-2x? Or let’s see… the GM radio used in 07 models? This is all Saabs fault correct? What are you talking about?
And finally, you’re telling me to put my money where my mouth is? Well even though I never mentioned anything about it in my previous post and I never say it so people think I’m bragging, but people of your kind deserve to be put in place.
I don’t usually respond to people like you with details like this, but just to make u feel slightly stupid with your previous comment – I purchased my first Saab, here in Montreal for CAD53K cash , so I think you chose the wrong person to post your useless comment to.
Have a nice day, and do me a favor and stop replying back to me.
Oh and by the way, it was the top of the line Vector in 2003 – See my age back then – so I would suggest you do something useful for Saab and you buy a NEW one…


I guess that "born from jets" crap still goes over in the great white north eh? Seriously, I'm glad you're so pleased with yourself. No hard feelings, eh?


Sadly, the reason SAAB are in this position is they never sold a gas guzzling, poorly engineered, sloppy 5 litre V8, cumbersome SUV, type of car that the population could buy on the cheap and rip the motor out and shove in a boat!
SAAB's Achilles heal is the market they endorse, fine engineering, eco friendly,'s too narrow.

They will struggle.

Wow ... I am baffled by the number of people who have so much time available in their busy lives that they can talk about something they seem to hate so much.
First off, what did Saab ever do to you?
I'm guessing, at the very least, it never saved your life (most of the posters here have obviously never driven one).
And what have the Saab employees done to you?
To want the company to close and put all those people (about 4500) out of work and impact those suppliers (another 20,000+ people) who deal with them ... it must have been something bad.

I've owned 4 Saabs to date and won't drive anything else.
I've been stranded once in all that time (approximately 300,000 kms).
Not to bad for cars that aren't as reliable as a Toyota or Honda, isn't it?

Oh well, I'm not going to sway anyone here.

I do hope and expect that Saab will find a way to make it through these trying times.
Perhaps some of you doubters will get yourselves out to a dealer and take a Saab for a drive ... then at least you could make your comments based on some experience rather than just going off on something you really know nothing about.


This winter I had to retire my 82 T8 900 at 330,000 miles due to rust. Pretty sad day. Still runs strong and is plenty fast. Anyone who needs a bigger engine then a 2l Turbo is just a plain lazy driver.

That the bulk of you would get your panties in a knot over a car brand is just plain silly. Japanese grocery carts have never appealed to me, but I don't hold it against other people and their preference.

The fact that most north americans choose automatic transmissions and Big Macs pretty much says it all.


I honestly dont understand, what do you get by saying these things here?You go drive you're hondas and toyotas WE DONT CARE if an accord has a better dash, i still dont like it.
Saab hasnt innovated anything in 30 years?
Cooled seats-1998
Active headrests-1998(i think it was that year, not too shure)
Oh and if anybody will complain about my english, F**C you, im not suposed to know english, since its not my naitive language.


"Saab's are luxury vehicles, all have standard leather, heated seats, many power options ect."


I thought that luxury is comfort. Think S class, LS, 7-series, Cadillac DeVille...

Saab as a sporty little car at most. Not Even a Sport. It would need to be RWD for that.

It doesn't matter if the leather is standard which I am not sure anyway - European cars come with Lethrette standard, which is not leather. You can pack leather into Yugo but it wouldn't make it a luxo car.

Saabs don't worth the money. This is it. There are cars that do things better then Saab for the money.

Nick Rogers

"Saabs are irrelevant. They're not especially well styled, reliable or modern. I chose a Prius over the 9-3 hatchback. It was really no contest - the Prius is more reliable, quieter, better riding larger inside and goes more than twice as far on a gallon of gas"

A Prius? You sucker. You're trying to tell me that a 1.5 Prius is more economical than a 2.3 Turbo Car? You are a moron. Go back to saving the planet.


I guess the truth hurts. Look at the resale value of a Prius and you'll be crying, you little girl.


I know there overpriced. Thats what i said in the same post. My point was they ARE considered entry level luxury cars, and even though they're overpriced, they don't compete with Camrys or Accords. Its just a different kind of car.


I guess the truth hurts. Compare the resale value of the Prius to the Saab and you'll be crying, you little girl.


"I thought that luxury is comfort. Think S class, LS, 7-series, Cadillac DeVille..." Have you ridden in a SAAB? My 2001 9-3 has the most comfortable seats in any car I have ridden in and I have ridden in and driven quite a few, including BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and others. I guess it depends on how you define "comfort", because to me comfort is NOT a flaccid land yacht like the Cadillac DeVille, which although better lately is still an icon of the "American" definition of comfort. Overly soft suspension, overly soft seats, etc. I have driven on 4-5 hours trips in my SAAB and feel no different than I had driven across town. Try that in a lot of other cars on the road today. I find that todays SAABs are as comfortable as mine. As far as power goes, my base 185hp SAAB makes passing on two lane highways effortless. It is not about 0-60 time, to me it is about usable power. My SAAB is faster from 40mph to 70mph than most cars on the road and that is far more usable in the real world. Those who complain that todays SAABs are not as fast as Camrys or Accords are not comparing them in usable comparisons but on that 0-whatever, that can be effected by how sensitive the automaker arranges the throttle to react to the first movement of the gas pedal.


I guess the truth hurts. Compare the resale value of the Prius to a Saab and you'll be crying, you little girl.

Chris Carrier

Seriously, you tested a 9-3 and bought a Prius and you're proud of that??? Good Lord.

My wife and I love Saabs and never previously felt any loyalty to a car brand having owned several Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Subarus, Jeeps and on. Honestly, you just don't get it and why you have to HATE something you don't prefer (and know little about beyond your test drive) suggests your ego is really the issue here and not your knowledge of cars. "I didn't like it and therefore it sucks."

LG in Montreal

I own a 2001 9-5 Aero. It has just passed 200,000km without a wimper! I have owned Japanese, German, Swedish, and American cars and trucks. More than 15 in the last 30 years. I have kept the Saab longer than ANY other car I have owned. The only thing that is keeping me from buying another Saab is....I don't need one! This car is a pleasure to drive at 50 kph or 210kph. I have traveled widely and NEVER felt uncomfortable in this car. The deals in new and used Saabs right now are unbelievable and I may buy one on spec. I am not sure why there is so much animosity towards this brand, but feel it is totaly undeserved. They will suvive in some form I am sure.

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i bought a saab 9-3 last august and even though i wish like hell i'd waited until this year since there are so many more incentives, i think it's a decent car. it's aggressive looking, drives well and i really like the interior -- doesn't look cheap at all. in my opinion you can't compare a european style car with a japanese car. they drive completely differently. I like to feel the road, i always use a manual. hondas/toyotas/nissans etc i feel like i'm in a boat. sure i guess i'd prefer a bmw or audi, but for the price i feel like i have a great car.


i own a honda accord and a saab. at my house we fight over who gets to drive the saab. it is just much more fun to drive. the truth is that the saab has a list of features that doesn't exist in this combination in any other car. it can tow a lot, one can throw an entire bicycle in the back without folding it, the seats fit tall people comfortably, and a million other things that i don't wish to list.

the honda is good in a different way, but it can not do what our saab does.


Typical comments by a typical saab fan. That's why they're out of business.


I have done alot of shopping around for cars and my friend is a hond and toyota mechanis he these newer hondas 1990 and up have transmission issues lack of personality so dose the toyota and now many recalls on there vehicles what a shock the all glorius honda and toyota is not so high and mighty as most people have come to trust saab yes has some issues so do all vehicles they are true to themselves and stick to what saab inthusist look for in there vehicles they have a good car 9-5 roomy fun powerfull classy interior holds up well for those who take pride and care for there vehicle I had a acura legend fully loaded and the leather faded cracked it was terrible. you also have ford very powerfull trucks when you can keep them out of the shop chevy or GM weak but nice ride good grocery getter dodge tranny issues some people are stereo types and will make excuses for what they think is good or was told by friends or family cut some slack on the saab if they made a car to perfect it would cost to much it's what is important to you they only invest so much into a vehicle so somethings get neglected some are all style but no performance some reliable but no style some power but made out of cheap parts my mother owened a datsun a true tank you could not kill it but the floor board gone seats discinergrated lets be real folks its the economy that effect evrything the next few years will be witnessing this on all levels even companies we all have come to trust


the choice to purchase a saab says something not only about your taste but your level of intelligence. its just plainly a smart car for smart people

I agree with the sentiment above that hope Stryker can return the company to SAAB's pre-GM roots. I am not defending anything that happened after they merged w/ GM in 1993. Anyone who thinks the design engineers at the "real" SAAB aren't innovative has no credibility. If SAAB's design ideas were ever coupled with Toyota's manufacturing philosophy, you'd have the best cars ever produced. It's a shame Toyota didn't acquire them just for access to SAAB's designers. I gave up on SAAB after they started merging w/ GM/Opel in the early 90s, after owning 3 SAABs (68, 79, 85). I now own 4 Toyotas which were made in Japan (not USA). My 79 900 EMS was my favorite car, and I argue was the most copied car design by other manufacturers over the following 20 years. The other criticisms about SAAB designs not changing: there is no reason to change when you have a great design. The "real" SAABs' ergonomics, safety, comfort, handling, and bad-weather driving ruled! I would trade the dash board of any of my newer cars for the 79 900 dash in a NY second.


Hi, I've enjoyed reading the comments posted here and just wanted to add my $0.02. In my opinion, owning a Saab does not make a person more or less intelligent that his neighbor whom owns another brand. Purchasing a vehicle is typically 20% practical and 80% emotional; otherwise we'd all be driving Kia's. Some people prefer Suburbans with 6.4L engines, some prefer BMW's, some prefer muscle cars and some prefer wagons. The point is, the owner of the car made an emotional decision which is, similar to love, purely in the eye of the beholder. That said, I have yet to meet a Saab owner who doesn't dote and love his/her car. But that's the case with most cars. People fall in love with what they have. In my opinion cars are similar to computers. Some people are happy working on Microsoft machines and some people prefer to pay more for a MAC. Both do basically the same thing but you can read heated debates about that topic as well. Ultimately people purchase what they like and their neighbor's (or fellow blogger's) opinion is irrelevant.

Happy driving!


I and my (ex) wife have owned many Saabs. My convertible was recently totaled and I walked away unscathed. I am now looking for another 9-3. They are beautiful to me


I SOOOO ENJOYED THIS POST. Especially the guy who wrote "thank you for coming out of the closet" re: 3,000 suckers who by the absolute worse junk car still being built: SAAB! A friend who has worked car dealerships for decades tells me stories of parts falling of these junkers brand new still on the lot? I heard one story of $3200 for the parts alone for a new tranny back around 1990. The guy who posted by a Saab if you want to stand out from the crowd and buy a Honda or Toyota to blend in....HUH? Yeah right, buy a Saab and you will stand out in the crowd beside your broken down crap vehicle along an interstate highway ya dufus! If you've got dough to blow buy a Saab or other German or Swedish Finicky vehicles. Sure while they work you fall in love with them....3-6 mos. later lets see how much you love em? Buy a japanese vehicle and they drive and drive and drive! i'M STILL cracking up over the "come out of the closet post re: 3,000 Saab Buyers who buy GM leftover junk!" HA! Killing me here!



S till
A 'int


My 11 year old Toyota has 185,000 miles on the clock and still has the original shocks and exhaust system. I don't care if somebody thinks its bland. I'll cry all the way to the bank, while Saab people sit there and feel superior as they wait for the tow truck.

Saab, that's a brand

If you compare Saab to Toyota or Honda I think you had no good reason to even think about joining a European brand. I don't know why you even went to a Saab lot if you are looking for a boring economy car that you literally see on every corner.

Saab, that's a bankrupt brand

Don't lash out at successful brands, just because your favorite brand has produced substandard products and has bitten the dust.

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