Recall Alert: 2009 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan

09Town&Country Chrysler has issued a recall of 13,350 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans from the 2009 model year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The vehicles were recalled due to a faulty electrical connector in the optional Blind Spot Detection System. This could cause a number of problems, the most dangerous of which is a potential fire should the connector overheat.

Dealers will either seal the power circuit for the connector or replace the entire fuse free of charge.

Owners can contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236

By Stephen Markley | February 18, 2009 | Comments (132)



They should ALL be recalled for being an unmitigated automotive disaster. If you've ever driven one you know what I'm saying. As for the interior......the Dodge version is now the 4 wheeled equivalent of a Motel 6. It's over, Chrysler. You committed marketing suicide.


Horrible, horrible piece of engineering. Severe electronic issues that where not addresed at the design phase have caused fires, automatic door, A/C, problems as well as severe stitching issues in the leather.I have seen lots of reports of faulty tranmissions and numorous brake problems as well. They should pay you to own a peice of junk like this. A big thanks to Chrysler for endangering families all over.


I have heard the same as you did about the the severe brake and transmission problems....I did not know however about the life threatening electrical problem.... For once a goverment agency did a public service. Hats off to the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration.

Kevin Seprish (

I just purchased one less that one month ago, the touring model.
this week, 3 days ago the transmission went out and that's not the worst of it, it was like pulling teeth to get my dealer to help me out, they are from Waynesburg, PA. They were going to pay the extra towing to get to them after a long argument, and the when it came down to it they reneged on the deal when the Chrysler help line checked with them to verify. Anyway it is now at the closest dealer to the break down and they will not even look at it till next week and stated that it will most likely take a week and a half to have repaired.
At this point I don't even care if they ever fix it, I am now in the midst of a battle for replacement because the darn thing is still brand new (less than three weeks old) Thanks for listening... & good luck to all!


We bought one in December. AT 15,000 miles the car started on fire. All electronics are gone. We are still waiting to see what they will do. I refuse to get back in that car.

Troy S.

If you can't Ram it...... Dodge it!

Mandy Brown

We have a year old 2008 Chrysler minivan. We were told at 20,000 miles we need to replace the entire brake system? I can't believe that this would be a problem. I have a Ford Taurus that has 125,000 miles and never had to do that!


I have a 2008 town and country touring mini van that has 32750 miles on it and it has 4 new tires and the brakes 100% worn at 19,500 miles and now here I am at 13000 mile and 7 months later and they are 97% worn. Chysler says that is normal and i think they are full of it. Don't like the car. Very upset.


I have my 2nd chrysler town and country..I love it!!! Too bad karma came back at you guys, but my car never gives me problems!!!


Jen, "karma" has nothing to do with it. My 5 month old van's transmission went out in crowded movie theatre parking lot. It lurched into reverse when I was backing out of a spot and I nearly ran over a family. I was mortified and sickened. The Chrysler mechanic said ours was the worst he's seen; that it had basically "exploded". Also told me Chrysler transmissions are junk-his exact words! Chrysler would not replace so he had to rebuild. A brand new van w/ a rebuilt transmission?!? Then last night, trick or treating w/ my family, an ac line bursts spraying freon everywhere. The brakes are sqeaking and need replaced way too soon. I am a conservative drive who details my van at LEAST 1 time every other week (kids!?) Lemon law doesn't apply-we have over 18,000 miles and a little less than 1 yr old. What to do.


2009 TnC:
At 10,000 miles, Air Conditioning went. At 14,000 miles, Front Brakes. At 15,000 miles, rear sliding door cable snapped. At 17,000, rear brakes. At 20,000 tires completely bald. At 24,000 miles, Front brakes again, and rear brakes rubbing. The transmission is slipping.

This car is a nightmare. Don't buy one. Ever. Jen, just wait, you will get yours.

The GM at the dealership said these are all common problems, but can't do anything about it. No wonder Chrysler needed the stimulus money.


I have a 2009 with 7000 miles and so far it has been great. I've had a 95 and a 98 Ford Windstar and both had a multitude of serious issues within a month of purchase.


We have a 2009 Town and Country and had to have over 500. worth of brake work done on it. It cost us more to fix the brakes then it did to make the van payment. And what really ticked me off was that there is a service bulletin on it. So they know there is a problem but this way they company doesn't have to pay to have it fixed! And of course when calling the service dept. the young lady was not only uncaring but a but right down rude... We will not be buying from Chrysler again....


I have a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country and the same problems. At 21,000 Miles new brakes all around and at about 23,000 2 new front tires! that is complete BS. My cousin had the same problem, glad I just leased this POS. I am buying a Honda Oddessy next! I dont care what my neighbors say, most of them are engineers for Ford Etc!!

Mark from Michigan


I have a 2008 T&C with the same issues as everyone else. We made it to 26,000 miles before replacing the brakes. Bad design boys! Unfortunately, they do not want to recognize they screwed up and does not want to warrantee their bad design...
Darryl from Texas


As most of those who posted here I'm disgusted at my 2008 T&C. If you search the internet for 2008 T&C brake problems you will get a ton of hits from owners who can't believe the crappy brakes Chrysler put on these vans. What I don't understand is why isn't the brake problem making big news like Toyota's recent problems? IMHO brakes wearing down at 11-20K miles should be a big issue for NHTSB since most owners never suspect having to replace brakes so early and thus could get into an accident with worn brakes. If someone could figure out a way to get this problem on national news I'm sure Chrysler would come up with a fix toot sweat. In the meantime, the complaints just keep pouring in..


Oh oh... I thought we were screwed on the deal with the T&C... Today, it is in the shop for a recall. 7 mos old. with only 7k miles on it.... wish me luck.


Wow. I feel lucky... I got 24,000 before my front brakes went. Never had a problem with my Honda!


jen says there is a tsb on 2009 there isnt.....I had rear brake problems at 11,700 miles but there is no tsb and idiots like Jen should keep there yapper shut when they post about tsb's that arent there


Bad Karma, that is the most retarded thing I have seen any idiot post. 2009 T&C 14,800 miles, front brakes replaced twice and rear once due to rotor issues. Guess what? Going back Monday for number three on the front rotors. Transmission is a lazy, sloppy hard shifting piece of American idiot engineering. Although, I guess I'm an idiot for waving the American flag and refusing to buy foreign. Door latch problems, rear door problems, windows getting stuck etc…


I have a 2006 T & C. In December of 08, replaced front brakes and rotors. (*$400) 7 mo. and about 7k miles later, front brakes & rotor needed to be replaced again! Luckily it was under warranty so I didn't have to pay. But here i am 6 months and barely 6,000k later and guess what - brakes & rotor need to be replaced AGAIN!!!!????? WHAT! In talks with Chrysler & waiting to hear what they can do. Fingers crossed! I will blow the whistle like Mike suggested if this isn't resolved. Who has the money to change brakes & rotors every 6 months!! And to top it off - when I talked to the service guy at South Bay Chrysler (Torrance, CA) I asked him, "What is usual length of time brakes last on a vehicle" the A.H. told me "6months-1year!!" When I said that didn't make sense he put me on hold never came back and wouldn't answer when I tried to call back!! UGH!! Ridiculous!


I have a 2009 T&C. We had to buy this on a whim as our Ford Van was in an accident. We wanted a new Ford but they no longer make vans. Based on where I work, I get a discount if I buy american. I had bad luck with a previous mopar (Neon - Master head gasket issue that I later heard they were sued upon). I was very reluctant to get a Chysler. Sure enough we get it. Tranny slippage all the time, breaks at 22k. The only "light at the end" is that we replaced the breaks at our dealer who sold us the lifetime warranty version. If they go bad again, they'll replace (except labor). A woman who takes her kid to where my kids go to dance school. She stopped me in my tracks to tell me we had the same vehicle. She ?d the tranny slipping and I confirmed was the same. Thursday she told me her tranny DROPPED! Metal everywhere. She had to tow it to her dealer. I'll post more as I find out.


Wow! Bought my first Brand new Van 2008 Town and Country Touring! What a piece of Sh**! Brakes and rotors on all four tires And transmission is being replaced this week! Lights have a short.. mind you only have 17,420 on the van! Please be wise save your money and the headache!


We have an '09 T&C. We had 700 mi. on it when we had to replace the transmission. It took 2 weeks at the dealer before they could locate and replace the transmission and have the work completed. Now with 17k the front rotors are warped and the rear brakes are wearing unevenly. We need a whole new brake job! This is our 3rd and last Chrysler T&C. We still experience hard shifting from the trans. and the sun roof was just repaired because it was leaking. Never again!


We have 2008 Grand Caravan of course Chysler. We have nothing but problems. Dealership M-Scott Dodge, highland, MI runs away from seroius problems. Our transmission on its own drops into 2nd gear while driving at speeds of 70. We then had to try and get over off the expressway and sit on the sholder and turn off the car and let the computer reset. This has happened 4 times. The Dealer has a black box hooked up so we press it when the problem happens so they can record it.WHAT A JOKE!!!! We are know dealing with Corporate and also a lawyer. What a piece of garbage and a law suit wating to happen. Also breaks went out at 10,000 miles and have had air conditioner leak on passenger side for 2 years. Even gre mushrooms under carpet. Finally made them dry it out and put in new carpet. Will never deal with Chysler again. Staying with Gm.


I have a 2009 TC van and the thing is a nightmare. They can't fix the problem with heat coming in on your feet - actually burns your feet if you are in sandels. The brakes and rotors have had to be replaced numberous times front and back. I will NEVER purchase another van from Chrysler and I was a customer for years!

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I am so sick of the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan I have. Had to have front brakes and Rotors replace at 18,000 miles. 4 new tires at 20,000 miles and new rear brakes and rotors at 30,000 miles. I now have 50,000 miles and had new brakes on the front again. This is rediculous.


I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan I bought new with 39,000 miles now. I do not use it much but have it serviced like clock work at the dealership. Had to have front brakes replaced within the first year because of a crunching sound and weak breaking. Had them worked on again still made crunching sound. I do not ride the brakes. Electrical problem after one year less then 10,000 miles all instruments went out dealership fixed. Needed 4 new tires at 20,000 miles because of rot. Have had grinding noise in front wheel when turning for last year and a half, when it started dealership told me they could not replicate it, they didn't think it was a problem first time I had it checked. Had it checked again same answer. In December 2009 had it serviced crunching was bad enough that the dealership replaced front sway bar bushing and bushing stabilizer for the grinding noise. Immediately after this service the noise returned, car was not used but a half dozen times mostly sat in garage for next 4 months. Took car in exactly 4 1/2 months after last service for routine service, inspection and to fix crunching sound again. Car passed inspection was given an estimate of $566.18 for struts and mounts for crunching sound in front wheel. Was told that it was safe to drive, no big deal and work could be done in a few days because parts needed to be ordered. Forty eight hours later making a turn out of parking lot the car made a metal grinding sound like the muffler had fallen and was dragging but it wasn't. The breaks, drive, park, neutral and reverse stopped working and was making a horrible metal grinding noise. Had to use emergency brake to stop car. Was told by tow truck driver these Dodge minivans are horrible. Dealership told me axle broke, even though I had been told car was safe to drive and grinding sound was no big deal. This car has only 39,000 miles on it, isn't driven much or very hard. Why would an axle break? Is this car safe after axle is replaced or could my other axles break?


I have a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I had a new 95 and 98 Windstar and both were nightmares. The Chrysler has the perfect layout, gets great fuel economy, a/c cools it down in minutes when it is 96 out. By the looks of things I am in the minority and the true test will be when it has 130,000 miles and not 13,000 but so far so good.


I had several NIssan Quests..bought new. Got to know all the mechanics at the dealership on a first name basis with over 30 service calls the first year. But I knew others loved theirs. Bought an '09 T & C and are very happy with it. Took an emergency trip to FL from PA and it was so comfortable. Love it.


Have a 2008 chrysler T+C. Have had front brakes replaced twice in 4 months. The friction caused heat that melted the calipers. Could'nt tell it was the brakes because it felt more like an alingment problem. Besides who thinks they will replace their brakes in Feb. then in June. Also had to do four new tires and rear brakes, because the stress ruined the back brakes and tires. 880.00!! At least the front brakes were covered under warranty.

K. Schaefer

The May 12, 2010 posting about problems with a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan reminds me that there were 4 major hurricanes that year and many cars were under water. I would check out where that car was first delivered and look into whether it was flooded and then dried out.


Wow! Here I thought I bought a bad apple. 2008 T&C Touring. Brakes, rotors, AC, Side Mirror switch. 6mo-1yr for brakes! That's insane! Top it all off it uses/burns 1qt of oil every 1,000 miles! The service person told me this was normal, seems rather odd to me. Just over 42k on the vehicle now, thinking it's time to cut my losses and trade it in.


Same brake problems as everyone else above. Lights fail when driving at night at times.

IDIOTIC design, results in needing larger somewhat hard to find tires due to the car being too low otherwise. Rear bumper rubber is buckling up. I have seen this on many others on the road.

All in all reminds me of the crap that Chevy was making before they went belly up.


We bought a 2009 Town and Country touring in june exactly a year ago. It is a piece of junk. Going on the 3rd set of brake rotors and Chrysler will not cover the third set. Now the transmission is slipping. Bringing it back to the dealer. I'd really like to flat bed this piece of junk to the President of Chrysler's house and dump it on his front lawn. Maybe that would get his attention. I am in the market for another car, plan a on spending up to $40k and Chrysler will not see a dime of it.


Oh yeah the AC unit also had to be replaced.


2005 Dodge Grand Caravan...I will never buy an American car again. Thanks Chrysler!


Same issues as mentioned above.....around 19,000 miles, new brakes, a few months later, car taken bake in for brakes, trouble with air conditioning, and windshield washer fluid issue, at 35,000 miles transmission is slipping and brakes are still loud. This can not be a safe car.


I bought my Chrysler Town & Country as a new vehicle in 2008. I really regret it! Reading the comments I realize I am not the only one having problems. I had all sorts of problems with my radio system, and it had to be replaced. I was told by the service department manager that city driving caused my front brakes and rotors needing to be replaced before 24,000 miles at my expense. I could not believe what he was saying, as I am not hard on brakes. I was told to expect to have to replace the brakes every 20,000 to 24,000 miles. My Mitsubishi Galant never had these problems. I would never have bought this vehicle if I had known about the problems and Chrysler's lack of quality design and control. Now, let me go and plant the money tree just to keep up on the cost of all the future brake replacements needed on this vehicle!


2009 Dodge Grand Caravan --A/C spitting out only hot air, brought it in to local dealership -- oh yeah, it's happening to all of the 2009 models (@ 30k right now) so the parts for the A/C fix are on back order. Won't get it for a couple of weeks --yeah, that will be FUN on my trip to Florida with my three kids. Had to call around to other dealerships and do some begging and pleading to finally have someone feel bad enough for me to put the part aside and complete the fix. My first minivan/Dodge purchase ...looks to be my last as well.


We bought Caravan in July 2009, just had front brakes done. Also have popping noise in right front but they cant duplicate. The entertainment system locked up already. The rear brakes are going to need replaced in a very short while. Tires are wearing unevenly, passengers cargo door just opened on its own going down the road one day. Transmission is slipping but they can't duplicate that either. Drives like a piece of s*@t. Should have paid the extra money and bought a Toyota, will next time.


Have a 2009 Town & country with only 24k miles. Had the brakes and rotors replaced 6 times already!! Totally fed up with this crap. My family is not safe driving this vehicle and i have 5 years left to pay it off....I'm screwed


I bought a 2009 T& C a little over a year ago. First year it was great...I even drove it to Florida from MI with 4 kids.

This year we were heading to Florida again and the A/C went out the night before we left. Told by the dealer the T&C's were coming in by the hundreds for A/C failure. Now all the problems started...sliding door making clunking noises - actually would close on the kids and leave bruises. Finally just quit working. Entertainment system would look up. Electrical system went out and some type of module had to be replaced. Brakes are now making a funny noise and just tonight while sitting in the driveway, the valve stem shot off the tire and the tire deflated.

This is my first time owning a Chrysler and will be my last. I've also owned GM's and while I've experience some problems, I've never been bombarded with this many problems at once.


Bought a 2009 Dodge Caravan in May 2009. Within four months I had to have my front brakes replaced. I was told it was from my driving. Luckily it was still under warranty so reluctantly Chrysler fixed them free of charge. This summer our entertainment system went out and I just put my car in the shop today because it sounded like the transmission was slipping. Had I gone a couple of more days driving it I may have been off the road somewhere. Sure enough they have to replace a part. I have also noticed condensation on the passenger side floor of my car as well. Makes me so glad that I bought a minivan...Not!


I have a 2005 t&c and with 50,000 its been a decent van. But its been 6 weeks now without ac because of the rear outside ac line going bad again. The first one was replaced under a recall this one would cost me some bucks but I for once purchased the extended warrenty something I never do but glad I did. Tires replaced 30,000 - front brakes 28,000 rear brakes still half life left. Stabalizer bushing replaced-rear window motors replaced each-passenger slider door motor and cable replaced-transmission replaced 6,000 miles-3.8 v-6 engine -intake manifold gasgets replaced-water pump-altnator-battery-oil pan gasget-burns oil 1qt every 1,000 miles normal-oil changes every 3,000 or 3 months and inspected each time for problem areas.Now mine is a bad one most 2005's- 2007 are mostly problem free from what I have seen. I have been told by service write up people at my dealership - Do Not Purchase 08-09-but 2010's are much better. Maybe 2011's will be better but I will not spend the money to find out my brother just did. I love the ride - handling-and the interior better then the new ones and the older vans such as mine are holding their value better then the newer ones sickening. A 2007 used is worth in my area as much if not more than a 2009 with same options - I wonder why??? It only took 3 days to have trans replaced and can't even get a simple ac line because chryler ran out of them from the first recall and didn't bother to make more. Now chryler had to hire a privite vender to build 500 of them yes only 500 as of now over 800 customers are waiting for these ac lines. Just talked to my dealer and they didn't get the 7 ac lines they were suppose to get and my dealership is Chyslers prime dealership they paid half of the 35 million this place cost and they will not even stock it. The 05's-07's use the same ac line remember they only contracted to have 500 made with 800 customers waiting for them myself being one. Nope I am going to dump this van and get a Honda or better yet a Kia. Sorry for all of us that helped keep chyrsler partly a float and we still are - thank goodness I have another 2 years on my extended warrenty or it would have to be parked because I would not be able to afford the repairs - I am disabled stuck in a wheel chair and I can not depend on this thing. By the way make sure to check for recalls on 08's better check all of them I did my 2005 and the airbags are not deploying in a crash-sensors are bad. I can see lawsuits ahead from this one. And for the ones that think they are the fortunate ones with no problems "Yet" your turn is going to be an expensive one-I have five relatives we are all hard core chrysler mini van owners and all have newer ones then I do and all have had problems of all sorts. May your luck continue. And the person that made the remark about Carma oh my you will be hit the hardest for that one what a comment to make geez.


Bought 2008 TnC and as everyone stated above the AC went in the first year along with the wipers, front and rear rotors, sliding door and rear rubber lining on bumper pops off. Just replaced front rotors & brakes under recall for 50.00 deductible and 1 month later guess what? YUP front rotors and pads again this time no charge why are they wearing out within a month??????????
KNowing all of this I cannot recommend this vehicle to anyone not even my worst enemy !!! PLAIN JUNK..............(Good luck)

Robert P.

I have a Town and Country Limited 2008 with only 15,000 miles and it needs a new transmission.

We have 3 years with this minivan and in that time we never have a problem with the transmission, suddenly one day when we start the minivan we hear a strange sound and after that the minivan was not moving forward or backward, the transmission was all dead.

Please go to all chrysler web sites and post your transmission problems because Chrysler don't want that people that are going to buy a new minivan knows about this issues.

Go to this websites and report transmission and all the problems you have with your minivans, it is important that all people that has issues with this Chrysler minivans publish their own story so that Chrysler stops building cheap cars and pay for the repairs without any cost.

Chris G.

Have a 2008 T&C with 30K miles and of course brakes are going bad! Are they covered by warranty? Thanks.


bought my caravan brand new in august 2008. in june 2009 had front brakes done at 9732 miles. today, october 13, 2010, just spent money on front brakes and rotors and rear brakes, too! let's see... there was also a bolt missing that was supposed to hold my entertainment system in place, a squeak in the front which required a new part (i don't recall exactly, and i don't feel like digging up the service receipts) and the squeak returned today. they said they lubed something, and if the squeak returns, that i should bring it back and have someone from the service dept ride with me so i can point out what squeak i was referring to. i asked if it is normal for a van with 19,500 miles to need brakes twice in two years, and he said that the first set of pads "probably had too much metal in them," requiring replacement. after reading about all of the transmission problems on this site, i'm GLAD my van came with a lifetime powertrain warranty! now i'm scared... maybe i should have paid for a honda...


2008 TC. 31k miles. In to midas and need new pads rotors and calipers. (3rd set of pads- old rotors turned around 20k) Midas told me the pistons in the calipers has a plastic part that does not hold up to the heat (heavier braking = more heat) also said can not install a higher quality caliper. (Poor design by chrysler) if posting about brake issues, please give honest assessment of breaking style (my wife and I are moderate brakers)


Bought a 2009 town and country touring in august 2009 and needed brakes and rotors by 11,000 miles. Transmission module failed twice leving the vehicle stuck in second gear What a piece os sh!!!t Thought I would buy American but never again

Michael Bauchan

I bought a 2009 Town & Country Touring with 4.0L engine August, 2009. It has over 23,000 miles and I've had no problems. I keep returning it to the local dealer every 3,000 miles for lube and oil. At about 20,000 they said the oil pan leaked so repaired under warranty. At 23,400 they did the lube and oil and I noted on receipt they also "performed recall K14 power sliding door" and it appears they inspected & replaced a couple parts. There are some design issues about which I wrote the company, such as putting the rear camera in the vehicle center instead of offset, letting the driver turn on the rear camera while driving with a full load to see traffic right behind better etc. but they sent a form reply saying they don't take outside suggestions, which I'm sure is to avoid patent liability issues. Frankly it has been a good vehicle and my Houghton Lake Michigan dealer (Don Nester Auto Group) has given me good service.


Have a 2009 T&C abd has run fine for the most part. The only real issue I've had is the battery keeps dying. Replaced it last year (no charge as it was covered) Then over the summer battery was dead again. They said it was from fans that would come on (even though the engine is off) Recharged the battery. This past Saturday battery is dead again. I recharged it drove it all week. This morning (Thursday) battery is dead again. I have to bring it in for the recall on the door anyway so I had hoped it would have made it to Friday. Way to go Chrysler.

Chrysler Lemon

2009 T and C Touring.
Windsor, ON Canada

At 25K we have noticed excessive wearing of the passenger rear side rotor. When running your finger across the rotor, it is not smooth at all.

Talked to mechanic at dealer and they said it is a design issue with the vans and see 2 or 3 come in every week with same issue.


2009 Dodge Grand Caravan - new brakes and rotors at 34K and leak on drivers side floor board. Took it in 4 times with transmission issues before they agreed it had a problem. Dealer had it from Oct 18 - December 17th, 2010 to overhaul the transmission because they couldn't fix it right, and Chrysler said no new transmission. 1000 miles later we were on our way to Chicago on business and the transmission went out 300 miles from home. Chrysler had given us an extended warranty because of the first problems, then try to call Road Assistance on Saturday afternoon - they identified my car and said we did not have a service plan even though I had the paperwork and SP numbers in front of me. Said I had to pay for wrecker to be towed to a dealership and if I could find a car to rent, had to pay for that until I could "prove" I had a service plan. In rural Michigan there are NO dealerships open, or places to rent a car on Saturday. Had to have a friend come get us, and the van sits at a dealership that won't even know its there until Monday - Chrysler is a joke and this van is a piece of junk.


I have a 2008 T&C and have had my brakes/rotors replaced twice - once around 19K and once again around 30K miles. Finally got a letter from Chrysler in December about the problem stating that they would pay for any problem that occurred prior to 20K, but we would have to supply all the documentation and wait for reimbursement.

We have had a boat load of electrical problems the latest being that I have had 3 batteries put in since purchase and we have 46K miles on the car. Now it just cuts out while driving and won't restart for 20 minutes or at all; fortunately this has happened in the neighborhood and not on the highway (yet). Our service guy can't fix it because he believes it is a computer malfunction, possibly with the anti theft system. We had to have it re-towed to the dealer, whom I don't trust, but who is the only one who can reset & work on the computer. We still owe $8k on the loan, but I am ready to cut my losses and find something else.

steve reynolds

i have had six diffrent model years of t.n.c. the 2009 is a superb vehicle that handles more like a sports car than a van. after trying out many other makes we always come back to the chrysler for comfort and reliability!!


Got the van back from the downstate dealer in 2 days with a NEW transmission ! 100% postive for the Dealer - not so much for Chrysler who is not honoring reimbursing for trip interuption. I paid for someone to come get us over 2 hour drive and take us home as there were no dealerships open, no rentals open etc. and would not be for two days. Even under their "service agreement" for trip interuption and after 61 days without my vehicle, then 900 miles and the transmission goes out again = they don't want to reimburse me $150?????

dorian boss

09 grand caravan 18 k miles bad bad brakes front window keeps fogging up trans noise that it for now thinking to trade for toyota sienna.


Anyone have any starter problems?? I have a 2009 and starter just went out.

Frank Butterfield

After reading all these complaints about the 2009 Dodge Caravan and the Chrysler version I am glad I bought GAP insurance and an extended warranty, but I wish I would have read this stuff earlier and not bought this car at all. I bought mine used in December with around 47000 miles on it. It was cold so I didn’t realize the AC wasn’t working until March. I got all the factory recalls fixed today at Mike Toler Dodge in Morehead City. The AC still doesn’t work, and that is probably why it hasn’t drained onto the passenger side floor board yet, which is the reason for the recall.
Here is my list of headaches so far.
1. Brakes worn down to the metal in the back. The pads were worn down on one side of the disk and like new on the other. I knew this wasn’t normal and brought it back to the dealer I bought it from. They reconditioned the calipers and replaced the pads. That was about 9000 miles ago and I haven’t had any problems with them yet. The whole design of the the rear disk brake system is poor. It’s a floating caliper, so as soon as the slides get corroded, or gummed up your brake pads just start getting filed away by the disk. It doesn’t take very long for this to happen since your wheels and disk aren’t in the most protected location. I changed the front tires last week and noticed that I will need front brake pads shortly.
2. The AC doesn’t work, which surprises me since the vehicle is an 09 and it is currently the beginning of 2011. I’ve had this checked out by the dealer and I’m having it checked out again at a different dodge dealership tomorrow, because overall I’m not real impressed with the mechanics or anyone at the dealer I bought it from.
3. The Transmission is fine so far. It shifts somewhat hard which after reading the other post here also has me a little worried.
4. The check engine light comes on, on a regular basis. This is kind of a nuisance. I had it reset at the dealership and they said it was a gas cap issue and that it is pretty common. I guess I’ll know if I have any real engine problems when it makes unexplainable noises or the some of the other lights come on.

This is the first newer mini-van that I have purchased. I like the versatility, the space, and the stow and go seats that came with mine, but overall I’m not impressed with much else. Hopefully when it comes time to use my GAP insurance the airbags still work. 


Own a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country. At 11,000 miles had rotors turned due to front end shaking upon braking. Also mentioned transmission was slipping and told there was no problem with the transmission. At 29,000 miles the front brakes and rotors had to be replaced. Dealer got us a reduced price on the work.
We told the dealer we would never buy another Chrysler. Now at 30,666 miles, was that an omen?, the ac went out. We are in Phoenix and it hit 100 degrees this week. Found this website looking for answers to the ac problem and found many more than expected. Looks like we'll be getting rid of this lemon as soon as we get back to Michigan and buy another Ford!


I too had brake problems with my 2009 town and country and the front rotors. What I finally did was replace all the rotors with slotted and vented rotors and ceramic brake pads. I live in europe and drive an american model T&C on the autobahn everyday at well above 100 mph most of the time just to stay within the flow of traffic. After putting on these new rotors and pads my stopping distance probably was shortened by 30% and after 30k miles on them I have no problems. I have definitely got them very hot many times doing hard braking and they never complain. I bought them online for $300 from a Calif company. If you can do a brake change you can DIY, it was well worth it!


Took my '09 T&C to the dealer on Monday(see above) and had the ac repaired, under warranty. It was the discharge line, which has a recall. The recall is only in the "cold climates". The van was bought in Michigan but is now registered in Arizona. Serviceman explained that it is probably needed for the defrost and is a safety issue. Having already hit 100 degrees in Phoenix, isn't heat stroke a safety issue? Where do we need ac in "cold climates" or "hot climates"?

Thank you Kevin for your recommendation on the replacement of the brakes and rotors. Too bad I just had them replaced at the dealer. I will take your advise I am sure within the next 30K miles,
if I keep it that long.


Have a '97 T&C LX with 226k, I really like with minimal problems. Joke w/mechanic I got the one good one and am afraid I won't be as lucky on any new car. Thought I'd consider a new one. I'm sorry you all had bad experiences with the newer, but, thanks for saving us the trouble.


Have a 2010 Town & Country. Transmission broke and wouldn't downshift while on a mountain vacation. That was not fun. The transmission was taken out and rebuilt. Now it has a shudder on deceleration and a jerky/slipping 2-3 shift. Front rotors were turned/pads replaced at 6000 miles or so due to severe grinding noises. Front rotors and pads were replaced again at about 14,000 miles due to more severe grinding. Rear rotors were turned and new pads installed at the same time. Now, at 19,500 miles, the brakes are grinding worse than ever. In addition, the driver door stop for the wide open position make a "TINK" sound... that the dealer couldn't duplicate. Did they even open the door? The passenger door is silent during the same operation. Both sliding doors like to stay open at times I want them to close. On acceleration and braking the right door creaks in its opening. In general, I'm really disappointed... and this is from a guy who restores and collects old Chrysler products as a hobby. Every new car I've ever bought was a Chrysler product. This van is, by far, the worst car I have ever owned... and I am torn as to what I will buy next.


I bought 2009 Town and Country new and it has had most of the problems mentioned above. Brakes redone at 20K. Lots of rattles inside. 4 separate recall items. Now the ERG valve gone at 38K and $300. I will never buy a Chrysler again


Thanks for the idea on the slotted rotors Kevin. Like the van, hate the brakes. I bought the T&C for slightly more than half of what the Honda Odyssey would have cost me... I guess you do get what you pay for. My vans are all beaters though.




We have a 2008 Town & Country LX with 19,000 miles on it. We love this van! In June of 2008 (only 1 mo. old) the shift module went (difficult shifitng). It was replaced. Now the replacement is going!! Who ever heard of a gearshift failing on a vehicle??? TWICE!!


Had my 2009 25th T&C since 4-2009. 33K miles. 1st recall in May. Original brakes. Love it and the fold & stow seats! Only problem is the radio started cutting out this June. Dealer will replace.
This is the first I've heard of all your other's problems. Good luck with them!


wow!! I'm in process of replacing the entire brake sys. on my '08 G/C. dodge has the worst recall program I've ever heard of. To use the recall on POS G/C, it would have codt me $300 just for front brakes because my G/C had over 30,000 miles on it. I can't believe they haven't been sued yet. I've already the dealership where I bought it that this would be the last Chrysler product I buy. I'm getting in the mood for a new vehicle too. Well, good luck to all the poor folks who own one of these POS cars.


Very disapointing car had for two years only 36k and needs new brakes tires, ac went out. Have had two other caravans and this will be the last


I have only had my 2009 Town & Country for a year. I had my back brakes replaced in March of 2011 and they resurfaced my rotors. I took my car for its normal maintence in May
and the brakes were fine. For the last 2-3weeks my car has been shaking when I step on the brake. I took it to Midas and they told me I need $700 worth as work. Not only do I need to have new brakes, rotors, and a caliber for my back I also need front brakes. My husband insists that he saw something posted last year about the brakes on the 09 Town and Country. I believe in wear and tear but I don't think that my back brakes should be that damaged in 4months. I truly belive Chysler should be responsible for any damage done to the back brakes.


I have 4 kids and one who has medical issues ..I was on my way to her dr and our 2005 town and country stalls..Since we purchased it the lights flicker and it acts at it the car was haunted and now stalls out. I couldn't get it started and I believe it is unsafe when Chysler know that people with kids buy Mini vans ...I am upset that my 4kids wont get to the dr safe and may be in danger. It has to be an electrical problem but the dealership said it was main fuse pops it back in and then a week later doing the same..I am done with Mini Vans..I purchase them because of having kids...


2010 T & C: bought new brakes/rotors completely shot at 30k. terrible gas mileage not as advertised. many various electrical phantoms (ever hear of a radio going to full blast and freezing up all controls until the car sits off for a few minutes?). Transmission is a joke and after multiple trips to dealer finally they agree there is an issue. NEVER again, getting rid of the junk asap.

Marilyn Hodson

I have a 2010 Dodge Town and Country and i have never been so disapointed in my life with a vehicle as i am of this one. when i traded my car in for this van it only had 35,000 miles on it ,it is in the shop more than i have it . the key had a short in it and would just shut off if you hit a bump in the road and lock you in the car with no way to get out nor could you roll down the windows which is scary now brakes and rotors are making a terrible sound and it shakes me off the road when i go to stop . i ask dealer about this like the key they told me there was no recall on it so i have to pay to fix it, really i just bought this a few months ago and i have had nothing but issues with it ever since , i guess i will wait until there is a recall because i am sure there will be one , just like the key it was recalled and i am still having problems with it, i cant believe they can charge someone 20.000.00 for a vehicle and they wont even stand behind their product how sad ... i would not recommend a Chrysler to anyone i know ..


If you have a problem with your brakes, contact the and file a complaint.


08 T&C with most of the same issues mentioned. While the entertainment system glitches and a/c problems are annoying, the brake issues have got to be a safety hazard! Our front brakes got so hot the rubber hoses caught fire. All were melted and had to be replaced. Dealer says it is normal brake wear and poor maintenance. That was our 3rd set of brakes in 2 years! Junk. Why isn't there a recall. Brakes are about the most safety sensitive device there are on the vehicle.


We purchased a 2008 T&C demo car with 8500 miles on it with an extended “bumper to bumper” warranty. The few minor problems which we had in the first year or so we resolved under warranty. The car is now 3 years old with 58K miles. In the past few months, our back corner window became unglued which was fixed with a few cents of glue. I can’t imagine what the dealer would have charged for it. The metal that surrounds the driver side door handle on the passenger side has started to unravel and actually cut someone’s hand. Even though, I purchased an extended “bumper to bumper” warranty from the dealer, it was not covered and the same dealer who sold it to me charged me $200 to fix it. I have the same break wear problems between 16 to 20K. The “leather” on the driver’s seat is starting to crack. The most disturbing is that I am chewing through about 1qt of oil per 1K miles between changes even though their no drip on my drive way. Spoke to my next door neighbor who is a mechanic and he said there is a leak somewhere and it should be resolved before the warranty is up otherwise it is a 5K engine rebuild. I am taking the car in for service next week so I am curious to see what they say.
If they can’t find anything, I will take it to an outside mechanic to see what they say.

Besides these quality problems, I actually like the car but these problems can be infuriating to say the least. Thank god, it apparently has a lifetime warranty on the power train. I miss my Subaru which for 15 years gave me no real issues.

Jennifer Canchola

2009 Dodge grand caravan SE ...
Yes brake issues, now key fob issues 300.00 for new key fob and programming anyone else?

Liz Mullen

I have an 09 Dodge caravan, bought used in June of 2010 and since I have put more money then it is worth into the car. It currently has 66000 miles on it, I had to replace the winmodule in the steering column and almost had to buy a new key, the whole air conditioning system, brakes twice, now my back ones are rubbing again, battery, tires, I need new tire sensors but I refuse to pay for them, and now my transmission is going. It is like the car is stuck in 1st gear, like the manual transmission dropped out of the car! I am beyond furious I will never buy another dodge. I have 3 kids and live paycheck to paycheck and have dumped every bit of saving into the piece of junk!


I bought a 2009 T & C in Ocotber 2008. Spent the next few months back & forth to Chrysler dealer having them check the brakes because of squealing/scraping noises. After 6 months they replaced brakes and claimed they were doing me a favor by not charging me since brakes are not warrantied. I've had this van 3 years and replaced brakes 4 times. Why is there not a recall when so many others have some issues?


73000 on 2008 tc and 5 sets of brakes 2sets of rotors now maybe the powerbooster

Bill T

2009 Dodge Caravan at 15,000 miles replaced front pads and rotor. Now at 41,000 miles both rear pads worned to metal requiring total replacement of pads, rotor and caliper. Piston to caliper extended out so much rust formed on piston.


2010 Dodge Grand caravan sxt 4.0 l at 24,000 km i am on my third set of rotors both front and rear second set of pads.

They have ships kriss crossing the atlantic from China with cheap garbage rotors when will they learn!


2010 Dodge Grand Caravan sxt 4.0L on my thirs compleate set both front and rear rotors second set of pads.

They have ships kriss crossing the Atlantic loaded with cheap garbage rotors.

When will they learn!


2009 T&C with 30,000 miles. RunnIng strong with no warranty or service issue other than oil changes. Tow a 5000 lbs. boat/trailer with ease.


My 2008 Grand Caravan's Transmission died this week with about 70,000 miles. The dealer informed me that the unlimited drive train warranty (now 5/100,000 transferable) was not valid since the car was sold to me by my parents. They have a complete log of servicing and had all the recalls (breaks, and air bags) taken care of.


Never again !I have a 09 Grand Caravan SE ..nothing but issues .. tire wear ,bald by 25,000 miles , brake issues ,radio acting funky , tranny lurching, and now the newest ..a misfiring issue . Car has 50,000 miles . Should have went for the Honda !


I cannot believe all of these comments. So glad I came across this before I made the mistake of getting into a used one. They absolutely should be held accountable.

2009 t& it. almost 40,000 and running fine. No warranty work or anything else. Tire are down to 3mm. Front brakes are at 7mm & back brakes are at 4mm. Tires and back brakes will be replaced this coming spring. Oil changes done at Ford dealer with semi synthetic 5-20w every 4 months or 5,000 miles, which ever comes first.




We have a Town & Country 25 year anniversary Minivan and I love it. We would buy another. We also have a 2005 Dodge Minivan and also love it. Sorry for the problems some of the posts have had but we have not experienced any problems.


Own a T&C 2009 started with transmition problems right after we bought dealer kept saying nothing wrong with it until unfourtunatly went bad on us (no reverse)happened after warranty expired we still owe, and hard to cut our losses at this time but will never, ever buy another chrysler again.


I have a 2009 T&C Touring, and have had to replace my front brakes and rotors 3 times now in less than a year. This last time they only lasted 2 1/2 months. When I bought it new one of the front rotors was warped within a month or two and the dealer didn't do anything about it or make note of it when I brought it in initially. They said it was a wearable part so not covered and to just replace it when I got my first brake job. I too received the mailing admitting they know of a problem, but my van was already over the mileage to be covered. We need to force a recall by filing complaints with the National Highway TSA. I will be filing my complaint this week. I have called Chrysler to complain, but they haven't solved anything. I also continue to have problems with my passenger side sliding door. It keeps getting stuck up opening and closing even after the so called recall fix. I'll be back to the dealer with that problem this week too.


THe 09 T&C has a life time powertrain warranty, as long as you have a documented oil change every 6,00 mi. So you still should be covered.

@ everyone
As for the brake issues, I solved mine. The oem pads are just a hair too long. They go in very snug. After 3 brakes jobs in 30,000 mi I took the pads over to my grinder and smoothed the ends just a hair. They went in and moved freely and now the pads have 8,000 miles and still look new.

Nancy Ehrlich

We've owned 4 Chrysler vans in our family 1985 to present and all the transmissions blew between 56,000 and 65,000. You've had over 30 years to fix the problem CHRYSLER, so what's the engineering problem? Being disabled, I need a van for my wheelchair and lift so now own a 2009 Town and Country. For the last 2 years I've brought my van in to get the rear doors fixed after they knocked me over and almost took my sons arm off. Still not fixed! For the last 2 inspections I've complained that the brakes don't inspire confidence when I apply them and the steering wheel shimmers violently when you apply the brakes. The mechanic said the pads are good enough to pass inspection, but the rotors are all bent. No one mentioned a year ago, that many other 2009 vans were having break problems as well. Hmmm Chrysler, that is really bad business. I just found out about the electrical fires from other blogger (thank you all). I'm in a wheelchair, so how fast do you think I can move if my car catches on fire. And what about kids in car seats. Shame on you Chrysler!!! What are you going to do about it?

Barbara Lilley

Having brake problems with my 2009 dodge caravan. The van shake violently when brakes are applied especially going down hill. Does anyone know how to have these brakes recalled? Cant afford to put yet another pair of brakes on this van

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