Mini Considering Diesel Model for U.S.


USA Today has gotten the powers that be at Mini to confirm the company is considering a diesel car for the 2010 or 2011 calendar year. A diesel Mini is still far from a reality, though, as the company’s diesels already on sale in other markets wouldn’t meet the stringent clean-air regulations in the U.S. That means a diesel Mini in this market would have to sport a next-generation diesel power plant.

A Mini representative did say that if a diesel engine arrived it would be an option on all Mini models, including the standard hatchback, the convertible and the new Clubman, along with the much-rumored future Mini SUV.

The Mini Cooper already gets an impressive 32 mpg combined; a diesel could be 20% to 40% more efficient.

Mini confirms it is considering a diesel for U.S. market (USA Today)

By David Thomas | February 10, 2009 | Comments (9)



Pretty Please

the car is very cool

it looks very cool, cheers


I think most people in the US still don't like Diesel, plus it is more expensive than gas. I am not predicting too much success for this.


Without advanced hybrid technology, they'll have to employ any backward means they can to meet federal mileage mandates. The consumer will pay the price in higher diesel sticker price, expensive fuel, expensive particulate filters, and in having to keep a separate tank of caustic urea on board to clean the filthy emissions. To top it off it will be slower than the cheaper gasoline version.

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