Kia Soul vs. Nissan Cube Video

The idea of a blocky subcompact was made popular by the Scion xB and Chrysler PT Cruiser. Now, the econobox category is growing larger with the addition of the new Kia Soul and Nissan Cube.

At the Chicago auto show, Suburban Dad Patrick Olsen got a chance to see the vehicles up close. Watch as he sizes up each vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses and makes a final verdict on which entry is best.



2 each his own...but i prefer the Kia Soul!!


"The idea of a blocky subcompact was made popular by the Scion xB and Chrysler PT Cruiser."

I think, PT Cruise was about "retro" thing and not anything else


Right. More like Xb and Honda Element.


More like Colt Vista Wagon.


I like the cube so much better than the soul. It looks smaller though.


I think he forgot to compare the warranties.....which is better on the Soul. The Soul is also quicker (if that matters) due to the 141 hp engine, and will likely out-handle the Cube. The Soul was faster through the slalom than the Fit or the xB....according to Edmunds. I would guess the Cube gets better gas mileage, but not sure how much better. The Soul gets disc brakes, the Cube has drum on the back. The Soul comes with standard steering wheel controls, Bluetooth and USB audio imput. Those things are just "available" on the Cube. I think the Soul wins for bang-for-buck.


Hands down, I'd rather own the Soul.


uggghh they both suck


CUBE, CUBE, CUBE...all the way!


"with that being said" say that 5 times fast. Geez.. could they have hired a more annoying, clueless reporter?

Daniel Bryant

100% Japanese built Cube. Period. Is Soul even built in Seoul OR anywhere in Korea.? Even so, wouldn't you rather have it built in Japan? GT-R built in Japan.

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