Chrysler Plan Shows New Chrysler 300, Jeep Grand Cherokee

Above is an image taken from Chrysler’s full plan submitted to the U.S. government earlier today, of the next-generation Chrysler 300 sedan. Below you’ll find a shot of the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as larger versions of the interior images we found embedded in the PDF.


By David Thomas | February 17, 2009 | Comments (21)



I feel bad for wanting to mock the product values of these teasers. They speak volumes about what is going on at Chrysler. The team probably had very limited creative resouces, and were put under a great deal of pressure to crank out something in very little time.


"next gen. 300"?? Looks more like a refresh.....


Love the Jeep, not so sure about the 300. I guess it's pretty hard to follow such an iconic design...


Good to see the interiors look much better than what's being offered now by Chrysler... although they look too familiar to the interior of the Lexus LS430 (previous gen.) and the Lexus GX470 for the new 300 and Grand Cherokee respectively.

I'm paying for this???

Straight garbage.

Wow. When your back is against the wall you should come out fighting.

This is laying down to die...


Those images look like something any first year student at my old art school could have done. That's one lousy facelift on the 300. And what is with the cheesy explosions, is this a Penny saver ad?

Derrick G

I think it's worth noting the "Consumer Reports" blurbs refer to Chrysler's stated goals. Neither of these models currently come even close to such.


i hope they know that they can be used by CR for using their figures for advertising...

Those stupid "LOOK AT ME!" ad bubbles sum up the State of Emergency at Chrysler.

All this shows us is they can Photoshop as well as a 10-year-old. What, do they want a pat on the back?

Derrick G


Since this is a report to the government and not advertising and they aren't actually using CR's figures, just saying that's their goal for these two models, I think they should be safe.

Ken L.

I saw more “Blank” pages than info in Chrysler’s Restructuring Plan.

James L. White

Nothing exciting here style wise. Chrysler is paying for 4 decades of poorly assembled and poor reliablity of their vehicles. I noticed at What Car a web site in UK shows that the 2008 JD Powers ratings show that Fiat is the least reliable car manufacturer in the UK. Just above Fiat is Chryslers other partner Mitsubishi. The outlook is not promising.


Jeep looks great, the 300....meh


Even a high school kid can photoshop better than that!


The 300 looks good, it is not time for the full redesign yet, the current body shape still has some life left yet.

And those fuel economy "improvements" (which I somehow doubt they could handle...) don't mean much, it just shows they're gonna add 4-cylinders as options or on the base model or something. Nothing groundbreaking, and nothing that should save Chrysler.


It appears to me that Chrysler puts those pictures together just for this report to show some sort of progress. In reality, they probably have nothing on drawing board. That would more believable considering the low quality renderings and designs so similar to existing models.


I agree with above writer: the "explosion" balloons on these documents make their presentation look like it was put together by a 4th grader. And those interiors look like they could be from a 1982 Chrysler New Yorker. What's with all the faux wood and drab beigh leather? Put Chrysler out of its misery, let it go bust, sell off Jeep.

Original sheth

Chrsyler has mentioned these new products for some time now. I read that the JGC may be debuted at the NY auto show. I think the interiors look nice although better images would help us see more clearly.


Is this a cry out for help or wishful thinking???


the 300 looks as one would expect the car that follows the current car. Tasteful evolution. But what's with the grille? Today's car is all about the bold grille, but this one looks aftermarket. Feels a bit to JC Whitney for me. Hopefully the production piece is a bit more imagative. Interiors look nice in both.

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