Chevrolet Stingray Concept at 2009 Chicago Auto Show


  • Looks like: A Corvette made for Megatron
  • Defining characteristics: A huge, arching rear end with a split rear hatch
  • Ridiculous features: It transforms into a 20-foot-tall robot
  • Chance of being mass-produced: There are some design elements that might carry over to the next-generation Corvette

Everyone thought the Chicago auto show would be this hum-drum, run-of-the-mill event. Then GM dropped the hammer on its "Transformers II" vehicles, including the much-anticipated Stingray you see here.

In the movie the Stingray will be called Sideswipe and is a good guy, but it looks like a Decepticon to us. For the Corvette fans out there, however — probably a much different demographic than those waiting for the "Transformers" sequel to come out this summer — the big news is that the Stingray concept resurrects a classic name in Corvette lore.

The concept also brings back the split rear window. Because of visibility concerns, it's unlikely a split rear window would ever make it to production, but it's probably the one element that screams "Stingray" from this concept. Otherwise, it looks like an unholy union of the all-new Camaro and the Batmobile. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just a bit too wild for a real car. GM also says this is a design study and not to get your hopes up for this to pack a ZR-1 engine under the hood anytime soon.

Check out more photos below and let us know if you think this design is worthy of being the next Corvette.


This thing is more awesome than my 66 stingray!!!

Lance smith

That is one of the baddest ace looking vehicles I have seen in a long time. You'd sell tons of em


I actually want one. I want this car, and its from GM.

Rob McConnell

I love the boattail, from the old Buick Rivieras. Definitely keep that aspect.


That is friggin' hot. If only a production model would be truly as aggressive as the concept.


Love the back but the front looks unfinished. Don't like it.


I think the side view and the boat-tail is about the only good looking thing on this car. The front looks hideous and what is with the vents? GM has got to do away with the egg crate grills, it looks bad on the Camaro too.


This is a car that surely kicks ***.
Love the grille, love the rear,
love the logo, LOVE THE CAR!!!

Best thing to come out from Chevy
since the Camaro Concept.


fantabulas mazmuafik!!! super best car!! if oni i can get my hands on it......=(


I would buy one for sure!


The front grill looks like a grinning cartoon and opening doesn't need to curve up on the sides to accentuate the stingray sweep, it detracts from it. The original Stingray sweep would stand alone just fine. Make it plain with no awful grill it doesn't go with the rest of the sleek look.

Not a good view of rear, but the sides go in a bit too far giving the feel of a Batmobile.

I would order one. Most concepts become available after they say not, so I'm saving up for this one.

neil trett

looks like a mako shark mated with a stingray,while doing alot of acid...

neil trett

i dunno.looks like a remake of the mako shark,with a split window thrown in to justify the stingray'll look great as a transformer,i am sure,but its too hokey to be a production car...


i think that stingray looks nothing like the original. it looks more like a car from 30 years from now and not like a corvette. go back to the drawing board.


I was at the auto show, and this car is severly drool worthy!! I think they should keep it a separate line from the corvette, and make this the newest hot muscle car!


This is the meanest looking corvette to come out of the design studio ever. If the Chevy guys have half a brain, they would announce the production status of this legend in the making at the premier of the movie.......


UNB-Friggin- LEVABLE!! This is the best design move Corevette has taken in years!! The only issue I have is the hips are too high. Smooth out those babies and let her FLY!!

jay nastasi



sick super bad azz love the back love side love every thing but the quad tale pips looks like a mexicens dream exhaust and thats not a good thing unless you like chrome stripping around your doors and windows

Robert Margetin

Awesome! Yes build it for real! This thing might even be sexier than Selma Hayek; everyone everywhere will want it.


They are going to build a version of this (2011 model?) on their Kappa Platform (Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice) as part "Focus on the core" and closing down Pontiac & Satun. From what i've heard it'll come it'll be priced below the corvette around 35-40K. Not corvette power but they have a 325 hp engine in the "Weekend Club Racer" version of the Solstice that took 1st 2nd and 3rd in the SCCA nationals T2 class.


this is a hot car i wish they would put this in production


Such a HOT BABY who I want to ride ALL NIGHT LONG!


If they build it I will come!!


This is exactly what GM needs. Put something like this into production and the excitement level goes up a notch. The design of this vehicle makes me want to go buy one right now and I normally would not be interested in a corvette! You have got to put this vehichle into production without dulling it down!!

Oh Yeah

Okay, lets see if GM listens to the public and does something out of the ordinary..Actually design, make, and sell this car...Things that make you go hmmmmm. Come on GM make us proud...


I wish they would make the front like the 63 split rear window I like the back but no go on the front. I miss the 63!


Love Love Love the second picture....comparing the new and the old. classic. absolutely an amazing car

Keith Engelhardt

Ive always wanted a stingray ever since i was little.

But wut yall did to the stingray is ****ing awsome u made one of the most bad*** cars of this time u brought the essence of the old car to the future.

Yall would sell tons and i will buy one!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Sandoval

im only 14 an i love it


If GM is smart they will build it. This thing is in the same league as lamborghini and Ferrari and normally you can't put a Corvette in the exotic catagory.

paul riccardi

the new camaro, the volt the cadillac cts, now this stingray too. Marvels every one !

make it & as the saying goes: build it and they will come (& ORDER IT).


wow! I love this car soooooo much!!! They should come out with it!!!! So then it could be like whenever you see the Camaro and the string ray, you'll know that the decipticons are coming! haha


this car is amazing i really hope they throw it into production and find a way to keep the split back hatch it reminds me of the 53 corvette only hotter. i have always wanted a corvette but the zr-1 just wasnt cutting it or me in comparison to the older models....i have had my heart set on a stingray and it would be awesome if they started producing one as BA as this!!!

HI I love this car is fantastic!!!!!!!

Great article and very interesting blog. That's one thing I'm really looking forward. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Thomas L Harmon

If I was still alive , man. I would Buy one for everybody in my family ,But me first, This aliean is Bitchin, If you don't build these,then your brains must be made out of Penut butter and bannanas, TCB Baby

Incredible Car!!! Its so beautiful!

Since the first model of a corvette knew it was the best and great invention cars that could exist!


i want one.

i want to have this kind of car its definitely awesome....

I would love to ride this car, it looks so awesome!

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I like your blogging style, very original, apart is very interesting and I would like learn more.



I saw this two days ago at the OC Auto Show. I was speechless. It was beautiful.


I am a Camaro junkie but this car makes me smile. I love it. The design is hot and it drips "Look at me!" and more ;-) This is an awesome concept car and I would love to see them try this one out. I would love to get my hands on one!

I went to that show and the cars are incredible...

Oh my God!! All that cars are amazing....

Great concept ) But I would prefer BMW....

So beautiful car, Thomas would you like to buy one for me please?

Thanks for the comment. I like the blog and the topic.

James Gutierrez

I hope it goes through, looks awsime would definately concider buying one


bring back the Lumina

Very cool car. I hope i buy her in future XDDD




i saw this car in seattle it is freakin hot build it.....hale carliegh

Have you more photos of that auto show?

Wow, is this a James Bond car?


Too hot of a car for words!!! Must build it!!!

Hi!, i love to use bing for my searches..

I absolutely love the look of this car! It really looks like a futuristic upgrade to the corvette and the split rear window sells it, in my opinion.

A generic drug is made with the same active ingredients and is available in thesame strength and dosage form as the equivalent brand-name product.

Hi, great post. thank you!

This is a super car and on the exterior, and vnutrennosti.Odno bad that work for him to be retired!

Very good blog! Thanks!


I love this car! I think it looks good the way it is.

Woowww its amazing


This car is GREAT!!! Please build it...

wow, this car looks insane! cool

This car is GREAT!!! Please build it...

Hello there, I'm having problems viewing your blog on my iPhone, the comment form isn't showing properly for me. (Just thought you might want to know, I'm typing this from my laptop.)


very nice and amazing car. i hope have it one.

****ing awesome. Next Batmobile. This car made the whole auto show for me. (Though I enjoyed the rest of the show, too.)

Yeah! Chevrolet Stingray - grar car! Thanks for the pics!

Bad ass car, amazing, I want two, a gray one and a black one.

Kay Dyer

Face it: GM isn't going to build this car and you know it. The front and sides reflect a good modernization of Corvettes from the past. The rear is a sad departure into Hollywood. And, as said, the split rear window has no chance. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these stlying elements in a C7 edition Vette. Unless GM decides to go mid-engine or something and departs completely from the past.

Wow what a cool machine. Nice to see this

I found this car very sexy and i remember batman series.Every angle is elegant.The car has cover the most advanced features, with a clamshell hood,scissor-style doors,ergonomic seats,rear-view camera with night vision enhancement and a high performance hybrid drive.

Awesome car!! seems to be the new generation car.

Kent Crawford

This car is way too cool. Chevy will never produce it. The same thing happened several years ago when the produced the Chevy SS Concept. It too was the coolest 4-door sedan I've ever seen. Did they do anything with it? NO!

Katalin Minnig

BID(b4Idi) car. For sure. No question...I will own this. Just too hot not to want..;)

Amazing car, just saw it in Auto Expo. You can see the 360 video here

Have you more photos of that auto show?

Great article and very interesting blog. That's one thing I'm really looking forward. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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