Audi Q5 Commercials Win Over Oscars

There I was, trying to make it through the Oscars, and low and behold a clever Audi commercial won me over. It was for the new Q5 SUV, which just went on sale. In the commercial, a bunch of kids run out of a schoolhouse to go home and all the cars waiting for them are beige Lexus RX SUVs. Then, up pulls a black Q5. A happy boy jumps in and drives home with his father. The tagline about identity theft is kind of lame, but the concept is great. You can check out the commercial above, and there’s another one featuring a woman who can’t find her SUV in a parking lot below.

The build-a-Q5 feature also just went live on Audi’s consumer webpage. It looks like the Premium Plus trim level is the sweet spot, at $41,500 with cool LED headlights, a standard Panoramic roof and heated seats. The Q5 went on sale last week.

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By David Thomas | February 23, 2009 | Comments (10)



Audi has such a great ad campaign going on. I'm not sure how many cars they are selling with it, but I have been enjoying the ads!


A bunch of rich kids being picked up by moms that don't work or in the case of the male Audi driver that, for some reason, isn't at work at 3 in the afternoon. It reminds me of the Christmas commercials when someone gets a Lexas as a gift. So true to life.

true! on the picking up from school front, a lot of parents do work from home or have flex schedules. Still a clever ad IMHO but you've def. got a point.


The LEDs are not headlights, they are DRLs and parking.


$41,500 for a compact SUV isn't anybody's sweet spot. The people who drive these things must lease rather than buy. With the economy tanking there's no way Audi can sustain its inflated sticker prices - especially with sub par reliability.


Some people can afford them. The odd thing is that they are in a demographic group that doesn't watch a lot of TV.


Audi's best ad was the A4 commercial where the car pulls the old Ace Ventura "like a glove" method for parallel parking "for people who can park themselves". It was an ad that came in response to the Lexus that can parallel park on its own. What a great commercial.

Oh by the way, I drove the Q5 yesterday and it's a winner. Great drive, great technology, great design, great interior, and best-in-class towing capacity. Too bad my portfolio tanked. The MMI with 3D navigation is really sweet too.


I believe the woman in the Q5 Nightmare commercial is the Actress Caitlin Keats. In my opinion she steals the commercial from the Q5. What a freakin' hottie she is! Sorry Audi. Next time, find someone uglier to put in your ad.

Original sheth

its funny that Lexus is now a target when 20 years ago they came on the scene to challenge the establishment and did so through aggressive advertising. Audi is now establishing themselves as the anti Lexus. Lexus has gone from upstart to becoming the status quo for staid luxury.


Nice. Way to bring more attention to Lexus' dominance in the luxury utility category.

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