Audi Prices Q5 SUV That Goes On Sale Next Week

Q5 There’s no question the new Q5 SUV from Audi is a good-looking little machine. The big question, since the first time we saw it at an auto show, has been, “How much will it cost?” The world of luxury SUVs is booming, and the Q5 is decently equipped at a starting price of $37,200, which puts it on a level playing field with the new Volvo XC60, Mercedes-Benz GLK and the BMW X3.

There are three trim levels, which we break down by price and standard equipment below. You can check out a gallery of the Q5 here as well. The SUV will get 18/23 mpg city/highway with its 3.2-liter V-6 and standard all-wheel drive. The new Q5 will arrive at dealerships next week.

Q5 Premium: $37,200
Standard with Hill Descent Control, 18-inch wheels, Sirius Satellite Radio, aluminum roof rails, leather seats, three-zone climate control and LED taillights.

Q5 Premium Plus: $41,500
Adds six-disc CD changer, iPod adapter, xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, heated front seats, auto-dimming and power-folding exterior mirrors, auto-dimming rearview mirror, Bluetooth, power tailgate and panoramic sunroof.

Q5 Prestige: $48,200
Adds Bang & Olufsen sound system, 19-inch wheels, Audi’s MMI system, advanced keyless system.

Full brochure PDF from Audi USA.

By David Thomas | February 6, 2009 | Comments (9)
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This falls under the "fool and his money.." you know the rest.

Ken L.

While I’m sure the Q5 will capture a new audience for Audi, I can’t help but question why a luxury automaker would need to have trim levels called “Premium”, “Premium Plus”, and the worst of all “Prestige”. It has a connotation that the brand is cheap and not luxurious; therefore it needs those to make itself feel worthwhile.


Ken, I work at a dealership that has Saab, VW, Bentley, Rolls, BMW, Volvo and lot of other companies, I must say the Audi's are probably right there with BMW in terms of luxury.


Ah yes... the perfectly sized vehicle priced perfectly right for this perfect time....genius, Audi.


Audi shows arrogance by pricing this puddle jumper higher than the much more substantial and high quality RX350.

The RX may be a larger vehicle but I don't think there's any significant edge when it comes to luxury feel. If high quality you mean dependability or reliability that's a different story.

The q5 is priced almost identically to the Mercedes, Volvo and BMW in its class so any bias against the price would have to fall on those models as well. As mentioned you could get the Acura RDX or Infiniti EX for less.

And since the Q5 has standard AWD it actually starts less than an AWD RX.


Dave, I defer to your knowledge of the various features and trim levels. It probably is a decent value when you consider how much you can spend on an A4, but the RX seems to be one class up in size compared to the Q5. I think the MB GLK is priced substantially below the Q5, (35K for AWD?) so that would be my preference when compared to the Q.

Again AWD gets yah at $36,775 for the GLK. so only $500 less.

But yeah, the Lexus is much larger. Really shouldn't be compared at all. I don't think we did though did we?

I think the buyers are different too. I haven't driven the q5 yet but did sit in one at the Detroit show and found it as nice as anything else out there. If not a little nicer. Certainly offers more utility than an A4 Avant but is more $, but with a bigger engine...


It looks like my comparison between the Q5 and the RX pricetags is valid, since Audi is now marketing the Q5 on network television directly against the Lexus. In the commercial they're airing, they fault Lexus for selling too many of the RX model and liken it to "identidy theft." Not only is Audi arrogant, they're also delusional if they don't think people will notice their vehicle is smaller while carrying an equal or larger price tag.

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