2010 Ford Taurus SHO at 2009 Chicago Auto Show


  • Competes with: Acura TL, Dodge Charger, Pontiac G8
  • Looks like: Ford is mining the past for marketing potential
  • Drivetrain: 365-hp, 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 with six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive
  • Hits dealerships: Summer 2009

Last month in Detroit, Ford took the wraps off both the redesigned 2010 Taurus sedan and the automaker’s new twin-turbo V-6, dubbed EcoBoost. Today, the two meet in a high-performance model called the Taurus SHO. Super-High Output Taurus models originated way back in 1989 and had a 10-year run of brisk sales, generating a cult following in the enthusiast community. For some reason, Ford decided that just giving an EcoBoost engine to a Taurus — like it has with the Lincoln MKT, MKS and Ford Flex — wasn’t enough. It needed the SHO name, too.

Included with this high-output trim are some obvious performance parts, like the 365-hp twin-turbo engine, all-wheel drive and a sport-tuned suspension. That’s right in line with the competition, like the V-8-powered Dodge Charger R/T or Pontiac G8 GT, at 368 hp and 361 hp, respectively. However, with a starting price of $37,995, including destination, the SHO is priced against beefier versions of both cars: the Charger SRT8 and the G8 GXP, which have 425 hp and 415 hp, respectively.

Ford must be hoping the Taurus SHO’s standard all-wheel drive and better gas mileage will help shoppers stomach its price. However, Ford says the EcoBoost engine in the Lincoln MKS is expected to get 16/25 mpg city/highway, and that’s just one or two mpg above the Charger R/T and G8 GT.  

Standard features like keyless entry and ignition, MyKey, ambient lighting and Sync all help with the value argument. MyKey may be the biggest benefit, as it means a teenager can borrow dad’s car without being able to test its upper limits.

We like performance-oriented sedans as much as the next gearhead, but with the price and performance tradeoffs, we’re not sure how the SHO will fare in an automotive climate that’s not too friendly to large, performance-oriented sedans.

More photos below.

By David Thomas | February 10, 2009 | Comments (13)


Ken L.

Not bad, but for my money... GXP. More sport, less family image.


Are they nuts?! We need electric vehicles; not gas-guzzlers!


Great looking car, I'm glad Ford and GM are finally focused on making great quality cars, that hopefully will be reliable (let's hope, I can always use more choice when I go car shopping next time). Is it just me or do the gauges from the Taurus look like its been lifted from a GMT900 series truck to me?

Original sheth

I can already see how Ford is doomed with this vehicle. Already there are comments being made about the "high" price. High compared to what? The smaller, FWD TL costs $35k. The CTS 3.6 DI starts at $39k. A loaded Avalon is close to $40k and a loaded Lucerne is even more than that. This car is giving you more performance and content that anything else in this price range. The media (and domestic critics) ask for better or "competitive" products but then they complain if those products arent priced like Hyundais. IF there are cheaper performance sedans with AWD and this level of content I dont know where to find them.

The mileage on this car and the MKS with Ecoboost isnt bad when you factor in AWD. Compare it to the A6 4.2 or M45x. The G8 and 300C are close, but they are RWD and both require premium. I dont know if ecoboost requires premium.


The G8 does NOT require Premium. The car is rated at 355HP on regular unleaded, and 361 if you run premium, but it is by no means a requirement, gas mileage doesn't change.

This car is nice looking, the bad leaves a little to be desired in my opinion. The inside looks a little like a spaceship. Definitely a step in the right direction though, good job Ford. Just lower the price. I got my G8 GT for 25k.


The G8 GT runs on regular. Not sure about the GXP.

Original sheth


As I was posting I realized I should not have said "need" premium. No GM model needs premium fuel but you lose hp if you use regular.

As for the price you cant compare an MSRP to what you paid. The 2009 G8 GT is about $33k to start. That is cheaper than the Taurus but the Taurus has far more features. I like the G8 but GM really needs to add HIDs, an 8 way seat, auto dimming mirror and memory. If it had those features it would be about perfect. The Taurus has every feature the G8 should have an then some.


Oh hell yeah! Stephen your an idiot.


It's about time American car companies started making cars that compete with imports. For the money, this car and the Pontiac G8 GXP are now on my rader as cars to buy. This marks the first time in well over a decade that I'd even consider looking at a car made by Detroit. Kudos to Ford and GM!

And Stephen, try doing a little research before expressing your ignorant opinion. Have you heard of the Chevy Volt? Or various other highly efficient cars that Ford and GM are bringing out? Having fuel efficient cars in a lineup is important, but remember, tree huggers aren't the only ones buying cars these days. You know, I really gotta wonder if you drive one of the Priuses that always holds up traffic in the fast lane.


hey tony.. sorry 2 disappoint u but the G8 is an Australian car...made it Australia & shipped 2 the USA.....


D - True, no disappointment though, at the end of the day, still a GM product, regardless of where it's manufactured.

Original sheth

good one Tony! Very witty.


Best news I've heard this year. After following the rumors, I just read about the return of the SHO today. My wife and daughter heard me yell and thought something was wrong. Guys and Cars -- need a SHO about that. Sorry.
Anyway, I still drive with extreme pride and my chest sticking out a mile, that special blue, those who know, know what I am talking about, '94 with 100,800 miles. Here's the real news. Never had a problem with it just the normal stuff and yes I had to get radiators stuff like that but my tac gauge is in the same idle spot the day I bought it. And yes I am bragging... Yes this is an Amercan car... And here is the big haha, I just got rid of a 2001 20th Anniversary Nissan Maxixma, 54,000 miles because the computer was crap! And Nissan would not accept as a recall. Ask your Nissan friends, "they know." So, I don't want to hear a damm thing about a Ford not running. It's bull! I loved that Maxima and took care of it just like a take care of the SHO. I just have to find a way to keep my wife from driving it (SHO):). Now lets get back to business. First of all, the Thunderbird people better not be on this team for the SHO rollout. Secondly, is the ecoboost better than that Yamaha engine... it better be -- or us aficionados will raise all heck. And if a redneck likes this car, he can eat at my dinner table... What the hell is this redneck crap all about... Haven't you heard there are no red states and blue states there is just one "SHO America". Now's that's the special edition model. I drive a 7 Series BMW and I get more compliments in my SHO! And my Bimmer is the Chiaretto Red! One more thing, the sun
visors in my SHO are more sophisticated than the Bimmer... Ok that's it, now I would not be truthful if I took this further, but a read a comment about the options and if Ford packed the SHO with a lot of value added options, like; both front seats are 8way with lumbar; there is only one button or switch on the dash, everything else on the dash is push button; can you say keypad -- love that feature. I did not see it on the new model; the sunvisors are four way! You get my point. Go SHO! Ok, I am little excited but this is about an SHOUKNOW...

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