Toyota Super Bowl Commercial Asks, "Are You Venza?"

Toyotasuperbowlad Well, are you? Are you Venza?

Using what could be the strangest automotive tagline since “The Fit is Go,” Toyota will launch a media campaign during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIII for its new Venza crossover.

From the description, Toyota is going to position the Venza for folks who are into cool design.

We’re not sure about the approach, but the company spent some serious time investigating it.

"With the launch of Venza, we wanted to dig deeper, so we reached out for new research that combines cognitive neuroscience, anthropology and sociology," said a spokesperson from the ad agency.

We’ll see how that works Sunday. 

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By David Thomas | January 29, 2009 | Comments (6)



Put 17 inch wheels on it and I'll buy it

I did some research on Tire Rack and was surprised that they had a lot of tires that would fit the Venza for $100-$150 each. Some as low as $90. So some prices are going what you find at Costco and other places I don't know.


I'm just thankful it is something other than saved by 0!


Dave T,

Thank you for the research. I looked.
One thing that still remains unsolved it that these tires have no treadlife warranty. Second - the cheapest are Good Year Eagles. On sale for $93 and $102. These are not good tires. They go out of round. I had them 2 times and never was able to run on them until tread depth limit. They wern't round anymore and car shook.
Pirellis are new and on special for $128. But Pirellis only there with 60K treadlife. Then you go to $160 and up to $245.
All these are for V6, 20 inchers. There is nothing for 19 inches yet.
Still, regular 17 inches without low profile would probably cost under $100 and ones with 80K warranty, which will make 60K in real time, you would be getting 1 $500 tire change in 100K miles. With current Venza setup you'll likely get 2x $700 ($150 each). So your tire maint. will be $1400 to drive 100K miles.
The car is just a wagon to pay such maint. costs


Hesitating to buy a car because of it's tire size? Dude you are wound way too tight!


I personally think tire sizes are way too big now and too expensive. I admit I think they perform better and last longer but the price has exploded.

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