Toyota Considers Bringing IQ City Car to U.S.

ToyotaIQ Toyota recently confirmed that it is strongly considering introducing its IQ city car to the United States.

The Japanese automaker introduced the vehicle on its own turf last year and has been carefully watching vehicles like the Smart ForTwo to see if there’s a niche for a Toyota-branded urban commuter in the U.S. The IQ is a three-seater that matches up in size with the ForTwo, which has been selling just fine since its debut here.

Smaller than the Yaris, the IQ would be targeted toward urban areas where a small, fuel-efficient vehicle would help with gas and parking. Toyota declined to reveal when it might introduce the car, only that it is considering importing it.

Toyota Might Just Bring its IQ Microcar to U.S. (Detroit Free Press)

By Stephen Markley | January 26, 2009 | Comments (6)
Tags: Toyota



Yes! I want!


Haha....what if a Suburban crashed into this thing?


What if a semi-truck crashed into the Surburban? No matter what; there will always be someone bigger than you on the road.

I really want this car to come over. I liked the concept of the Smart and wanted to buy one, but hated the execution of it. I'm sure Toyota would make a much better city car


This looks like a Smart-er design.


Bring it on! The IQ will be a welcome choice for city dwellers. Ditto for the Fiat 500.

This city car could be safely driven on the highways if Toyota added my invention.

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