Up Close: 2010 Ford Taurus


Even with a large three-bar chrome grille, the previous Taurus was a bland-looking full-size sedan, even by full-size-sedan standards. It's still no stunner, but the 2010 Taurus has an elegance that the previous model lacked — especially on the inside, which features premium materials on uplevel versions.

The new Taurus incorporates styling cues of Ford's European cars, including a large lower-bumper opening. The slim headlights and trapezoidal grille — sans Ford's recent trademark three chrome bars — combine to create a sleek front end that carries all the way back to the rear roof pillars. I'm not a fan of the forward-leaning trunklid styling, however; it's reminiscent of the back of a classic wood boat, which doesn't translate that well to land.

The Taurus' new interior styling is pretty nice. The instrument panel features sporty circular gauges with blue backlighting and a sleek center control panel that flows into the center console, much like the one in the Lincoln MKS. Overall materials quality in higher-end versions of the Taurus is good, on par with what's in the MKS. The Taurus' backseat is spacious and features some of the softest seat cushions around.

Ford's changes to the Taurus take its flagship sedan in the right direction, and I suspect the interior will pleasantly surprise many shoppers. Let us know what you think of the interior in the comments.

By Mike Hanley | January 11, 2009 | Comments (13)



looks great, i hope Ford Australia take note.

I think the Mondeo had alot of influence on this car...

I agree. It looks like they stretched the Mondeo styling/wrapper around the MKS platform


Hmmm... I really like the 2010 Taurus, but the center photo makes the interior plastic look like garbage from the nineties, I hope its just a pre-production model issue that will get sorted out by Ford before it releases the Taurus, its got so much potential!


looks good
i liked the old taurus but felt it wasnt up to date like it was still behind but with this one i think that theres finally a car on the road that doesnt look like all the other cars


That model and it's sea of dark plastic highlighted by the one strip of chrome on the gearshift is not very flattering. Hope this was a more basic entry level model.


Love the stitching on the seats btw. Nice touch.


"That model and it's sea of dark plastic highlighted by the one strip of chrome on the gearshift is not very flattering. Hope this was a more basic entry level model."

The press release shots show the more upscale interior with metal trim accents. This interior seems to have some sort of dark wood tone trim which doesnt contrast much with the black panels.


I had a chance to see the 2010 Taurus at the Detroit Auto Show, and I thought it looked great. I hope the Taurus is returning to its roots, and I agree that the new design borrowed a lot of great styling cues from the European Mondeo. (I wonder if the new Taurus will make any Bond movies like the Mondeo in Casino Royale?) Mechanically, it should be great. It seems like not a day goes by that I don't see at least one first-generation Taurus on the road that looks almost as good as the day it came off the showroom floor.

I don't get it. You see the hype for the Audi dash, also a sea of black, and it's given heaps of praise. Put the same console and dash on a Fordf and it's cheap black plastic. When do you people start lauding American companies when they are doing something as right as Ford is doing with this new 2010 Taurus. Congratulations Ford. I will be in line when you introduce the new Taurus and turn in the keys on my European luxury car. Thanks for making me want one.

There's a huge difference in the quality of materials between the Taurus and Even Audi's entry A4. It's not the color alone that is the Ford's problem. Of course it's not the worst out there either. but I don't think we should be comparing it to an Audi.


Incandescent taillights?? No incandescent exterior lamps on my next car.

I had a first hand look at a 2010 Ford Taurus SEL. It is a very impressive car. Equal or superior to the foreign competitors in every measurable way.
Before bashing the new Taurus. Go to your local Ford dealer and walk around it. Sit inside and feel the quality. Go for a test drive.
Than decide.

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