Sirius XM Radio Confirms Rate Hike

Sirius If you’re a Sirius XM Radio customer, finish reading this blog post and then get on the phone and renew your contract.

Beginning March 11, Sirius XM confirmed that it will raise its rates. This includes a $2 increase for the subscription and a $2.99 fee for internet radio service (although all internet subscriptions will now include a 128k feed).

By locking in a new contract before March 11, subscribers can benefit from lower rates for the next three years.

Sirius XM hopes that the announcement will help it tackle issues of debt, both by provoking subscribers to lock in those lower rates or by generating more revenue with higher prices.

Confirmed: Sirius Radio Raising Rates March 11 (The Consumerist)

By Stephen Markley | January 21, 2009 | Comments (8)
Tags: Car Gadgets


Until Sirius XM stops taking away stations that their own customers have shown interest in, and love and enjoy, I assume this rate hike crap'll be going on for awhile. They replaced stations with loyal, enthusiastic listeners with "40s on 4", the greatest of music from the 1940s.


Billy speaks the truth. Just another variation on the old bait and switch.

This should actually be via as that is where the consumerist got the story from.


In January 2008 I paid for a years worth of service. Last fall they destroyed the lineup with the merger. I called to cancel my subscription and they gave me three free months of service. Several of my favorite XM stations came back this month but it's not worth keeping it after the three free months are up. Back to cd's and mp3's for me.


Get an iPhone and use or Pandora. As long as your commute is in 3G areas it shouldn't cut out. I listen in my car all the time. Glad I got out of XM.

Wasn't part of the deal with the merger that they wouldn't raise rates, or am I just talking crazy?


My subscription is running out but I'm not renewing until I know for sure sirius is not going belly under. I don't want to spend the money and later they go off the air.


Why would anyone prepay or lock a contract for 3 years with a company that may not be in business in 6 months? I've had the service on a trial basis. Plain and simple, to me an a lot of others that already have the radio in their autos, it is not worth what they charge. If the rates were lowered to around 1/3 or 1/2 of what they are now, I would consider getting my service back. With family budgets being looked at hard, satelite radio will probably not make the cut.

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