Recall Alert: 2005-09 Nissan Pathfinder, Frontier, Xterra


Nissan has issued a recall for 242,720 Pathfinders, Frontiers and Xterras from the 2005-09 model years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recall involves a crash sensor that deploys the airbag in an accident. The recall is aimed mainly at vehicles sold in cold-weather climates where road salt can corrode the crash sensor. The airbag warning light may illuminate.

Nissan will replace the faulty sensors with new ones in affected vehicles, and all owners will get a 10-year extended warranty on the crash sensors. Watch for the warning light regardless.  This is the second Nissan recall involving an airbag sensor in the past three months. The other recall affected passenger cars, including the Altima.

Owners can contact Nissan at 800-647-7261 or the NHTSA hotline at (888) 327-4236.

By Stephen Markley | January 7, 2009 | Comments (14)
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I understand the issue has occurred in cold weather states but why would you only recall in those states?

My car spent 3 years in Wisconsin and I'm now in California. Would I get a recall notice? Or would I continue on with a corroded sensor oblivious to the problem.

Nissan should be recalling all these vehicles regardless of geographic location.


Have you even tried to contact Nissan about that first?


I called Nissan about my 2005 Pathfinder, which has the same fuel sensor issue as all of the others being recalled and Nissan told me mine was not covered since the Federal Highway Admin has not instructed them to recall my serial number. If your thinking of buying a Nissan -- Consider someting else, or you will be paying for all of their quality issues.

Beatrice Brown

Has anyone had problems with their catalytic (sp) converter and IPDM Module? Nissan recently replaced the ECM Relay and noted on the invoice "flipped IPDM to R&R ECM REPLAY on my 2005 Pathfinder. Is the IPDM a recall? Dealership charging $600 for replacement. Please help


I have a 2004 Pathfinder Platinum edition. LOVE IT. I wish the Pathfinder still looked like this. I had the sensor replaced after it malfunctioned but my year wasn't in the recall.

Melissa Baez-Jimenez

I own a 2005 pathfinder and it has been the worst car I had ever bought, I like the room in it, but the vehicle it self is nothing but headache....Yes there is a recall for the IPDM, the airbags and a few things more but your vehicle has to be on their list if not guess what NISSAN won't care, and they will stick it to you!.... Ohhhh I'm so pisst with this damm vehicle. I have been changing catalytic converters for about 2 yrs damm thing has 4, the oil sensor went and guess who had to pay ME, the fuel line needed to changed again ME, and NOW forthe 3rd time another dog on catalytic needs to be changed so what do I do I go get another opinion and guess what is burning oil and do you know what it means? My engine is going....

Jose Sanchez

I own a Nisasan Pathfinder 2005, which I paid ($40,000.00) and it is the worst truck I ever had. No counting all the previous problems, when the truck reached 38,000 (out of warranty) the gas sensor went out and had serious problems convincing Nissan to replace the sensor under the warranty. When the truck reached 78,000 miles I starting to hear a clicking noise coming from one of the front tires, I took it Nissan for routine oil change, tires rotation and other points of inspection, also to check the clicking noise inspection and I was told that the noise was being caused by a faulty U-Joint but I decided to get the 2 U-Joints replaced instead by another autoshop hoping to get rid of the clicking noise. Unfortunately, I was wrong, the clicking noise is still in the truck. Then I took it to a different shop for a diagnostic and I was told that right front hub bearing was bad and that it needed to be replaced, which I did, and still the clicking noise did not go away. This week, I took the truck to another shop for another diagnostic and I was told that the problem is coming from the inside of the transmission of the the 4-wheel drive gearbox. The truck has now 92,000 miles and I am very dissapointed with this vehicle.


Worst vehicle! Wait until ALL of 2005 pathfinders (-07) have a failed transmission from radiator that leaked, flooding transmission with coolant in turn ruining the tranny. 4-6 BIG ones to fix and it will happen on all so sell, sell, sell... just google strawberry milkshake tranny with your vehicle.

Now I just got word both cat. converters failed, what a piece.


I want to know is it a recall on the 2005 nissan pathfinders flywheels because myself and 100 of other buyer having problems with the flywheel broken regular and I mean like every single month they bricks.


Tengo una 2005 pathfinder y se apaga cuando va corriendo alguien save que pueda ser gracias


Had the Fuel gauge issue, then transmission, now the catalytic converter. Nissan won't do anything about it. Called dealership they said they see as many catalytic converter problems as they did transmission issues and there was a class action suit on that. When does it end?


Worst truck ever! 2005 Pathfinder. Everything stated here that went out on other pathfinders, all went out on mine. I'll never buy another nissan again!

Linda achaval

my son has replaced the radiator, the fuel pump 3 times, the Eco 4 times, the rear end 2 times, the transmission,every sensor none to the 2005 Nissan Frontier crew cab at the very least 2 times , and the timing belt 3 times and guess what it once again sits another Ecm and only God knows what. He has had to run into a ditch to keep from hitting a car when the stupid truck just shut off while driving 65! Worst truck ever put on the road. Will be the last NISSAN sitting in any of our driveways!

Linda achaval

oh and he is setting by the road freezing because his pathfinder has now left him stranded

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