Own American? Top Michigan Restaurant Giving Discounts


Tribute Restaurant — named one of the nation's best restaurants by the New York Times, Gourmet and Zagat — will discount meals by 50% to owners of domestic cars this week. The French restaurant in Farmington Hills, Mich., is offering a unique “tribute” to the industry that has brought in a lot of business diners over the years.

Through Saturday, Ford owners, employees and customers – including suppliers — will get 50% off their dinner or Sunday brunch. The week after that, GM loyalists will get the same deal, and the following week will be Chrysler’s turn. On the final week of the promotion — the week of Jan. 25 — all three will get the discount.

This is more fallout of a struggling economy in which both high-end restaurants and automakers are trying to entice customers to spend money. According to Frommer’s, the price of a main course at Tribute ranges from $18-$39. The restaurant will ask to see car keys or the car’s registration to apply the discount.

American Car Owners Get Discount At Restaurant (MSNBC)

By David Thomas | January 5, 2009 | Comments (15)
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Aren't they gonna get sued for discrimination?


My Accord was built domestically, does that mean I get the discount?

Your Accord was built in the US. but all of the profit went to Japan.

It's not descrimination. I get special discounts for being a AAA member- thats not descrimination. A friend of mine gets a discount from Sprint because she works for Boeing. It would be discrimination if it were something that no one could control, like race, gender, orientation, etc.



All the profit went to Japan?
Now this is interesting.

No, that's not part of the deal the restaurant is offering. Good question though.

When are you all going to learn...Japanese automobile manufacturers building cars in the US is merely them outsourcing work to lower their costs in the same way US companies outsource work to China. The benefit is that they earn more money which ultimately goes back to the home country of the corporation.


But the profit they made also has to come into the States for building factories here, hiring American workers to build them, and pay them.

Any idea if they will offer any discount for SAAB, Volvo and Mazda owners?


This restaurant is exemplary- it rivals some fine dining establishments in downtown Chicago.

They also offer a discount to any patron dining there on his/her birthday, based on the number of diners at the table. 50% off for two, 33% off for three, 25% for four, etc.

Ken L.

How will the well-to-do crowd discretely apply the discount since some of them are too proud and wouldn’t want to seen using a 50% coupon, aka your car key/vehicle registration, at a fancy restaurant like this? What’s sad is that some might get rejected for trying to pull off owning a domestic when they arrive in their BMW.


Two things come to mind, 1. Desperation on behalf of the restuarant, 2. Ignorance as plenty of GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles are built in Canada or Mexico.

I have no doubt the restuarant won't care what car you drive-up in. They are just desperate for your business.


Hey, those who drives a Fusion/Milan/MKZ(Zephyr) and those who drives Edge/MKX are not eligible for the discount this week!

You have to remember, as posted above, a US company gets the profit from those cars. The only money left in Mexico is the cost of production. Same as when the Japanese companies build cars in the US.


Give us prove, otherwise it is just as BS as it can get.

^^^The word is proof

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