Ford Bringing All-Electric Car in 2011


Today at the Detroit auto show, Ford announced plans for an array of products featuring new technology, including a plug-in hybrid. Most surprising, though, were its plans for an all-electric vehicle to go on sale in 2011.'s Green Buying Guide

While we've taken similar plans from Chrysler with a healthy dose of skepticism, the plans Ford unveiled today include a partnership with a major supplier — Magna — and what appear to be lots of specific details about the vehicle itself. Ford says it will have a range of 100 miles on a full charge. Ford is using a Focus as the test car, and the large battery pack that's taking up the entire floor of its trunk would have to be redesigned for a viable production car. Check out the photo below. 


Other news involves an electric commercial vehicle to go on sale in 2010 that will be based on the Ford Transit small van. Ford says it will roll out its plug-in hybrid in 2012. The company says its test fleet of plug-in Ford Escape Hybrids — check out coverage of it from last year’s show — is returning 120 mpg, but the EPA hasn’t decided how it will rate plug-ins when they go on sale. Those cars travel 30 miles on a full charge before the hybrid engine kicks in.  


Alex Andrew

I hope Ford within next 5 years will beat all forging and domestic Auto manufacturer when it come to quality & durability.


I wait in ernest for an electric car and am thrilled(!) that the Green Forces are winning. Not a good thing, but all this talk of hybrids and electric cares COMING is hurting the care market somewhat.

I drive a 1915 model T Ford, daily. It is an original vehicle. The transmission is a piece of engineering art work. I have faith in Ford Motor Company to reinvent itself in the spirit of Henry Ford. I encorage Ford to produce a car with the staying power of the Model T. For example; my Model T still has it's original wooden wheels. Heck; With the exception of the top, paint, and the tires, it is completely original. Henry did it. Do it like Henry. Keep us rolling Ford.


The article I read today says Magna did all the design work on the electric Focus, and that the drivetrain will be sold to anyone who wants it. Magna is also designing its own body to house the drivetrain that Ford is purchasing.

Michael p. Riley

please give me one of your ford magna cars,so I can promote the ford plug-in car down south. toyota is promoting 300 plug in cars in california,I think at google. I've worked at TOURO hospital for 20 years and live 23 miles from work. I would be the best test model commuter in hot new orleans The plug -in is the future! p.s.please let me test your car!

I've been waiting for this stuff to come out.

I just saw that from an auto magazine yesterday & indeed. It is a must-wait stuff.

John Oberto

I will buy an all electric vehicle when one is available. I drive 25 miles a day all under 40 mph. A vehicle with a 100 mile range and 60 mph capability, for me, is perfect. I prefer Ford products. I do not know why it takes so long to produce a street worthy vehicle. Electric cars have been around since 1898 and Ford has already produced electrics for sale within the past 35 years. Please hurry!

Well I can see electric being the way of the future. I'd trade my Windstar in a flash for an electric car but I need 7 passenger capability.

The only issue I have about electric cars is: "How well do they run when winter sets in and the temps drop to -40 or lower?"

An as for trading my Windstar, I'm a FORD family man, so was my Dad and his Dad. Never owned anything else and will take my last ride in a Ford when the Lord takes me :)

please don't make the electric car gay looking

SittingMooseShaman Buffalo,NY Snowbelt

11 degrees outside temp.,driving lake-effect
snowstorm,heat,defroster/deicer on plus head/
taillights on and wipers running as well.
How far could an all-electric vehicle go?
Not far indeed.
A life-threatening situation in theory alone.
Electrics are warm weather weekend warriors at
Not for the real world.

Mike Miller

Way to go Ford totaly electric car! 100 mile range will be fine for most daily commuters. just as long as it gets on expressway with out being ran over I think it will be a HIT!

I`m in UK and would dearly love a small Ford electric vehicle, 120 miles with 75mph, is that too much to ask! I`ll probably die before it materialises tho`

When will a car manufacturer have the guts to produce what everyone wants at the moment, a small plug in car with a mileage of around 125 and a top speed of 75-80mph.
I`d buy one today!!!

Jeff Fuller

I gave my car to my teenage daughter when she moved out and bought a cheap clunker to get me by until I can get an all electric car. I never thought I'd buy a Ford, but I've been converted by their quality in recent years. I just hope there aren't a lot of delays like there have been for the Chevy Volt. I'm not willing to wait long, but I'm willing to bypass the Volt in favor of a Focus.


Ford better step it up a bit. Telsa Motors out of California is doing so much better than ford and with style. Check out the new Model S coming soon.

Arnie S.

I would LOVE to buy an all electric FORD car today.
Please hurry.
PS What about an All Electric Minivan? Sounds Great

william Wauters

Ford did make 100% electric EV Rangers and postal vans from 1998 to 2001.
Unfortunately they called most back and crushed them! But, some of us EV Ranger (Yahoo Auto Group) members who did not want to wait are driving these every day, even in Canada! Check the group out.

Arnie S.


mr.prasan mukdtana anant

I like hydrogen plug in car but the car should have it own hydrogen producing unit it will perfect

Jack T

If they can't come up with something compareable to Tesla's Model S they are in trouble. That car is pure sweetness and will revolutionize the market.

Bill A Silverthorn

Can't understand the lack of Florida being considered for charging stations, although I also wonder why ordinary 110 volt plug in isn't sufficiant for recharging? Drive it in the day and park it at night to recharge, I have the scocket all ready there just pull out the cord from the car and plug it in

Ken Edwards

I and about 1,200 others around the world are currently driving an all-electric roadster, some since late 2008, in my case since July 2009. It's a Tesla Motors car from California's silicon valley in case you've missed the almost non-existent media coverage.

Also in my case I drive FREE since I charge my car off my solar PV array on the roof of my CT house! To see a photo and read the rest of the story go to

I also have their 7-passenger Model S sedan on order for my wife (2012 delivery), and for $49,900 after the federal tax rebate, a vehicle that goes up to 300 miles between charges and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds in style is a real game-changer. Check it out at and you'll want one too.


Finally a car that uses energy from the USA. Lets also build natural gas powered cars. Think hydrogen too, it may cost allot but you tree huggers will love it. Trade in your coke spoons for a hydrogen powered car,what a status symbol.
Electric, natural gas, hydrogen, diesel hybrids,gas hybrids and other alternate fuel vehicles will save us from buying energy from overseas.
America needs to run on american energy.Our national security depends on US energy sources ONLY.
As long as we continue to inport foreign oil we will be at the mercy of the oil exporters. Our dollar will continue to drop and we will never be a super power.

I'm very excited about the various electric vehicles finally coming to market. But I wish someone would produce a simple, basic, small EV without all the fancy bells and whistles for under 20K. All I need is a range of 100 miles, heat and air conditioning, and a good sound system. Everything else could be available as options if needed or wanted. I'd also like to see the car makers have solar panel charging stations for homeowners in addition to the high voltage grid-connected options they now offer. With solar panels installed on the roof of your garage you could reduce the need for fossil fuels and lower the strain on the utilities.

Paula Funston

Everybody is asking: " Why are there no affordable, long-range electric vehicles? Are certain organizations and industry groups rigging the system to favor their old-fashioned competing products ?"

"The public has spoken with a deafening statement. Almost nobody has purchased the recent batch of "new" electric cars. The customer rejection rate is one of the highest for any automotive
product in the history of the industry. Why? Because the public is not being given what they are asking for! Many of these groups knew that their over-priced, low-range, non-innovative vehicles
would never sell but they wanted the tax breaks and good PR they would get from announcing their efforts. No car company that has hundreds of millions of dollars to spend building an
electric car company does not spend the $50,000.00 to do the consumer focus groups to know if that car is going to sell or not. They knew.It was not about selling cars, it was about
grabbing government money, big tax write-offs and big 'feel-good' PR"

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