Ford and GM Make Strides in Reliability Ratings


Based on a new study, Consumer Reports says both Ford and GM have made “real progress” in reliability ratings, although Chrysler did not receive similar good news.

According to the analysis, which drew upon both consumer surveys and vehicle testing, Ford offers several cars that match the ratings of foreign rivals like Toyota and Honda. Ford, the report said, is “in front of the class.” GM made gains as well, although several of its vehicles continue to have reliability problems.

Some of the winners include the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKZ, Cadillac DTS, Ford Taurus, Ford Taurus X and Mercury Sable. The Ford Taurus is being redesigned for 2010, and the Mercury Sable and Taurus X are being discontinued.

GM has a big reason to be happy, too: The Chevrolet Malibu LTZ ranked as the best American car.

The study designates better designs and improved quality as the foremost reasons for the improvement over past years, but it also cites “forward-thinking leadership,” which may come as a surprise to some after watching Detroit’s leadership maligned by the press, government and consumers alike.

Chrysler, on the other hand, continues to lag, with a lineup that Consumer Reports called “very disappointing with little promise on the horizon.”

GM, Ford Gain in Reliability (Detroit News)

By Stephen Markley | January 7, 2009 | Comments (10)
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Bowrider's all about perception, not acuality.


What I don't get is Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan is basically the last generation Mazda6, they have same engines and transmissions except the suspension tunings are a little different and the Ford is slightly bigger. Ford and Mercury made to the list but Mazda6 is not rated as good as the Fusion and Milan.

The Mazda6 shares a platform with the Ford's, but I'm pretty sure that all development past that was done separately. Nice to see the Malibu get some well deserved credit.

Yeah, all the Fusion/Milan/MKZ share with the 6 is the basics of the platform. Ford strengthened and lengthened it, made some other modifications, and made it a completely different car.


Great job GM and Ford ... keep up the good work!

If they can produce highly reliable, quality cars consistently across all model lines (which they are capable of), then they will be on par with Honda and Toyota. GM and Ford are clearly on the right track to recovery and profitability.


what are those tests are based on? how old are the cars? I do not trust consumer reports or J D power, I will wait 20 years before I decide to buy GM or Ford.

I believe that they contact owners of current year models after a year, and ask them about problems and repairs they had to make on their cars.


Good to see that GM and Ford have been listening to people complaining about the subpar reliability of their vehicles for the past decade(s), I hope with the new exciting and reliable models they will be introducing in the near future they can return to profitability... too bad the current financial climate will make that a lot harder... as for Chrysler... well... screw Chrysler, if it isn't even going to make an effort to improve its car, it very deserves to plunge into the chasm of automotive history along with Hudson, Packard, etc...


Oh boy! If they have problems after just one year, I think those are called lemons.


Great, but how about getting your recall levels down? GM had 1.9 million recalls in 2009, some pretty serious ones too like fires from the heated windshield systems and S/C engines to battery leaks. Stuff you don;t want to fool around with.

Even Toyota who was the whipping boy for recalls last year managed to rack up less than half that number.

Ford had 1.5 million, but it was drastic reduction from 2007, so they are making some significant strides at least.

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