Detroit-Bound Electric Car Spied


As a rule, we never run spy photos on KickingTires. We want to make sure every scrap of information we post is official so no reader is misled in any way. However, today we’re making a lone exception. A very reliable source in Detroit forwarded us the above shot from a cell phone. It’s of an electric vehicle being offloaded to be prepared for the Detroit auto show, and it is not from a major automaker.

The world of boutique electric car companies is booming, even with some, like Tesla, experiencing shaky times. Even so, one brave outfit is planning to bring this vehicle — supposedly based on an existing electric platform already in use in the U.S. — to the show.

We’ll have more info for you Sunday.



The Aptera would probably be narrow enough to fit in that truck.


Is it the GEC whatever thingy?


BTW, there were a few electric cars being tested on one of the Saturdays a couple months ago in my University. Could it be a coincidence?


I would bet on that being an ATV. I seem to remember reading recently about someone creating either a straight electric or Hybrid ATV... Something wmakes me want to say it was Ed Begley who was involved


Penske truck could be anybody, but my first thought is a Smart ForTwo EV. It's small enough to fit in the truck, and Penske is the US distributor for Smart... Just a thought...


It's the Jalopnik mobile command unit

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