Best Auto Accessories of CES 2009


While the Detroit auto show took up a majority of our time the past few weeks, the Consumer Electronics Show had a variety of new tech for driver. No matter how great technology is, there are often extra gadgets needed to make everything work just right. We found the latest and greatest that offer the most out of small, compact, and all-in-one products that are just right for the car.

What: Powermat | When: Late 2009 | How much: Not Available

Powermat was one of the most exciting accessories at CES. Imagine never having the need to plug in your mobile devices. Powermat technology has made traditional charging methods obsolete. All you need to do is plug the charging station into an outlet, and then place your mobile device (including iPods, clocks, cellphones) on the mat and your device will charge. Powermat’s technologies have also been developed into work desks, kitchen counters, and even walls. Powermat has an in-vehicle solution in development right now. Just place your phone in your car’s center console and you’ll instantly be charging, no wires needed. I definitely look forward to this being a standard in future cars.


What: Sony Vaio P | When: Available Now | How much: Starting at $899

Along the lines of trying to condense things, Sony’s smallest full-powered notebook (just 1.4 pounds) carries a full-featured Intel processor, Microsoft Windows Vista,  a 60-gigabyte hard drive, a four-hour battery, and an 8-inch display. As a first-time user, I was extremely impressed with how useful the tiny computer was. The 8-inch screen is just the right size for getting a full web browsing experience. I checked out both and KickingTires flawlessly. I was very impressed and would definitely consider it to be one of the best in mobile computing. Why would it matter to a car person? It fits in many standard gloveboxes.


What: iGo | When: Available Now | How much: Varies

A common theme at CES is consolidating charging solutions. iGo has created the ultimate power solution with its all in-one-chargers. All you need is one main hub, then a small adapter for each of your electronics and you’re ready to charge in your home, in the air and, of course, on the road. This would be a solution for power problems you can tackle today, versus the PowerMat's uncertain future release date.

By Matthew Raskin | January 20, 2009 | Comments (7)
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Power mat is very interesting because they are design and engineer to simplify the way you charge your favorite electronic devices and have a highest quality components that craft to patronize by the consumer.

These are really cool accessories for your car to even pumped up your ride. Only if you have the luxury of buying it.


Definitely right about it being a luxury to buy. But it doesn't have to be so bad as long as you budget. I like this article because I also intend to buy a powermat and some accessories for my UTV

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