Audi Sportback Concept at 2009 Detroit Auto Show


  • Looks like: Audi saw the Jaguar XF and said, "Hey, we need one of those!"
  • Defining characteristics: Coupe styling, snout-like grille, diesel engine
  • Ridiculous features: Unfinished wood interior, white leather seats
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Promising, unless the sour economy derails it

Luxury automakers like Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar have blurred the lines between coupes and sedans with models like the CLS-Class and the XF, respectively, and Audi appears poised to join their ranks with the Sportback concept that debuted at the Detroit auto show. Rumor has it that a production version would slate in the existing Audi lineup as an A7.

The concept follows in the footsteps of models with roof pillars that have been pulled all the way to the back of the car. This eliminates the traditional trunklid you'd find on a sedan, which Audi has replaced with a glass hatch. The front of the concept is instantly recognizable as an Audi thanks to the large rectangular grille and slim headlights.

The Sportback's interior blends traditional Audi controls, like the gear selector and air conditioning buttons, with elements like natural wood trim and a white dashboard that would have little chance of making it to production.

Audi is one of a few automakers making a push into diesel-powered cars, and the Sportback concept features a turbocharged, 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine. This is the same diesel engine Audi is making available in its Q7 luxury SUV this year.



features i'd like to see in production: the glass roof, headlights, exhaust. and how about an S7? ;)

i would imagine it'll be priced slightly above an A6...


Pretty sure that is bada**. Even with the unfinished interior wood.


I actually like the unfinished wood. Another hot car from Audi. Benz and BMW designers have nothing on them.


cool, BUT, i think the controls would need to be revised, they are too low, so when your driving they are not easy to glance at to change something etc.


The unfinished wood paneling is one of the best visual features I think, and it was the feature that caught my eye, very attractive to me, making it very unique.

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