2010 Volvo XC60 Priced at $37,200

XC60 Volvo announced base pricing for the 2010 XC60 T6 AWD at $37,200, not including a destination charge of $825. This includes standard features such as leather seats, Sirius Satellite Radio, HD radio and Bluetooth. Also, if you get in line quickly, Volvo will also throw in a panoramic moonroof.

Several option packages include a Climate Package for $1,000, a Technology Package for $2,700, Collision Avoidance for $1,695 and a Convenience Package for $1,000.

This price is right in-line with premium competition like the new Mercedes-Benz GLK350 with AWD ($35,900) and BMW X3 ($39,700). But will folks buy a Volvo for that much money? A fully loaded AWD VW Tiguan can be had for $32,565, and an Acura RDX and Infiniti EX35 also cost less than the Volvo.

The new Volvo XC60 is scheduled to go on sale this March.

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By Stephen Markley | January 30, 2009 | Comments (7)
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I love my Volvo, and am a huge Volvo fan. Also, I think the XC60 is absolutely beautiful. BUT I'm wondering why Volvo didn't start off with more of a "base" XC60. For example, they could fit it with Volvo's fantastic T5 or 3.2 litre 6 cylinder before jumping right into the T6, and maybe make so many features that are standard options. This would start it off at a much lower price, and owners could opt for what's now standard on the options sheet.

It's possible they add these later on. But yeah, I totally agree with you on the pricing.


Volvo is indicating the possibilities of insurance discounts because of the XC60's City Safety system. Such a discount might mitigate the pain of the $37,000+ MSRP. Has anyone heard anything concrete about this?

Source: http://tinyurl.com/b8o5f5
(Links to an article in Edmunds Inside Line, containing this quote:
"...City Safety...is good tech and because of it Volvo is close to inking deals in the U.S. and Canada to get owners of XC60s up to 25 percent off their auto insurance premiums.")


I agree. They need a cheaper base model with pleather and the 3.2L engine.


What's the point in the XC90 then? I know it has a third row option, but how many people actually opt for that? This is better looking, more fuel efficient and slightly cheaper. If they wanted it to not interfere with the XC90's sales they should have priced it at just above 30K.


who on EARTH would want Pleather seats?? I'd rather have fabric if I can't have real leather.

One of my favorite SUV is the XC60 because of it's stylish design of the body plus the safety features that only Volvo can offer so I think this is great deal of price which is really worth it.

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