2010 Kia Soul Will Start at $13,300


Today, Kia officially announced pricing for its all new Soul hatchback which goes on sale this spring. A starting price of $13,300 before destination charges ($695) is considerably low, especially considering air conditioning is standard. Move up to a higher trim level and stability control is also standard. Mileage for all models is expected to be more than 30 mpg.

There are four trim levels with odd naming structures: Soul, Soul+, Soul! and Soul Sport. Each model adds more standard equipment and available options, which we break down below.

Compared to other cars on the market, the Soul is pretty inexpensive. It’s cheaper than the Scion xB ($15,750), Scion xD ($14,650), Chevy HHR ($18,720), Dodge Caliber ($16,210), Honda Fit ($14,750), Jeep Patriot ($17,290), Pontiac Vibe ($17,050 w/air), Suzuki SX4 hatchback ($15,939) and Toyota Matrix ($16,290). The closest competition is the Nissan Versa hatchback with A/C, which starts at $13,110. Most of these vehicles either don’t come with stability control or offer it as an added option.

Kia Soul: $13,300, including 1.6-liter engine, power windows, active front head restraints, 15-inch steel wheels

Kia Soul+: $14,950 w/manual transmission, $15,900 w/automatic; adds 2.0-liter engine, keyless entry, cruise control, leather steering wheel, privacy glass, Bluetooth; power Moonroof package with fog lights is an extra $800; audio package is $400

Kia Soul!:
$16,950 w/manual transmission, $17,900 w/automatic; adds audio package and moonroof as standard equipment; metal finish trim

Kia Soul Sport:
$16,950 w/manual transmission, $17,900 w/automatic; adds sport-tuned suspension, red-black interior seats, metal finish trim; power moonroof an extra $700

More on the Kia Soul

By David Thomas | January 7, 2009 | Comments (8)
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Kia is going to clean up wIth entry level prices at this level. Great standard features with low priced options. The Big 3 are toast, especially Chrysler.

Idaho Guy

I hope Kia sells the heck out of this oddball little hatchback. We are a two Kia family (Sorento/Spectra) and couldn't be happier with the value these well-built products provide.


looks like what the 2nd generation Scion XB should have been.


I actually plan on buying one of these in the summer. I believe there will be high demand, so am expecting to pay sticker, which isn't bad at all for the features.


The Soul+ package looks very appealing and at a good price. They should sell a lot of these

Only three colors are available on the entry level Soul. I was intrigued but I wish the whole color spectrum was available.

This design is phenomenal, and the price is right. Why can't the Big 3 figure this out?? Steal a designer, already!


Oh please Kia could have secretly gave that to GM, not telling anyone, been exactly the same but Gm/ford and im sure it would have been picked apart to death and called junk compared to a scion. But its import, so instantly its a hit....stupid ugly looking things

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