2010 Ford Taurus Video

Undoubtedly one of the most important cars to debut at the Detroit auto show this year was Ford’s all-new Taurus sedan. Cars.com’s Mike Hanley checks it out on the floor, and Ford even provided driving footage. Mike walks us through the interior’s upscale touches.
By David Thomas | January 12, 2009 | Comments (3)



Looks like GM is not the only automaker to copy the last generation Acura TL! I wonder if Acura gave them a good deal on those headlights.

Gilbert Jones

It`s a crying shame that today`s auto media relies on Cissies like Mike Hanley who OBVIOUSLY know nothing about cars ,other than what they have read or have been told,and drive their Jap Trap Hondas or Toyotas to work every day...To HELL with `em..The new Taurus is a GORGEOUS Car!!

Gilbert Jones

It`s a shame that in this day and age we have to listen to some CISSY like Mike Hanley who OBVIOUSLY knows NOTHING about cars except what he`s read or heard give his OPINION about a new car like the new Taurus...when he obviously drives a Honda or Toyota to work..

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