2010 Chevy Spark at 2009 Detroit Auto Show


  • Competes with: Smart ForTwo, Toyota Yaris
  • Looks like: Chevy’s small design is actually hip
  • Drivetrain: Unknown
  • Hits dealerships: Late 2009

In its rush to show the public its upcoming subcompact car, the Spark, GM rolled out a concept show car from two years ago. Usually when a company announces a new production car to go on sale in less than a year, the car shown is a pre-production version of the actual car they're going to sell with a working engine and an interior that's basically what you'll find at the dealership.

The Spark was so rushed that the concept shown is the same exact "Beat" show car from the 2007 New York auto show. The car above is the actual Spark, however, yet it didn't materialize here in Detroit. There are standard headlights, and the big news is that there are four doors instead of two from the Beat.

Chevy was light on details about the engine or any other specifics about the Spark. We'll follow the development of the car as its on-sale date at the end of 2009 approaches. We’d guess the production-ready car will debut in the flesh at a future car show in Washington D.C., Chicago or New York.



Perhaps a little too rushed?!?

The picture appears to show 2 doors--1 handle.

the rear doors don't have handles, a la a concept car. I have no idea what they did with this release. The spark above was what was shown on the Today show the other day, not the beat concept. This is so weird.

Look a little closer, the handle is hidden in the C pillar.


broq, you're right. That's pretty frickin' cool. Why didn't they bring this out?!?!?!?

Troy S.

I like the Spark. Kinda like a Fit/Xa morph. What engine/tranny combo will it have? Standard creature comforts?


Back seats are usually for kids, so why did they still put the door handle up there like the Pathfinder?


Hate the proportions of this thing. The front end 9especially the headlights) looks like it was designed for a midsize, while the rest of the car is a subcompact.


I like the fact that Chevy is going to produce this car, but I like the Groove design better. I find this one to be pretty ugly. I thought the coupe looked a little better. This looks like the concept went through finishing school.

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