2011 Chevrolet Cruze Video

While not a particularly memorable car initially, the 2011 Chevy Cruze will hit production with enough improvements to make it a highly intriguing car. There’s no word on pricing yet, but GM seems determined to add enough attractive features to make the Cruze a hit. Cars.com’s Kelsey Mays takes you through GM’s competitor to the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic — with the intriguing news that the Cruze may get nearly 40 mpg. And you can watch it in the HD setting on YouTube.


Should I watch it or is Kelsey Mays just going to talk about the wide-ranging disappointments again.


heres the deal with the cruze. its going to be an upgrade with what we are used to seeing from the cobalt and all. But they are so behind the civic that its not even funny. They are almost a decade behind, im not joking. nearly all the features and looks are in the civic already, and civic is due for a total redesign in the fall of 2010. Dont you think that the civic will continue to move ahead? i sure do. And this is not a foreign vs import argument. IT took the japanese like 10-15 yaers to catch up and pass the Big 3 in suvs. Its going to be the same thing for the small car segment for the big three vs honda and toyota


I want to know more about the little details like vanity mirror, sliding armrest, backseat comfortable level, etc.



Some equipment has been announced on the Cruze such as 6 speed auto, 17" wheels, bluetooth, HD drive for music, 40mpg highway, etc. I dont think the next civic is going to be light years ahead of this car as you seem to be suggesting. The current car has everything you can get on the civic except nav and 5 speed auto. Its got more power, trip computer, remote start, onstar, stability control, etc. The civic didnt even have leather until 2007.


Wow. Watched the video and Kelsey really was hating on the car. How is the interior worse in terms of materials than the Corolla? I heard the obligatory crack on the cobalt too. Cant review the Cruze without a smart comment about how bad the Cobalt is just so everyone remembers. The Cobalt is forgettable but the Corolla is not?

On another note I see the car has grab handles which is good since most lower end GM models lack them.


Seriously Sheth, give it a rest. The Cobalt was a piece. It had problems as an actual functioning vehicle, the brakes, airbags not deploying, engine failures, etc. You can say a Corolla had all these problems too, but no one is going to believe you. Anyone who has owned a Cobalt knows that the car is inferior. Can it get you around, yes, but is up to the quality of a Civic or Corolla, not a chance. All you ever talk about is the numbers on paper, or the look of things in photos, or some personal comparison that would never apply in the real world. Seriously have you ever driven a car that you don't own? The numbers themselves mean nothing in many cases. The Cobalt XFE was rated for what 37 highway? What does it get in real world tests, like 32-33. There are plenty of cars that get better gas mileage with a 4 auto instead of a 5. Only a fool goes by just the numbers. You call out the guy who actually saw the car, when you just watched a video of it, how lame can you get?

Belly, provide us with references detailing these so-called actual functioning vehicle problems.

And while you are doing that maybe you'll realize that all Sheth is doing is defending a decent car from the likes of the ignoramuses out there like you.

The only thing I don't get, is if the Cruze is as bad as this video makes it out to be, how come Dave T. felt that it's interior was superior to the Corrolla's? Why didn't Kelsey Mays bash it?


Whatever Sheth, you don't have to put your name on there. Look up the blogs on this site. CR gave it a bad rating. Just about every other site that ranks cars says its pathetic.

How many links do you want to show the complaints people have about this car? Don't be a DS, you know the car sucks. I drive one, and yes it gets me around for now. But it's all hard plastic, its noisy as all hell inside. It has already had the fan fail twice.

But I will give it one thing, the transmission is as smooth as any I have ever had for an automatic.


Come on, we know you are biased against Honda, but hiding the facts doesn't help you convince anyone. The higher horsepower was because of a 0.4L displacement difference which was only 15hp. In other words, the Civic's output/liter is higher.
Second, the Civic DOES offer remote start and stability control.


I was at the show and I have to say this is one car that the picture don't do it justice. I felt much the same as many of the commenters here until i saw the car up close. In person, this is a very sharp car whose design subtleties don't show up in pictures. It also has an excellent interior that leaves the Honda and Toyota behind. It may be the Honda will get a refresh in 2010...trust me, you will agree it will need it after seeing this car...


Like I said before, whatever Sheth.

i thought it wuz a 2011!!??


I think it will compete well with Toyota, Hyandai, Kia, and Honda. I personally don't like the Civic due to the way it rides and Honda can't see to make a smooth shifting auto tranny for the Civic. The interior of the new Corolla has a cheap feel and the dash utilizes cheap looking plastic. All of the cars have their advantages and disadvantages.



Which Civic are you referring when you said you can't find the smooth shifting auto?


They are just bread and butter cars for students, commuters or people who just want basic transportation... actually my type of car...lol... something to go from point A to point B.

Car makers don't make a lot of money in them, but they need them, so they try to go pretty cheap with them.


i have to agree with sheth on this one. the cobalt is a decent all-around car. its styling is inoffensive. the interior may not be luxurious, but it's decent looking and durable. the car is reliable and returns good fuel economy. not sure why people are bagging on it.

the cruze appears to be a significant upgrade over the cobalt, so it should be quite nice. actually, i saw a few test mule driving around korea before i left this past summer and wondered what it was. i look forward to checking it out when it hits the showroom.


I, umm, don't think I, uh, can take this guy seriously. Ummm, he can't quite, uh, form a complete, ummm, sentence without saying uh or ummm once or twice.

Having said that, the car looks like a fine commuter. I'm guessing you'll get what you pay for.



First of all I have driven a 2008 Cobalt several times because we have one at work. I can compare it to the 3 (Benchmark) better than most because my brother has a 2008 3. The Cobalt has plenty of hard plastics but the ride is smooth and the tranny operates incredibly smoothly. The car also has a TPS ans trip computer standard. The ergonomics are also good. The downsides to the car are dull styling (Corolla is just as bad) and an uncomfortable rear seat. The car is the oldests in class and thus should be expected to be behind the state of the art. That does not mean its a bad car and you wont find much OBJECTIVE reasoning to support the notion that its a crappy car. You say the car is unreliable and full of problems but CR rates it average in reliabiltiy. You say the car does poorly in all comparison tests but the reality is the 155hp version of the car has not been in any comparisons that I know of. The SS model has been in MANY and has ranked anywhere from 1st place to 3rd place. MT just ranked it 2nd behind the GTI in a 8 car test. R&T ranked it #1. The SS is the highest performing trim level, but its still a Cobalt. Hard to say a car is crap when one of its versions is being ranked above comparable Mazda and Honda products by virtually every publication.

As for the XFE model, C&D got 29mpg in combined driving which is about what the EPA predicts. Cars.com was only able to get 33 or 34 on the highway in a G5 I believe but I'm not aware of any other tests explicitly stating that the XFE cannot achieve its EPA hwy mileage.



I am not biased againt Honda. People are so sensitive these days that stating facts that paint one car in a bad light is now called "bias". The CObalt has best in class hp. Period. That has nothing to do with my feelings about the Civic. I'm not sure how explaining the Cobalt's larger engine is supposed to discredit its 155hp. Yes its "only" 15 more hp but its 22 more lb-ft of torque and both figures are the highest in the compact class.

The civic is more efficient but has less power. It looks better but has worse ergonomics. It has slightly more features, but a higher price. If I was interesting in value I dont know if the Civic would be my choice. I never said the civic didnt have stability, I just said the Cobalt does have the feature. I was not aware of any Honda that had factory installed remote start- that is news to me. As I said, the only features you can get on the Civic that you cant on the Chevy are 5 speed auto and nav. If I'm not mistaken you cant even get XM on the civic without nav.


Class leading hp? Aren't you forgetting your brother's Mazda3? It makes 156hp in the s trim level.
Heck, I might just throw in the Corolla XRS's 2.4L good for 158hp.
The Sentra's 2.5L for 177 or 200hp.
The Civic's 2.0L for 197hp.
Class leading? What class?
The way you put it sounded like you were saying the Civic does not offer any of those offered by the Cobalt except the Nav and 5AT.
The website above tells you what they offer on the Civic as factory accessories.

Original sheth


I am talking STANDARD hp- I thought that was obvious. The standard engine in the 3 has 148hp which is LESS than the the Cobalt has. The Cobalt has the MOST STANDARD HP in the compact class. If you want to look at optional engines it has the 2nd most hp available in the compact car class. The MS3 has the most but that vehicle is no faster than the Cobalt SS.

I typically dont count dealer accesories when comparing features, partially because the price may not be consistent. I think its easier to stick to factory options.


Standard engine?
Geez, they offer only 1 N/A engine choice.
How about an Impreza? The standard engine is a huge 2.5L H4 pumping 175hp.
If you have to start bringing in the SS, please remember to bring in the Mazdaspeed3, WRX, and the alike.
On one hand, you said you think that the Civic does not offer something, then when I proved you are wrong and you went on to say you don't count this and that. So what else exactly do you have in YOUR STANDARD?


Seht, I have to go with J here, your still way off on the Cobalt. CR may give the 2009 an overall average rating, but it doesn't recommend it or the SS. It actually lists the 05 and 06 as cars to avoid. Ergonomics are good, why? Because the car is so noisy it makes you forget about all the rest of the problems? The SS is a seriously fast car, and the it may have improved on some of the comfort issues of the base model, but the interior can't even compare to a Kia. Cars.com tested a G5 base that is setup exactly the same as an XFE. Edmunds did testing on it and the mileage was significantly lower than the EPA rating. People who drive a Cobalt look at other people's car and wish they had something different, I do.

Original sheth

"CR may give the 2009 an overall average rating, but it doesn't recommend it or the SS. It actually lists the 05 and 06 as cars to avoid. "

If you bothered to look you would see that CR gave the Cobalt SS a very high road test score. Its not recommended because they dont have reliability data. If relaibility is average it will be recommended.

As for noise levels, the Cobalt is a quiet car. Numerous improvements were made after teh Ion launched in 2003 and they paid off. Have you ever been in one? Didnt think so.


OS (Oblivious to Shame), you moron, I said I own one. And there is no way it is a quiet ride. Read reviews.


OS (Opposite of Smart),
If you bothered to look you would see that CR gave the Cobalt SS a very high road test score. Its not recommended because they dont have reliability data. If relaibility is average it will be recommended.
-If reliability is average, what makes you think it will be? The 05 & 06 don't make it seem very promising. And what makes you think GM would have put more investment in quality in their cheapest car at a time when they are suffering the most? Oh I know it is the top of the line model, but those new seats don't mean the interior won't fall apart or the electronics are any better.

Original sheth


a) considering how little you think of the Cobalt and anything GM makes I have a hard time believing you have one

b) I have driven and riden in one and know its not loud

c) Reviews never mentioned road noise as a problem and many noted its quietness


Original sheth


CR rates the CURRENT Cobalt as reliable. CR provides data every year to see if cars show improvement over time. The regular base model cobalt is not recommended because of its road test score. I dont believe they ever tested the LTZ or Sport (with 2.4) models. They have tested the current SS and it got a high score. If that model matches the reliability of the 2.2L model it will be recommended. Its that simple. Get mad at CR's results, not me.


OS (sorry no good ones right now),
CR rates the CURRENT Cobalt as reliable.
-I am not mad at you, you are almost fun to go back and forth with. But you ignore the poor ratings for the 05 & 06. So what about the road test that the car got when it was new? I am talking about more than first year reliability.

Original sheth

it appears the Cruze will indeed have a folding rear seat. I guess that model at the auto show wasnt a production car. The press info for the Holden Cruze states it has a 60/40 split folding rear seat.

Leonard Jones

I have brought the 2010 model, the styling and performance is great for the price.


Its pretty funny all of the negativity towards the cobalt, I own a 2005 with 105,000 miles on it and zero problem, has never had a warranty issue! I have never owned a car near as reliable before and I doubt I ever will.

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