White is Top Car-Color Choice Again This Year


There's probably a really obvious D.L. Hughley joke in this story.

According to the 2008 DuPont Global Color Popularity Report, White and White Pearl are America's choice for favorite car color, with 16% and 4% of the market share, respectively. This is the second year white has come out on top.

Tied for second were black (which includes Black Effect) and silver at 17% each.

North American trends also highlight a growing trend toward global convergence. In other words, the colors Americans prefer are looking more like the ones drivers in Brazil and Russia enjoy, and vice versa.

Black leads in Europe, however, while silver leads in the Russian car market. India likes white cars and Asia leans silver. White and black are tied in Mexico, and Brazil's growing car market trends silver.

Also according to the report, blue is the "new green" when it comes to cars that represent the "preservation of nature."

Now I'm thinking maybe there's a really obvious Dennis Kucinich joke in this story.

By Stephen Markley | December 9, 2008 | Comments (12)
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And the top prize goes to... old people.

Actually I think the shift has come from style not age. White is now trendy. When silver was #1 it was because it was generic, white returned to #1 only after the German brands started using it a lot as a color for marketing and ads.


I've owned lots of vehicles, both dark and light colours. I currently have a pearl white and a silver. I have found that it's actually easier to keep a light coloured car clean. Dark colours show every little spec of dirt and dust while light colours help hide that. Just my $.02!


My family owns a white car, a silver car, two red cars and two green cars. The white one is the HARDEST to keep clean! unless you wash it every week the paint starts to get stained and is a PAIN to get clean again. the silver one is eh so so. the green cars are by far the easiest with the red in second.


totally agree w/ JTH! definitely seeing a lot more shades of white in commercials, shows/ movies that feature "cool" cars or "cool" dudes/ dudettes riding in cool cars, etc

I thought it was almost scientific fact that white was the easiest color to keep clean. Peppy maybe your paint job is a little old. But that is the whole reason the old folks wanted em.


I've owned the following colors: brown, 2 silver, black, white, and 2 green. Black and White both were horrible, the easiest to keep clean was the silver!


The problem I have is that there are too many white, black, and silver cars on dealer lots. I can't stand any of these colours because they scream "rental car!" I'd much rather have a red, blue, or (depending on the car) yellow. At least they stand out and catch some attention. Silver and white just blend in way too much. I've gone around looking at dealerships and all they ever have are the generic colours. My favourite colours either have to be special ordered or brough in from a different dealership. Usually the dealers try to push me into the silver car they already have on the lot, but there's no way I'd buy it. I can see how these colours are popular since that's all they usually have readily available.

White definitely doesn't show dirt as badly but there is nothing better than a clean polished black car.

I think this is because those cars that come in colorful shades reflect a certain personality that's too specific, and people only want a generic one. This has been going on for several years now, so we might not see a decline anytime soon.

LOL at whoever posted that first comment. That reply made me fall from my chair, haha. Hmmm I prefer dark colors so I'll probably go with black or dark blue. JTH has a point there that dark colors tend to hide those specks of dirt. That's why you don't have to clean it as much as you would have to if your car had a light color.

But if taking more old cars, white color doesn't look pretty on them. White color is good looking when the car is younger than 5 years old.

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