VW Routan Minivan is Company's Second-Best-Selling Model


The first company to report its November sales is Volkswagen, and there are signs that today will be a bloodbath for every automaker. In October, VW saw its sales decline 7.9% from the same period in 2007. In November, the company’s sales declined 19.2%. Making that number even more grim is the fact that VW has three new models helping to boost sales: the new Tiguan SUV, the Passat CC sedan and the Routan minivan, which with only 1,324 sales in November is now the brand’s second-best-selling vehicle, behind the Jetta sedan’s 5,312 units sold.

The 1,324 number isn’t large, but when you consider that the affordable Kia Sedona minivan sold 1,863 units in October, maybe the Routan isn’t doing that badly for a brand-new model. Considering all the money the company must have spent hiring Brooke Shields for its Routan Boom TV commercials, at least consumers should know about the poorly named family-hauler by now. The Tiguan, on the other hand…   

By David Thomas | December 2, 2008 | Comments (14)



If you want a Dodge Caravan but afraid that Dodge will go bust - get Routan! VW is one of the better companies (I don't mean their cars are better).

I think, deal with VW was a way of CryCo to keep legacy of their minivans alive.

I found the brooke shield spots very annoying at first, but maybe they are gaining some attention after all!


It makes sense that the Routan would be a best seller for Volkswagen. Being built by Chrysler, it's their best vehicle.


The ads are just annoying.

German engineering? German badge engineering?


Every little bit helps spread the cost around for Chrysler.

Hmmm...Brook Shields.


Now maybe Chrysler should push a Hybrid or electric New Beetle from VW?


Now maybe Chrysler could push a hybrid or electric powered New Beetle for VW.Wash my back,I'll wash yours....type of thing.


I think it's a nice looking vehicle, for a minivan at least.....

A Dodge minivan is a decent vehicle, and VW did give their rebadge a higher quality interior than the Dodge (one of the Dodge's weaker points). Also, reviews have stated it handles a bit better than the Dodge.

And I did see they have 0% for 72 months on the Routan.


I don't get how they can get away with the false advertising of "German Engineering"?


Actually it like the commercials, they are supposed to be annoying and Brooke Shield does a really good part, pure irony... but I still feel silly forking a lot of money when I can get basically the same car, but cheaper in Dodge.


The ads are just simply annoying like hell, while lying about German engineering that does not exist with this vehicle.

Maybe Chrysler just wants the rights to the 1.7L 4-cyl engine to build 51mpg Omni's again.

Maybe Chrysler just wants the rights to the 1.7L 4-cyl engine to build 51mpg Omni's again.

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