Tesla Delivers 100th Roadster


Tesla delivered the keys to the 100th owner of one of its electric Roadsters this week. Businessman Sam Perry joined the ranks of George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Tesla owners.

You might remember Perry from election night: He was the guy Oprah was hanging over during Barack Obama's victory speech.

With a price of $109,000 and a nine-month waiting list, it's no wonder only a certain type of clientele owns the Roadster so far. Still, how does this sound: A car that costs between $2.50 and $5.50 to recharge, which gives you a range of 244 miles.

Tesla says it produces 15 of the cars each week but hopes to increase that to 30 by spring. However, we reported in July that they had delivered nine roadsters. Sixteen weeks later, that means they should have produced 249 total cars, not 100.

Tesla also has a four-door luxury sedan in the works for 2011, although that might be more difficult given the company’s troublesome financial situation.

Tesla Motors Hands Keys to 100th Roadster Owner (Mercury News)



They have only made 1 million in sales and have alot of debt. They better hurry because the electrical car market will be very crowded soon. If they had produced the 249, their sales would of been over 2.5 million. Closer to the break-even point, investment wise. They seem like any other car company in debt and not making enough money. I am curious how they will fund their 2011 sedan. Big money silicon investment money already bailed them out once, wonder if it happen again.


DodgeFan, you're right their cash position isn't great, but I think they've actually collected $10 million on the sales of 100 cars, not $1 million.

$109,000 times 100 = $10.9 million


Dose anyone know if these actually go 244 miles of a single charge in the real world? It sounds like marketing fantasy to me.


Pat, that range is for real. The Tesla is based on an experimental car called the Tzero built by the guy responsible for the GM EV-1's control technology. The T-zero pioneered the use of more than six thousand lithium ion laptop computer batteries (about the size of a double A)in a battery pack, and that car would actually go 300 miles on a charge. The Tesla's range is slightly less because of all the requirements of building a real car and the added weight. The complexities of building a battery pack with six thousand separate batteries and the required temperature management equipment is one big reason the Tesla is so pricey. Time will tell if the battery pack is durable or if the failure of individual cells in the battery modules gradually ruins the car's performance.

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