Oil CEO Favors Gas Tax Hikes


There are a lot of very smart people out there advocating a higher national tax on gas. None of them, however, is a CEO at an oil company. That’s why Paul Foster, CEO of Western Refining in Texas, is such an oddity. In a Q&A with Fortune Magazine, Foster explains that gas taxes now are far less than they were in the 1970s, and that they should be raised accordingly.

While not good for his business, Foster thinks a higher gas tax is right for the nation. How much does he say taxes should go up on a gallon of gas? $2 a gallon. Well, not all at once, but over time; Foster says a gradual increase in the national gas tax is the way to go. He blames legislators afraid of election politics for the decline in the tax rate, which has left many public works projects underfunded. 

This oil man favors a gas-tax hike (Fortune)

By David Thomas | December 31, 2008 | Comments (17)
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i'm glad somebody out there is not so driven by greed ... i like driving, and i want to see good infrastructure; we can only get that with -- surprise! -- money. i don't see how people expect nice roads but don't want to pay taxes


I'm not surprised that Cars.com would push a story like this. What's it's now two stories pushing higher gas taxes within just a few days? I won't hold my breath waiting for a story on why gas taxes should be lowered as it won't happen on this site. Cars.com has turned into a decent site but let's be dead honest Autotrader is much better for buying cars as it has better search options and tools. Both Edmunds and Car&Driver deliver higher quality written pieces and never push a hidden agenda. Just good quality automotive journalism.


good deal, Peter. next time your car hits a pothole and ruins the wheel, just remember that

It doesn't matter how high gas taxes are, roads in our areas will remain f---ed up for life.

Trust me, some of the money's not gonna go to infrastructure improvements, it's gonna go to a completely different agenda.


DL no one said they don't want to pay taxes it's a matter of how the current tax dollars are being spent. There's way too much waste of our current tax dollars to call for an increase of any type of tax. Since you like driving so much why not send an additional tax check to your local government. Something tells me you're more talk than action.



my point is that raising taxes, assuming that guy is pretty close to being correct about current levels being lower than they were in the 1970's, will help with funding. i don't claim to have any brilliant ideas otherwise. and since this is a car website, talking about how to trim unnecessary government spending is beyond the scope of topics. suffice it to say, it has always been a problem and will continue to be a huge problem. indeed, i am all talk and no action. but when you write to your Congress-person and lobby in Washington about government spending, feel free to add my name to your list of supporters. i just pay all my taxes. 'nuf said.

btw, Car and Driver always publishes ridiculously fast 0-60 numbers not replicated in most other publications ... what's the point?


DL - Attacking C&D provides additional evidence of how uneducated you are. As the previous posted predicted (re taxes), you are more talk than action.


I think raising the gas tax is a bad idea the reason that highways aren't getting enough funding is that people are driving less because they can't afford to drive and therefore pay LESS in gas taxes.


I think raising the gas tax is a bad idea the reason that highways aren't getting enough funding is that people are driving less because they can't afford to drive and therefore pay LESS in gas taxes.


Torr, i already said i'm ALL talk and NO action. otherwise i'd donate some money to the local funds to repair the horrendous roads in the little town known as Boston. i'm here to share opinion, and so are you.

i did not attack C & D. just curious. i like reading it regularly. don't get so defensive! so, please, can someone answer me that question?


oh, and plenty of people have said it's a bad idea. so, any alternatives? Torr? Peter? CV?


tag fees, anyone?

Troy S.

Oil CEO favors gas tax hike because he can afford higher gas prices.


how about stricter driver licensing tests with higher fees? more money AND keeps those unfit to drive off roads. is not that one of the reasons some people think some European countries can safely keep speed limits higher, better educated drivers?


here's one for Peter on gas taxes from one of his favorite sources:


Good post.I think raising the gas tax is a bad idea the reason that highways aren't getting enough funding is that people are driving less because they can't afford to drive...
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The oil and gas industry already employs more than 1.5 million workers, and has the potential to employ many more.

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