Jonas Brothers Coming to Detroit Auto Show


At a time when automakers are trying to scale back on auto show spending, the folks behind the Detroit auto show are making a big play to attract show-goers. The co-chairman of the 2009 show announced that the popular teen group The Jonas Brothers would play a special concert Jan. 18 at Joe Louis Arena. There is a catch, though: Only those who purchase pricy tickets to the auto show’s charity preview Jan. 16 will get tickets to the concert.

How pricy? $400. However, all proceeds go to area children’s charities, and $390 of the ticket is tax-deductible. We’re guessing some teenagers in suburban Detroit are currently begging their parents to attend the preview. 

By David Thomas | December 29, 2008 | Comments (8)



Who the hell cares about these fruits.


i love fruits, apples, oranges, etc......whats urs


Watch some of their videos on YouTube and you'll see that they are just a little heart throb for the teen aged girlies ... and some boys too, I suppose. They are fair instrumentalists and horrible vocalists.


aw man i wish i would be able to go


The Detroit Auto Show Charity Review does not usually see many teens. Not sure who else would want to sit through the Jonas Brothers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will The Jonas Brothers draw a crowd to The Charity Review? With the current state of the Detroit economy I am doubtful.


Is Detroit that desperate? Gosh, I thought I would never see the daylight of this. They're overrated like every Disney promoted one-hit wonder teens.


That's really awesome…The last time I saw JoBros was a few months ago. I thought it was the best concert that I had ever been to even that concerts tickets price was high sky maybe Coz I used not to research enough to see if there were better pricing. But now I can save some dollars via after finding this:


I live in Detroit and i wish i was able to go but unfortunatly i can't because their tickets are way to pricy and Christmas just can up and 500$ was spent on me and now i want to go to a Jonas Brothers concert but i will give all my presents way INCLUDING my newest version of the iPod-Touch just to meet them in person!!!

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