Reader Review of the Week: 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Reader Review Not everybody falls in love with their automotive purchases. This is certainly the case for Eric from Tennessee, who had some buyer's remorse about the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. His disappointment extended beyond the pickup's general ride and unimpressive fuel economy to small touches like storage space and even upholstery. Read his full review for an idea of why the Silverado failed to meet his expectations, then post your own review here.


"I have a 1500WT 4WD model, and it has the 4.3-liter V-6. I've always liked Chevrolet, but this truck has been very disappointing to say the least. First, this truck is geared way too high. The V-6 is the weakest I've ever drove. Next, the transmission shifts very roughly. The brakes are not very good. The seats are a nightmare about showing lint.

"This truck has a smooth ride suspension in it, but I think it rides way too rough. The fuel economy is terrible for a V-6. Also, the thing that puzzles me is why they gave this truck power door locks and no keyless entry. The interior design leaves something to be desired, too. Compartments are small, and there's one you can't hardly access due to the steering wheel being in the way. I would not recommend buying the work truck model. If you're considering buying one of these trucks, then I'd suggest one of the more expensive models like the LT."



Seems to me that a thourogh test drive would have eliminated his problem. He should have felt how week the engine was, how weak the brakes were, and the uncomfortable ride on the test drive before he purchased the truck.

Vincent J.

I own a landscaping company and have first hand experience with all of the major truck brands in the past ten years. Two years ago we turned over our fleet buying six Tundras, six Silverados, and two Dodges. We too are disappointed in the Silverado's interior as the seat fabric has to be the cheapest of all the major brands. The brakes could be better too but if you equip the truck with the V8 it's a fine vehicle with a decent ride. In comparison to the other major brands the Toyota's have been our best purchase followed closely by the Dodges. Since we turn over our fleet every three to four years we'll probably just stick with the Toyota and Dodge name brands or go w/ an all Toyota fleet. This recent go around we dropped Nissan and Ford due to build build quality issues. I see some of the same problems in two of our Silverado's already (ie Rear window weather stripping trim was installed backwards).


These negative comments are the exception when it comes to the Silverado. We purchased an 08 Silverado LT and it is a great workhorse and a fuel miser. With the cylinder deactivation system on the 5.3 liter it easily averages 23 to 25 mpg on the highway, unloaded. The EPA says the Silverado should average 17 mpg, but we average 19 to 21.5 between fillups. Our best mileage was 30.3 on a 40 mile jaunt at 50 mph -not bad for a 315 hp truck. There have been no problems in the first 10,000 miles and that is consistent with the Silverado being named best in initial quality by JD Power. We own two other Toyotas but passed on the Tundra because it cost $10,000 more and doesn't offer cylinder deactivation, so the Tundra is a major gas hog. Toyota uses overhead cam technology, which doesn't offer enough room in the engine to include the cylinder deactivation. In my opinion that's why the Tundra is a very slow seller and the Silverado is one of the best selling vehicles.


I recently cross-shopped the Silverado, Tundra, and F-150. I ended-up purchasing the Tundra because I felt it offered the most quality and the drive train was by far the smoothest. I liked the Silverado but I could not get over the questionable interior materials.

Dang that's funny I got 40 mpg in my truck, even while doing 80 mph in the city!! The only time this truck gets over 20 mpg is when the engine is off and someone else is pushing it.

Of all the reviews probably available to this website, why publish the one for the base model with the base V6 engine. This is not in any way representative of the typical pickup buyer out there. And furthermore, did you specifically pick the most negative review for any particular reason?

We always mix up the reviews as far as positive and negative. We usually select based on how complete and articulate the review is, and the fact that it is a relatively new model.
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The writer talks about poor fuel economy - it would be helpful if they offered a mileage number. The 4.3 liter should hit 19 to 20 mpg on the highway. For most people, the V8 with cylinder management is the more fuel efficient choice - when it's in V4 mode, the truck is running on just 2.7 liters, and its relatively easy to learn how to maximize that mode in your driving, just by watching the dash display.


I smell a troll with this review. Also why WOULD you expect top notch materials when choosing the WT option and 4.3L? Power door locks and no Keyless? Once again, it's the WT package - get a clue. Ride quality? Has he ever test drove the Tundra unloaded at highway speeds over raised pavement seams? Apparently not. This review seems overly biased.


i own a 2008 silverado lt ext cab with 4.8 v8 it has 8k on it and have had all kinds of issues w/ mpg cty 11.3 max running high test 19.5 hwy why such a difarance? dealer says not normal but offers no fix rotors look like they have 90k on them turned 2x gm says norm break weare leakes around back window fixed 1x will not pull 1.000lb trailer without going in and out of passing gear constantly dealer knows of problem but has no fix they call it fishing no fix for a$30.000 truck its a peace of junk my 3rd new gm in 4yrs and my last i will end up haveing to sue gm but i will not pay for something thats not what they said it would be BUYER BEWARE good luck to all


I also have a 2008 Silverado LTZ extended cab which replaced a 1999 Silverado LT extended cab. Both equiped with the 5.3 Vortec. The 2008 has the active fuel management(ACM). The 1999 was a much better made truck. There was more room inside and the interier was of a much better plushness and quality. More storage and more comfortable seating with armrests on the front seats. I cannot say there are no improvements in my 2008 just significantly less quality. The tail gate when closed has large gaps between the gate and the fender. I have a fiberglass tonneau cover and when going through the car wash water gets into the bed at the sides of the tail gate. This was not a problem with the 1999 which also had a fiberglass tonneau. I had to purchase an after market weather seal kit to solve the problem. You could actually look into the bed through the gaps when the gate was closed and fit a small magazine in the slots before the strip was installed. The one mistake I made with this purchase is not having 3.73 gears at the rear. The truck came with a 3.42 rear end, however, that is on me. I also don't like the drum brakes on the rear as four wheel disc brakes are adequate for towing and easir to inspect and service. Chevy made the body massive to be in line with the massive bodies on the ford and the dodge and this was not necessary as the product was sufficient as it was. There will always be somting that someone can say they like and don't like. They can't please all of the people all of he time. I just hope that, if and when General Motors gets back on there feet that they focus on doing what they used to do very well, and that was not trying to keep up with the Jone's but just kicking their butts with a better product overall. I want to be loyal to the brand, but, where does loyaly end and stupidity began. Next when I shop for a truck I will have my micrometer in hand. I also purchased an extended warranty. It is a platinum bumper to bumper package that covers everythig that chevy does not cover and there is no deductable. as with every thing buyer be ware. "Always Maximize Your Power"


A couple of months ago, I purchased a like-new 2007 Silverado LT reg. cab, short bed with 20K miles. Most buyers would have no use for that combo, but I'm usually the only person in the truck and I didn't want to rearrange my shop/garage to accommodate a longer vehicle. So far, I'm pleased with the vehcle. With the 4.8L, I average 20.5-21.5 MPG in combination city/hwy driving. I admit I have a light foot. There is plenty of power when needed, but of course with increased power you give up fuel efficiency exponentionally. My only complaint is the rough ride. This truck has HD suspension that I'm going to swap for a "grandpa" suspension if possible. Otherwise, it's a cool ride.
P.S. - I agree with previous writers about the lint-attracting nature of the interior. I have black cloth and it gets a frequent brushing.


I sent this to Chevrolet Customer Service today. To say I'm disappointed in the truck right now is an understatement.

Here's the deal, a couple weeks ago my 2008 Silverado with
60,000 miles decided to blow - or more appropriately, decided to drop a valve 4
hours from home. It lost all power,
started throwing messages, started ticking (obviously the piston slapping the
valve) and started smoking white smoke.

So under warranty, they towed my vehicle and replaced the
engine. I got the special treatment of getting a 99 Lumina to drive! I picked it up several days later (on a
Friday) with a new engine and headed home. All was fine for about 30 miles. Then the emissions light came on. I pulled into a parts store and had them scan my codes - P0171 and P0174
- right and left banks lean. I had them
reset the codes, thinking it was a glitch with the new engine...30 or so miles
later, got the code again.

I called the dealer Monday and explained the issue, to which
they told me, "that's an emissions issue, unrelated to the engine and not
under warranty"!!!!!!!!!

So I reset it again...and again it came on. Then I drove it about 100 miles and it went
off...then another 30 or so and it came back on....

Since clearly I wasn't going to get any satisfaction from
the dealer (4 hours away), I decided to call Warranty customer
service...explained the issue, started getting the "it's an emissions
problem not covered". I asked to
speak to a supervisor that couldn't be found, was told one would call me
back...waited for 4 hours...and had the original person call me back.....

"Sir, I spoke to the dealership service department and
they said it wasn't related to the engine" UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Long story short...Ms Customer service explained over and
over and over that an O2 sensor is "different" from the engine...she
couldn't understand how a trashed valve, or heavy smoke, could have
damaged/fouled an O2 sensor!!!!!!

So..once I get this fixed on my dime, I'm trading the POS
in...I guess there's a reason FORD is the #1 selling truck...I just wish I had
listened to the ads...and wish my tax dollars hadn't been part of GM's bailout since
it's going to be short lived!

Sorry for my rant...I've loved this truck right until the engine went at 60,000 miles...but the
"Customer Service" blows!"


Been there done that but I got smart and bought Tundra's. I actually have five of them for my business and they are great. At 60,000 miles the engines feel like they are just getting broken in. They are the tightest built trucks I have ever owned and I've had them all.


Been very happy with my 2008 Silverado that I've had 3 yrs. till the back drivers door lock quit working and now the front door is making a noise. Chevy won't stand behind fixing it even though I have seen several people with the same problem. Very dissapointed in their attitude and the way they don't care. Won't recommend them to anyone and Chevy services in Portland Oregon area


I purchased a CPO, not happy with it because of several big issues. I did like the way the truck drove. I hope they relocated the customer service centers back to the US so they know what is going on at the company and where they are located in this country.


come on lets be real if you wount the look of a truck buy a toyota that look good but art any good for real word use compared to chevy full size and dodge is in the same line up as either in my book iv owned several Chevys 1500 4x4 and all was get 300+ miles use out of them ease i don't need a truck that will bend just buy looking at it thats why i don't by Toyota and dodge blows up to ease .all of these trucks have problems but i don't go buy what people say i go by real world use and what happens to these truck and chevy is #1 for a reason and ps you don't buy a v6 for a full size any ways

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