Up Close: 2010 Mercury Milan


After checking out the new Fusion at Ford’s stand, I poked around the car’s Mercury sibling. I’m torn over the car’s design. Everything above bumper-level looks fine, with the sort of mini-Sable styling you’d expect from Mercury. The lower air dam? Not so much. The fog lights seem distracting, and there isn’t enough substance underneath.

Inside, the Milan has the same strengths and weaknesses as the Fusion. The dashboard has soft-touch materials, but their grainy finish is unappealing. The center controls are crowded, but the navigation system is ginormous and, if it's consistent with the rest of Ford’s latest-generation units, should offer first-rate graphics and usability. Backseat legroom and headroom are decent but not generous. Storage areas are impressive — there’s a decent-sized center console plus a compartment atop the dash, as the old Fusion/Milan had.

If it gets segment-leading gas mileage and starts at a decent price, the Milan should see relative success. For my money, though, the Fusion offers the same package in a far more attractive wrapper — a reversal from last year’s Milan, which I thought looked a bit better than its Ford counterpart. More photos below.



"The fog lights seem distracting, and there isn’t enough substance underneath."

Can you elaborate in layman's terms?

In layman's terms, I think Kelsey Mays would rather have more sporty looking ground effects on the car, lowering the ground clearance and reducing the approach angle.

I like the way it looks and I wouldn't want more "substance underneath." The larger the air dam, the greater chance you'll scrape it on a curb when pulling into a parking spot.

Look at the taillights, you can see the rear trunk is out of alignment. Ford quality at it's best!

Look at the taillights, you can see the rear trunk is out of alignment. Ford quality at it's best!

Look at the taillights, you can see the rear trunk is out of alignment. Ford quality at it's best!


This is probably a pre-production model, and that is why the trunklid alignment would be off.

I believe these cars have some of the best quality out of any Ford. Consumer Reports rates these triplets as having excellent build quality.


First, if the brave one who complains about the trunk alignment know anything about optics and shadows, the goof would see plain as day the tail lights have the same exposure on both sides and the rear shot is dead straight on but off to on side by a few degrees. The is obviously on a rotating turntable and the photog snapped when he thought the lighting was best. As to the fog lights, I personally prefer that they are somewhat hidden. They distract from the front a lot less. This is a Mercury, not a bloody Triumph TR-3. And lastly, the last car that had enough front and rear leg room for me, at 6'3", was the Fairmont Coupe'. I could sit behind driver's seat backseat without needing to move it. The only other car regular production car I ever rode in with kind of leg room was a Checker MArathon.

Ira Goldman

Why are you so angry? You refer to the other poster as "brave one" and call him a "goof" because he pointed out the trunk misalignment. You should look into anger management therapy. I've been a professional photographer for more than twelve years and know that "optics and shadows" (your words) are not the cause of the trunk appearing to be misaligned. Get an education and then perhaps you wouldn't walk around with such a chip on your shoulder.


The trunk lid isn't out of alignment. There are two different planes at work creating that illusion. Study the photograph a little and you will see that the lower part of the trunklid is recessed. If you were to stand directly behind the car, I bet the gap would be even all the way around the trunk lid.


Ira Goldman,
surely it was you who posted anonymously. Not?
RealGomer is right. No matter who it is, definitely needs treatment of how use the computer. We don't need to read that post 3 times. Don't click. You don't have Parkinson's.

Focus is known as one of better cars and the model on stage is not in production. If there are any imperfections of assembly they will be fixed... if Ford is still around by then...


I just took delivery of my 2010 Milan FO on 6/6/09 and the trunk is misaligned about 1/8" (too high) pretty much as shown in the photo. It isn't an optical illusion or pre-production. I see another 2010 on the dealer lot built about 2 months ago with the same situation. It is at least symmetrical on both sides on my Milan. I can push the trunk down slghtly to get better alignment so I'm hoping the dealer can make some adjustment like that. Most people tell me they don't even notice or think more harm than good could be done if the dealer tries to make an such an adjustment. This is with AWD, moon roof, Sony stereo, Sync satellite radio and Nav system and I am finding it a great ride and am very satisfied with the overall quality.

Glynn Hebert

I just purchased my 2nd Milan (my first being a 2007 V6 Premier). I opted for the I4 Premier which delivers 175 HP. I must say that I am completely satisfied with the drive, ride, comfort and all of the standard features that Milan offers vs. Accord and Camry. You definitely get more bang for the buck. we know what they say about opinions. Well, yours stink for sure. The Tuxedo Black metallic paint paired with the Camel leather are quite impressive and make for a good blend. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend that my fellow Americans consider Milan over Accord, Camry and Altima. Ford, you have a winner! Enough said.

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