World's Largest Lamborghini Dealer Closes


Lamborghini Orange County, in Santa Ana, Calif., which reportedly sold 10% of all Lamborghinis worldwide, closed its doors yesterday. The surprising part about this news is that the failure of the dealership — unlike the Chevy, Ford and other dealers shutting their doors in California — isn’t because of the dismal economy. In fact, the dealership’s owner recently said business was better than ever. 

Speculation and rumors are swirling around the business that caters to stars like Kobe Bryant. The dealership hosted lavish parties for its customers in the past, and “unfortunate business decisions” were mentioned by Lamborghini America’s CEO.

There was no answer at the dealer’s phone number, and customers have no direction as to where to get service or even on the status of cars on order. In the exotic game, cars are often paid for in advance so they can be custom-built overseas before being shipped to the U.S. Even down payments for a Lamborghini must be huge, and they too could be gone. Sorry, Kobe.

Lamborghini O.C., largest dealer of exotic cars, closes
(OC Register)

By David Thomas | November 6, 2008 | Comments (7)
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Cue the world's smallest violin.


Having a business close up and walk away with your cash is never a good thing. It doesn't matter who you are or how much you spend. No one likes being the victim.


does this mean that there's a big, lucrative hole left for someone to get rich off of rich people?

perhaps there's a scandalous reason for the seeminngly unexpected closure?

are the prices for sports events' tickets going to go down in this economy? are sports starts and movie stars going to get paid paltry several hundred g's instead of millions, and therefore won't be able to afford so many Lambo's??


I think DL makes a good point. There would be a silver lining to the down economy if sports tickets came down in price. I'm not sure who can afford to go these days, with their entire family. The theory behind paying athletes big bucks lies in the commensurate revenue that should result. I don't foresee big revenue projections for sports teams at this time. It would be even better if people stopped going to the movies.

I think you'll see movies hit way before live sporting events. There are plenty of alternatives for movies -- DVD, internet, tv etc.

Live sporting events? not so much. Baseball is having record attendance and seat prices every year.

Same with NFL. Even Hockey is making a slight comeback here in Chicago this year.



what about Detroit?


Iagree with tim-shutting down and walking away with your money is unfair. Plus, NOW where do I get my lamborgini?

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