Dear UK Readers: Buy One Dodge Avenger, Get One Free!


In an effort to raise the collective spirits of our fellow Americans, we bring you this comically tragic story of economic ruin from England. England’s economy and credit crunch have deeply affected its car market, much like our own, depressing sales by 23% in October — the sixth consecutive monthly drop in 2008.

The contraction has prompted dealers to offer crazy incentives, much like dealers here, but that’s where the similarities stop. According to Daily Mail, Dodge is trying to unload hundreds of Avengers by offering a buy-one-get-one-free sale.

Yes, that’s right: The second-largest purchase consumers make is now being sold like last season’s designer apparel. The deal is (or was) offered on, a U.K. car-listing site. The Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4i is equipped with leather seats and climate control. Technically, the buy-one-get-one-free deal is just a gimmick; really the cars are just being sold practically at half price.

While we couldn’t find this exact deal (their site is confusing), we did find out that a normally priced Avenger SXT 2.4i goes for around $28,000 in Britain, before an $8,000 (roughly 30%) discount at

So I guess another commonality England and the U.S. share, besides language and capitalism, is that Avengers are cheap and unwanted in both countries.

Buy one car and get another one FREE as car dealers try to boost sales (Daily Mail)

By Colin Bird | November 7, 2008 | Comments (8)



ouch, Anybody got any Ice??? "So I guess another commonality England and the U.S. share, besides language and capitalism, is that Avengers are cheap and unwanted in both countries." Thats a total and upright burn to Dodge. Sadly I agree. I totally loved the Dodge Intrepid more than the Avenger even though it had its flaws. It's sad because i live overseas in Japan and we have a dealership that sell Daimler and Ford cars here on base and they have had 4 of these on the lot for quite ahwile now, while the Chryslers, Jeeps, and Fords are selling pretty good.


Ain't that a BITCH? The 2008 Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring are such LEMONS, Consumer Reports and JD Power and Assoc. named them the WORST cars for reliability of the new car models, more than any other 2008 model.

I'd rather drive a used Nissan or Toyota than a new Dodge. LOL

I like my Avenger R/T, its different and way better looking then the new Accord. Haven't had any problems to speak of either, but to each their own.


i want on car plase

bet they still can't give em away...

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hahaha! I can't believe that! Seriously Britain, seriously? I want to buy one get one free car here in the states! That would be insane! People would go crazy if that happened here! Thanks for the article Colin, made me laugh. :) Those Avengers are bad news.

I'm really impressed with the content you provided. It's really helpful for me and I'm sure for others as well. Keep it up.

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