Hyundai Accent Cheapest Car in America, Again


In a sign of the times, Hyundai has announced that the base trim level of its Accent subcompact will start at $9,970, a cool $20 less than the 2009 Nissan Versa’s price, which was announced earlier this month.

What do you get for your $9,970? Exactly the same two-door hatchback Accent GS you got last year. There is no reduction in content but there wasn’t much to begin with. There is no a/c, no stereo and it sports 14-inch steel wheels with covers. There are seat-mounted side airbags and roof-mounted curtain airbags. Air conditioning is part of a $1,600 option package with a stereo and tilt steering wheel. Nissan charges $1,000 for air conditioning on its base Versa.

But the big news is that the price is significantly less than the previous $11,070 that you’ll still find listed on our site and on Hyundai’s. That’s how quickly Hyundai must have reacted to Nissan’s price drop.

The prices of the better-equipped Accents, you know with air conditioning, remain unchanged so the deal really only appeals to those with few needs in a new car. The Accent gets 27/33 mpg city/highway. 

By David Thomas | November 26, 2008 | Comments (7)


Ummm, where are you finding that price? The MSRP on the Hyundai website for the base model is $ missed by $1100.

Dave T

Read the post. We mention that neither Hyundai nor has gotten the updated price live yet. It was announced today.


What's the point in fighting for the cheapest car title?


I remember in '92 you could get a fully loaded Excel for less than that. That Excel took me and my brother to the University until my brother sold the car with 130K miles of good service. By the way, I would never buy a car without A/C.

Looks like Nissan is going to have to take their new commercial off the air.

The Hyundai Accent is perfect for the average city driver - someone who doesn't do a lot of highway driving. It's a reliable, affordable option for those on a tight budget. Because of its small engine, the Accent offers great mileage during stop-and-go traffic, saving you money on gas with fewer visits to the pumps.


Potentially, when the smoke clears, Vick can see the impact clearly from the choices he made. And maybe, just perhaps, Vick will use his powerful influence for superior, serving to those who have looked as much as him understand that Just about every Judgement Provides a Consequence!

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