First Look: 2010 Porsche Panamera


Finally, we have the first official information and photos from Porsche of its all-new four-door Panamera GT. The car has been widely anticipated by driving enthusiasts and Porsche fans for well over a year, with a healthy bit of criticism directed at its design.

The Panamera is 195.7 inches long — 7 inches longer than a Porsche Cayenne SUV but 10 inches shorter than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It represents a new subsegment in the luxury class: A four-door sports car that will arrive at dealerships this spring.

Surprisingly, Porsche is outfitting this new rear-wheel-drive halo car with both a powerful V-8 engine and a less-powerful V-6 option. There aren’t specific trim-level specifications yet, but the company says power will range from 300 to 500 hp. There will be a six-speed manual transmission as well as an optional seven-speed PDK or double-clutch transmissions. The top trim will also be available with all-wheel drive.

No matter what the Panamera is packing, all the talk is going to be about its looks. From straight-on it’s probably the most radical design the company has given any of its cars’ trademark front ends, yet it’s still recognizable as a Porsche. The profile, however, is where the love/hate for the car’s design will come into play. Even from the rear, the hatchback four-door looks good.

Of course, you can find more pictures below, along with comments on what we’re sure will be a hotly debated new car.








By David Thomas | November 24, 2008 | Comments (13)
Tags: Porsche



I'd rather have the Passat CC, or better yet Ford should bring back the Taurus SHO, because that's what this car is copying.


I like it. Truly is a perfect blend of coupe and sedan.


If I want a Citroën, I wouldn't be looking at a Porsche dealer.


J, while I think you just throw names out there without any idea what you are talking about, I agree that this is not the great design I had envisioned Porsche coming up with. To me there is just a lack of a that "smooth" design quality that usually typifies a Porsche. The headlights don't do it for me, and the tail is just so so. To me it looks more like a compacted Cayenne as opposed the ultimate sport sedan I was hoping for. I couldn't have afforded one anyway.



I agree the Passat CC mimics a Mid-90's Taurus or a squished roof Infiniti J30. To me this Porsche Panamera looks like a elongated 911 with the engine in the wrong place.


It really just looks almost kinda sorta like what a limo company would have created to offer a 911 limousine and I don't like it. However, one thing I've learned about Porsche is that even their designs that I "don't like" grow on me and ultimately I wish I had one. I expect this will be no different. Actually I can tell it's happening already.


If you remove the rear doors and shorten its length then you have a fairly decent looking 928s. The 4 door Porsche just looks too long and awkward from the rear doors to the hatch. Does anybody have any idea what its curb weight is?



Apparently you just want to jump on my back for whatever reason.

Just type in Citroën C6 in Google search for images, and you will see exactly what I am talking about.


Bloke = idiot

Anyway, the Panamera is going to get crushed by Lambo, Aston, and others 4 door supercars.

The Citroen C6 is gorgeous, but you're right that it doesn't look like a $100,000+ car.

The Panamera doesn't look bad from the front 3/4 quarter or the rear 3/4 quarter for that matter, but the side profile kills it. Who wants a $100,000 hatchback? Masseratti, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin have got it right.


J, I had looked at the C6, and boy do the front of those cars look exactly alike or what? I don't think a car looks just like something else just because it shares a similar side profile.
Cj, you know how to call it as usual. Your aspirations of being a legitimate car blogger are just coming closer and closer as you predict every future event in the automobile economy. Just keep singing the praises of every new Honda product.


I must say I'm straddling the fence on this one. Like every new product, I'll reserve my final judgement for when I see it in person. I do like the headlights though. They kinda sorta remind me of the Carrera GT. Given the probable price on this thing, I'd rather pick up a 1-2 year old low mileage Cayenne and Cayman.



Okay, the Avenger also looks different from the Sebring in the front, so what?

I am trying to say that this design is not showing too much of Porsche's own design. Just slap a Porsche front end on a wagon looking car just doesn't work.

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