Dealer Offers Buy One, Get One for $1


A Chrysler dealer in Oak Lawn, Ill., has devised an innovative offer to move cars in an unforgiving market: Buy one, get another for a buck.

You did not misread that sentence.

With the purchase of a new Chrysler Pacifica, for the sticker price, Mancari's Chrysler-Jeep owner Frank Mancari will include a slightly used PT Cruiser for $1. The offer is likely aimed at households with multiple drivers, maybe teenagers, where the addition of a lightly used vehicle makes sense.

The PT Cruisers are former rental vehicles with about 10,000 miles on them. They normally retail for $12,000 to $13,000. The Pacifica goes for $39,000 and gets 14/22 mpg city/highway.

Mancari told the Chicago Sun-Times that while he's definitely losing money on the deal, he's at least getting a lot of media attention.

Auto Dealer Tries 'Bucking' Trend (Chicago Sun-Times)

By Stephen Markley | November 18, 2008 | Comments (3)



Good for him, but why offer a deal that you lose money on. People will be very sensitive to you trying to steer them to something else. I can see bait and switch claims coming. The Pacific is a nice car, but not seeing actual sales price for that car can't conclude if its a good deal.

Jason R

DodgeFan- I read a similar story today about a dealership offering a Buy One, Get One Free deal on the '09 Dodge RAM. But the loaded, 4-door, 4wd model at full price and a get a stripped 2wd model with it.

At this point, dealers are doing anything possible to generate buzz or interest among consumers. Abysmal sales for the last several months has reduced their revenue to virtually ZERO. They're better off selling off some inventory at a LOSS to generate enough cash flow to stay in business.

Tammy Smith Ramaliu

Who would want a Chrysler? My brother bought a Town and Country about two years ago and the outside of the van started coming apart LITERALLY at the seams!! He's had a lot of cars and has his own business-the trucks are all Fords. This was his first Chrysler for his wife. They are junk I looked at this because I though it was going to be for decent cars. A Hyundai, Toyota (very overpriced cars!!!) Honda or Mercury/Lincoln/Ford.

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