Reviews the 2009 Ford Mustang


In the three-way muscle-car battle royale, the Ford Mustang has continuously reigned since its update in 2005. How long it will hold that mantle (especially with a new Camaro on the way next year) will depend on Ford's 2010 redesign. With this update looming, decided it was time to get in one last review of the current Mustang, especially since the last one was in 2005. Did the Mustang remain a step ahead of the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro? reviewer Mike Hanley put the famous pony to the test. Read his full review below.

2009 Ford Mustang Review

By Stephen Markley | November 10, 2008 | Comments (6)
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What doesn't Ford understand about fog lights?
Fog lights go near the ground.

and single beam HID reflectors, wow that is a new low.


Fog lights near the ground get busted. Up high is better.


No, fog lights go near the ground, so they can project their light under the fog.

And haven't you seen how tall the hood/beltline of the mustang is anyway? The 'fog' lights are just useless as is.

So if Ford positioned them correctly, high beams could take their current location. win-win.

Oh the Prius also has optional single beam HID reflectors, so Ford isn't alone in making terrible headlights.

Foglights are angled aggressively toward the ground immediately in front of the car- it doesn't matter how high they are. Mercedes and Volkswagen had theirs included in the main headlight assembly for years- only moving them for aesthetics. Even the first gen RX had them like that.



That is true, but Ford's are markedly more glaring than those you mention.
and how many of those were projectors?

Leaving fog lights on is irritating.Use it correctly, they are an invaluable asset.

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