2008 L.A. Auto Show: 2010 Lincoln MKZ


  • Competes with: Honda Accord, Saab 9-3, Acura TSX
  • Looks like: Lincoln will be adding the MKS grille to every product from here on out
  • Drivetrain: 263-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 with six-speed automatic
  • Hits dealerships: Spring 2009

Ford’s trio of midsize sedans is topped by the Lincoln model, the MKZ. The previous MKZ didn’t do much to distinguish itself from its less-expensive Ford and Mercury siblings, but the 2010 edition looks to add more luxury touches inside to help set itself apart.

The dashboard is definitely different, with the LCD navigation screen mounted high on the dash, unlike its low position in the Fusion and Milan. This is the same exceptional unit found in the larger Lincoln MKS. Also borrowed from the MKS are the upgraded leather seats. Lincoln says that leather is the same covering that’s found in the MKS, which we found exceptionally comfortable.

Under the hood, the MKZ comes only with the top-of-the-line engine from the Fusion lineup, the 263-hp, 3.5-liter V-6. Lincoln says it shaves .6 seconds off its 0-60 time, down to 7.1 seconds, which is about as fast as the competition. The six-speed automatic transmission features a manual-shift feature as well.

The MKZ will also feature all-wheel drive as an option.

There will be two trim levels, the base MKZ and a sport model with a more aggressive suspension, stiffer shocks and 18-inch wheels.

Whichever model people go with, we’re sure of two things: They better like that grille, and if they don’t, a lot rides on the interior winning them over.



And here I was hoping they'd make the hideous rear lights SMALLER. Alas, it seems they have ruined the back end further.

I like the rest though.

OMG I was going to say that!! I love the front and interior. The back end is Frugly- It looks more formal than the MKs's.


those taillights would b large on the Navigator.....but here.....OMG....

I love it from that big grill all the way to the trunk but once you turn that curve and see the monstrous tail light then i will walk to the acura dealership and scream at the front end of the TL and then i will have to go to the BMW dealer and fork over my life saveing just to get a car that looks good all the way

Ken L.

Competes with Honda Accord? I thought that was the Fusion and Milan's job?


all teeth and nor rear?


Yeah the back does look ridiculous. Hope they change it before that comes out. Otherwise i really like it. Especially the interior.

The rear looks like it came from 1997. The grille is too much for me. It's a shame, I really like the current gen model.


Those tail lights are hideous ... They remind me of a '77 T'bird. The rear emblem should be used as a cover for the keyhole. It looks odd to see the two stacked on top of each other.

Lil tom,
I'm with you. Put the new interior in the current model and you have a winner. It looks muscular and understated- whereas this one it kinda feminine and organic. I guess that is fitting seeing as it competes with the ES.



Those tail lights don't look any bigger than what I've seen on Hyundai's, Toyapets, Hondas or Nissans. Besides, with as little attention as people pay to driving as opposed to using their cell phones, MP3 player, etc., I'd want those suckers to be frigging searchlights so the idiot behind me gets the hint I'm turning, slowing, reversing or what not.

wuz just about 2 mention late 70's T-Bird....LMAO

can u imagine the new 'stangs sequential taillights on this thing?? At least then they'd b cool!


I'm sorry, but the tailights are absolutley atrocious. Rather large for a midsize car. Seriously, change that. Now after that bombshell, the interior's great,very nicely done. Lincoln definately improved it from the current outgoing one. I like the front grile on the MKZ, I think it suits well with it.

wow, this car certainly has seen a LOT of changes in its short life....


Nice revision. The profile still says Fusion/Milan but it looks like its a totally new model. Kudos to Ford even though I wouldn't buy it...


The ES350 says Toyota Camry to me , the Lexus LX470 says Toyota Land Cruiser to me but nobody in these blogs ever complains or bitches. The problem is Toyota gots us all suckered into adoring their higher prices products and us not blinking an eye when some of us choose to pay $15k more for a LX 470 over a Land Cruiser. They've done their marketing homework!


Hate the back lights. They could do what they did with the MKX. Just connect them to make it one. It might look better like that.

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