VW R32 Discontinued for Now


We have some bad news for all you Volkswagen R32 fans out there: Thomas Wegehaupt, spokesman for Volkswagen, has informed us that there will be no U.S. version of the R32 for the 2009 model year. It’s an odd move given that the redesigned R32 was on sale for less than a year. The R32 is a VW Rabbit- (or Golf-) derived model that’s been extensively reworked to include a V-6 powertrain and all-wheel drive.

Part of the reason behind this move could be that a redesigned 2009 Golf was just unveiled at the 2008 Paris auto show and is headed to the U.S. sometime next year. We might get a new R32 based on the 2009 Golf but that will most likely be a year or two down the line. Until then, if you’ve been holding out for a better time to get this hot hatch, your time is running out. Doing a quick inventory check on Cars.com unveils a total of 276 R32s spread across the nation. They start at $32,990, but there’s a maximum of $2,000 cash back on them through Oct. 31. 

By Colin Bird | October 28, 2008 | Comments (9)



this car is really high priced, approaching bmw, audi territory. plus, vw has bad 3-5 year engine reliability issues.

it's not really surprising that sales would be suspended.

It is a blast to drive though and compared to an STI or Evo $5K cheaper with the incentives.

Sorry, this is not news. The R32 is a limited edition car. Only 5000 were ever going to be imported. There was never going to be a 2009 or 2010 model. It has not been discontinued. It has sold as well as the last R32, which was also limited to 5000 copies. That's it.


this R32 doesn't really shine much above the GTI (other than being AWD), probably not enough to warrant the significant price increase over the GTI. now that the '09 WRX has had a nice bump in power, the R32's appeal shrinks.


I can always tell those who have actually driven the car and those that have only read the car's specs. Those who haven driven an R32 know first hand the well-rounded qualities of this car. These are the folks that look passed 0-60 times and who may even actually enjoy gran turismo touring. This car will take you from stop and go commuting traffic, to winding 8,000' high mountain roads to autobahn-like desert highways with finesse and comfort. Make more/ don't more more: it's all the same to me. I already own one :-)


why that
I was plan to have 1 first of year 2009 am very SAAAD to that news


i own an 08 r32 great car...it only comes out every 4 yrs and they might not send another one again. i read that the next version will be a gti "r" awd 265hp 4cyl turbo. the v6 is the only motor vw has in awd but the next r if the 4cyl will be based on audis a3


ken doesnt know what hes talking about. ive owned vws all my life and the engines have lasted far far longer than 3 to 5 years. get real or get out.

Stacy Winne

I don't know about the 3-5 year engine reliability either. These cars run forever and are cheaper to fix than most realize. They are also very simple to upgrade and add power. The R32 is an awsome vehicle that, until someone actually drives one, you just do not know how far beyond they are versus that cheaply done EVO. I would say the Subaru is on Q with the R but they are a tad more to get the car you want "STI".
The R32 is one of the more refined small cars for the money. It will also take the abuse of american roads that many cars just fall apart on. Such as the Grand AM G60 or whatever Potiac is trying to make. That car is such a piece of trash. In 3 years your doors sag, your burning oil, and the noises you have in the car when driving is like an old pickup truck.
I snagged a 2004 R32 with 78k for $12,700. Best buy I have ever made... That car is a rocket.
I have a 98 VR6 GTI with 90k. I will never sell these cars because they create such an need to keep them around. Its not like having an Ford Focus or Neon STR that has half its worth after a year...and their appeal was lost after the commercials were done...

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