Through Ian's Lens: 2009 Nissan GT-R


The 2009 Nissan GT-R was one of the most anticipated sports cars released in the U.S. this year. A couple of weeks ago, I finally got the chance to set foot inside one. In person, I was thoroughly impressed with the exterior metal, with its sleek lines and simple design folds. The rear spoiler is subtle and functional, while the round red taillights let you know what you’re looking at even from afar.

I like the way the GT-R looks while parked, but I absolutely love the way this car visually interacts with the road when it’s on the go. The tiny grille up front, coupled with an even tinier badge, makes the nose of this car look like it’s digging up the asphalt in front of it. Overall, it appears sleek but not skinny, with boxy, harsh lines that create distinct shapes in the outside panels. The exterior design bucks the conventional “supercar” forms, but it’s not without its own charm.

A full set of photos is below; tell me what you think in the comments section.

By Ian Merritt | October 14, 2008 | Comments (13)
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For my money I'd rather have a Z06. No transmission problems and have some $$ left- over for some bling bling wheels.

I really think the inside looks like there's way too much going on if you are sitting in the driver's seat. I would love to drive one of these just to see how it feels on the road, i'm sure it's heavenly. But i don't think i would buy one. The z06 is definitely a nicer cheaper option.


Am I the only one who gets a big black box anymore -- instead of pictures?


Well ZO6 is great and all, but I just see them all over the place, the GT-R does have some exclusivity.

Pete Collabelli

Z06 screams - I'm uneducated and unrefined. The GT-R screams - I've arrived. We all know which one is a better car.

The photos are stunning.


The GT-R screams, "I'm a 20 something spoiled brat" More than likely bought by the drivers parents. You want a big boy car, buy a Porsche. Yeah, you may see lots of them but, that is the car you can say that you have "arrived" not a freakin Nissan!


I can't believe a car that costs this much uses a prop rod to hold the hood up. I would have spent the money on this instead of the tacky spoiler. It would look better without it (like R8 and Vette). Other than that, its bad as h_ll...


The GT-R has a waiting list whereas GM has trouble selling the Z06's they have. I just checked my local Chevy and was surprised to see he is still in business. He has 5 Z06's in stock - 2 in Atomic Orange, 2 Cyber Gray, 1 Jetstream Blue. I wonder if they still make the digital speedometer optional or is it now standard. GM is a joke.

Fred R.

GM is no more of a joke than Nissan's flagship sports car being popularized by placing it in a kid's video game. GM dealerships got caught by the change in the economy while Nissan was dragging their heels on a release date. The Corvette has a proven track record. The Nissan's track record is already posted all over the web and is plagued with problems in addition to the transmission. Nissan not honoring a warranty is the biggest joke of all. The LSx engine platform is far more advanced and has the track record to prove it's a winner right up there with Porsche.


Fred it's ok if you are not willing to man-up and admit the Vette is a has-been. The GT-R wins hands-down every time. I'm not saying the Vette needs to be put out of production as old men will always want to drive it.

Fred R.

Man up? Are you serious? What has the GT-R won hands down? Have you been behind the wheel of one the last 2 generations of the Corvette or the any offerings from Porsche? I will man up to say that I've never been behind the wheel of a GT-R but, I've had plenty of time behind the wheel of the Corvette and Porsche both on and off the track. So please to use your words, "man up" and tell me your experiences both on and off public streets with the GT-R. I'm willing to listen.


Come on Fred don't be so hard on K5. I'm sure he has driven alot of Nissan GT-Rs. He gets to drive a new one every time he turns on his Xbox.

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