Recall Alert: 2008-09 Saturn Vue


GM has issued a recall for the 2008 and 2009 Saturn Vue because of a malfunction with the power steering, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recall affects 42,408 vehicles that may have a faulty nut securing the power-steering line, which could lead to a fluid leak.

If the fluid comes into contact with hot exhaust components, it could result in a fire in the engine. If you own a 2008 or 2009 Saturn Vue, dealers will inspect the power-steering line, tighten the nut and check if a fluid leak has occurred.

Owners can contact Saturn at 800-972-8876, or the NHTSA's Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236.

By Stephen Markley | October 14, 2008 | Comments (12)
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Yup, saw a new one on the side of the Mass Pike a couple of mornings ago. A woman and her two kids were standing off in the woods away from the shoulder and looked absolutely terrified.

The last Vue had problems with wheels falling off and self destructing CVT transmissions. Saturn quality control is a joke. Too bad because it is a decent looking ute, albiet cramped and lacking in interior volume compared to the competition.


Saturn quality ????????
What quality - Built in MEXICO!!!
Yea. This is on top that the car is Opel.



strong words...
My uncle had that 1987 Oldsmobile - do you believe that it used to be such brand?
That thing went nicely for over 150K miles.
Ok. His GMC Safari had a broken crank shaft at 90K.
But I believe GM still was better then Ford and/or ...Chrysler.


let me rephase what i said . i wouldnt buy a gm car in the 2000s or any other american car for the fact that they cut corners when it comes to the quality of there cars !! i own a chevy trailblazer. BIG MISTAKE!! and a toyota higlander!!! and honestly i have seen the differnce and the chevy isnt worth owning!!


I have to say, in my experience, my GM vehicles have been more reliable than my Toyotas. My current Toyota, 05 Matrix, can't maintain wheel balance or alignment for more that 3000 miles and there's a rattle in the dash that has been fixed twice. Before that was a 2001 Avalon, that I traded for the Matrix. Every electrical problem that could occur, did. I had the transmission replaced, the controls in the driver door for the locks replaced, some sort of airflow sensor and the radio replaced. I keep hearing that Toyota is reliable but I'm not buying another one.



Matrix and Avalon are not the best samples of Toyota. Matrix is the Toyota/GM partnership. Avalon is America-only car.
Matrix cheaply biuld, Avalon ,especially 2001 was a softie for the American consumer, like retired people.
You want real Toyota quality - get a global car, preferably build in Japan, like RAV4 or Camry (some are still Japanese)

When I talk to people, many times they say something like "GM is bad" ot "honda is good". I always ask, "Which GM model is bad?" or which "Honda model is good?" Because reality is that every manufacturer has good and bad models. And not only models but model/year combinations. People generalize to the point that they go to Honda, buy a car because they believe in brand. And then oooops... Passport, 1999 Odyssey, 1998 Accord.
One needs to know exactly which year and model is good or bad.

Good point! thanks for pointing that out.
I've had a few great Fords, a bad Mercury and an awful ford in the family.


Sorry Tony but your first paragraph is a bunch of lame excuses about what a "real" Toyota is but your second paragraph is the truth.


I don't own a Toyota (but we came close to pulling the trigger on a used RAV4 not too long ago) but the folks I know that do love them and will never buy anything else. Toyota understands their intended customer base and pretty much nails it when they release a new or updated product.

They're not the most exciting cars in the world, but from a reliability and dependibility standpoint (which probably 90% of buyers care about) I can understand why they're a safe choice with buyers.

Richard Pirrello

Tony, I lived and worked in Japan,, the RAV4 was not designed or built by Toyota, it is outsourced to another Japanese manufacturing company in the Nagoya area.


my moms 08 Lucerne CXL even with the cadiliac N* V8 hasnt had one single issue to date nearing 40k now....they sure do break a week after you get them...dumbass, my sisters 08 honda civic was back in for warrently repair on a serious system in less than a month.

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